Human Rights: Toxic Tenant Bullies Reply – Received By Email September 11, 2018

Below is Toxic Tenant Bullies’ response to my Reply to their application received on June 4, 2018. 

Rules of Procedures state that Toxic Tenant Bullies were to answer any new matters that were raised in my response, like the proof I asked for of this prior meeting they claim we had, the website they had at the time and the Facebook posts they did.

They totally ignored everything I said and used this as another excuse to raise more accusations over Visitor Parking, BBQs, and their request for a parking pass to park in the visitor’s area.

As there were no parking spots available, they wanted to park in the Visitor’s parking area and take one of the 6 spaces we had for free. If I gave a visitor spot to each tenant waiting for a parking space, we wouldn’t have any spots available for visitors! I gave Toxic Adult Bullies a Parking Request form where it states the rules and parking fee and that I would add them to the list of waiting tenants.

They instead gave back a totally different form, the Tenant Service form and requested a parking pass for visitors. They totally ignore the right form and make the claim they submitted the request to the Office. Also, where is the evidence they were able to get a parking spot for free?

There were specific Parking Request Forms that were being used, and these Tenants know very well they got a blank copy of this form with the letter in their mailbox at the same time I notified them that I had no parking spots available.

As for the other Tenants on the waiting list? They were offered the empty spots I had coming up, but they didn’t want it. Actually, both of these Tenants vacated soon after, which was why they didn’t need the parking.

These Toxic Tenants didn’t want to pay for parking and even threatened to take off rent for any parking tags they got for parking in the Visitor’s area. The owners allowed them to remain parked there so parking enforcement was no longer called, for any tenant. I refused to tag one tenant and not another for doing the same thing.

It was a constant issue, Tenants parking in Visitor all the time as it was “more convenient” for them than walking from their parking space on the side or in the back. No matter what the Toxic Bullies imply with their words, the Tenants were all Adults and responsible for their own actions, I had no control over the decisions they made.

The sentence above, taken from this letter below, Toxic Tenant Bullies are showing their arrogance and lack of respect for the rules and procedures of the process they started with Human Rights. They openly claim they “do not think that there is any need to address the respondents’ response” when that was the whole purpose of the Procedures!

It was these arrogant decisions they constantly made showing they have no respect for rules and procedures, that showed the Tribunal what they were all about. I really didn’t need to say anything!

This was not for them to make more false accusations but to answer the ones they had already accused me of!

Now that I know what to look for, I can see a lot of triangulation, gaslighting, and manipulation of myself within these words, trying to change the facts to reflect what they want you to see and using other tenants and what they do to show it. More signs of familiarity with me and what they claim I was doing!

These Tenants are trying to make you accept that I had absolutely total control of other Tenants and whether they parked in Visitors’ Parking or not. If I had control, I would have been able to stop KR & AR from parking there!

As for BBQs, there are more types than Propane that are referenced in the City By-Laws they conveniently shared. Besides, I did say that my sister had an Electric BBQ, still has the exact same one, which I still have a picture of that I took on her balcony. Even electric BBQs go on the balcony!

Do I really strike you as the kind of stupid person who would allow one person to move in with a PROPANE BBQ after I told all other Tenants to remove theirs? That is what these Toxic people want you to believe.

More attempts to distract the readers from the main point of all this, their refusal of access to the apartment that they could not do and their accountability for that by placing blame on me for other issues that I had absolutely no control over…

I couldn’t stop Adults from parking in Visitors, as these Tenants proved by doing that very thing for many months till they finally moved out.

The Applicant and her family are comfortable with the idea that the HRTO by now has acquired more questions than they have answers.

I was a little stumped when I saw this statement in this response as I was under the understanding that it was the Applicant’s responsibility to support their applications, not the Respondent’s to do so! The HRTO was there to decide whether or not the allegations they made could even be possible to have occurred, based on the evidence they could supply, not on anything the Respondents said.

They seem a little miffed that the Property Owners didn’t say much in their response that they could use. I got the impression as the HRTO process proceeded that these Toxic Tenants were hoping that we would give them the ammunition that they could twist around once again against us, which is why they were stressing that the HRTO demand a copy of their complete Tenant file…

As it was these Tenants who filed as Applicants with the HRTO, it was totally their responsibility to prove their allegations with what they already had in documentation, not demand the HRTO to get them more!!

Toxic Tenant Bullies Reply – HRTO – Received by email September 11, 2018

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