I had to Share!

All of the below outcomes of being targeted for Bullying by Cherie White is exactly what I went through. It has been a nightmare that I am finally seeing the end of!

I am in process of doing all of this below. I moved to a Island that they will never go to and will never have any flying monkeys to help them, and am focusing on healing my mental health by changing my mindset. I am changing how I look at it, as it is the only way forward for me in face of their continual bullying online. It has taken me 5 yrs to get to this point where I feel I can say I feel safe enough to move on. It is not easy, but with determination and wanting to do it, you will!

Everything I have done the past 5 yrs have been worth it, even the mistakes I made. They are all learning curves for me to know what will work, and what will not, in helping me get past such a smear campaign in my name.

You’ll first need to get out of that environment (if possible), then focus on healing, and lastly, change your entire mindset, which means altering your thought patterns, your attitude, and your whole demeanor. And this change won’t happen overnight but may take years.

However, you must be patient and put in the work and time to take back your confidence and happiness. But I promise you, it will be worth it in the long run, and you’ll be so glad you put in the time and effort!


5 Terrible Outcomes of Being Targeted for Bullying


One thought on “I had to Share!

  1. Cherie writes such informative posts! Many have helped me discover things about me and my past and I always read her updates when they come. 😊
    Sorry you’re enjoying her posts for the same bad reasons though.
    Have a lovely Easter 🐰 🐣 🐇!

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