” I Am Worthy” By Fearless Soul

LYRICS – I AM WORTHY – Fearless Soul

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15 Replies to “” I Am Worthy” By Fearless Soul”

    1. 🌞 We have the same weather all weekend too! Rain but not too windy here. I don’t mind going out in the rain, as long as it isn’t pouring! I went for a walk around the neighborhood in the rain yesterday and it was great!

      1. You’re SO good – I get too wimpy in the rain – I can hear my nana’s voice in my head telling me that wet socks will make me sick!! They never have, but it’s a hard habit to break! xx

      2. 🌞 I love walking in the rain, especially light rain. There is a different smell to the air and a stillness around you. It is a peaceful time for me.

    1. 🌞 I am glad you like it!
      I often do that too, use song likes that, and have a list in Youtube I listen to often. There are a few Fearless Soul songs in the list! I find all their music so inspirational.
      Blessings to you for a awesome day!

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