The Hypocrisy of Toxic Adult Bullies


Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another or the practice of claiming to have moral standards

I found the poster above this morning and saved it for here as it describes perfectly what Toxic Adult Bullies continue to do to me online within

They try so hard to drive me to insanity with their continual false allegations so that I am caught up in defending myself, rather than allowing time to pass and expose the truth. Toxic Adult Bully baiting knows no end… He bashes me online for the websites I do myself, yet feels it’s okay for him to have one about me.

This is evidence you are dealing with a narcissist, someone who truly doesn’t care how obnoxious they are, they feel you deserve it, so they will call you names and give you labels, trying to make you less human so they will believe you have no feelings that could be hurt with their words. Toxic Adult Bullies continually call me racist, white supremacist, crazy, and others so they see the label, not the person. They think that if they write it out enough, someone will believe it in time.

They take all your angry defensive words and turn them around on you, trying to use them to say “See, she is crazy! “

I have learned all their tricks now. All the reading and research, even all the counselling I have gone thru the past few years, have taught me so much about smear campaigns and narcissists, like this situation that I don’t think I will ever be duped again. Before moving back to Newfoundland, I didn’t want to trust anyone enough to let them get close enough to dupe me anymore. I am learning here though to trust again. Every day, I am shown that I need to have no fear of being turned on by anyone. People go out of their way to be friendly here and you can see the care they have for their neighbours.

I was walking home yesterday with some shopping bags and a lady stopped on the side of the road and asked me if I wanted a ride, as she said I looked like I was struggling. As I only lived a couple of doors away, I thanked her but said no. That is the people of Newfoundland, they will stop and ask if you need assistance, no matter who you are, even during a pandemic. I only live about 5 minutes walk away from a grocery store and I don’t mind the walk, rain or shine.

I go out EVERY DAY since I moved here. No more cowering in my PJs, terrified of every sound, thinking someone is coming to attack me and I no longer jump with every knock on the door either. I have no more fear of strangers coming up to me, I smile back. I accept that I too am a human being with feelings and thoughts of my own and not afraid to voice them either.

Do you see the topics below I copied from Each and every one of them contains evidence of Toxic Adult Bullies Narcissistic traits of gaslighting, triangulation, manipulation, and outright lies.

Their constant criticisms over everything I do and say give it all away so clearly.  All you need to do is look at the titles of the pages to know Toxic Adult Bullies are instigating a smear campaign, which is the fallback tactic of narcissists when they don’t get their way.

The plain truth of all this is that as tenants, Toxic Adult Bullies continually refused access to the apartment they rented from Alto Properties. They couldn’t do that, no matter what excuse they had.

As tenants, Toxic Adult Bullies were not allowed to deduct funds from their rent either, period.

The rules are very clear about these things above, yet Toxic Adult Bullies felt justified in breaking them. They were shown their justification was not good enough.

The fact that they did the above, shows their total lack of consideration for the rules of apartment living and it got them evicted. it wasn’t anything anyone else did or didn’t do, it was their own actions.

They refuse to accept that. Awe well, too bad!!

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