I read these papers right through for the very first time yesterday. It is disgusting…

I received this with the list that came with a Form 10 on October 5, 2019, that Toxic Adult Bullies submitted towards the end filled with more evidence of their own hypocrisy. I share it below.

How can someone even think that writing like this would ever be acceptable? It is for documents like this that my doctor says Toxic Adult Bullies is a Narcissist, as the traits they have are obvious within it.

I must say some of this written here did surprise me as I am amazed Toxic Adult Bullies could think it would be believed, let alone accepted as part of his files. The hypocrisy shown in this document of Toxic Adult Bullies complaining over a website I did is astounding.

Here he had sites online since April 21, 2019, yet spends pages here complaining about the very same thing he is doing to me online!! This document is evidence of Toxic Adult Bullies’ psychological abuse of me so clearly and shows his intentions to drive me crazy. What else could happen if you read crap like this, written about you by total strangers?

Sorry, reading this garbage is distressing but I do see some good in here. Toxic Adult Bullies is projecting a lot, taking my feelings and what I have said about him and applying it to me. Toxic Adult Bullies has taken so much he gained through this HRTO process and shared it online, the same he is complaining about here that I did to him. I am glad to see it bothered him and I hope this site is online as it also bothers him! 

I hope you read this document and see the notes I will make.

This is Toxic Adult Bullies showing his total hypocrisy, complaining about a website I did in his name, all the while having one online in my name! Such Gaslighting here too! Any way to invalidate Stella Reddy and convince you he knows me better than I do myself! 

HRTO Files 2018-32808-I, 2019-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I
October 5, 2019
It has come to our family’s attention that again Stella Reddy has escalated her racially motivated and hatred filled personal attacks in retaliation against our family to levels that have now become illegal and even more concerning to our family for our safety.
On September 20, 2019 Stella Reddy began stealing and using KR’s identity on her website for her own personal gain.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
# 1 – KR Confession – September 20, 2019
KR: Confession
Yes, I am a Bully of Stella Reddy. I made this site, http://stellareddy.com/ in order to torment her and see how far I can push her before she does something crazy.
Everything i have said about Stella Reddy is a LIE I made up for revenge against her for her part in evicting me and my family from our home! I constantly refused access to the apartment for repairs needed, even when I asked for them, just so I would have another opportunity to torment Stella Reddy with not letting her in!
You see, I want her gone, dead, hopefully from suicide that I am trying my very hardest to drive her too. You see, I post these websites like above, including 859kennedyroad.com and davidstrashin.com, just to bully Stella Reddy with. She even admits that having even just her name online for the world to see, let alone all the lies I have written about her, drives her nuts. This is my intention, you see.
You don’t dare to go against anything I want, or you will pay the consequences of a smear campaign where I try my hardest to ruin you, online and in person as much as I can. Just like I am doing to Stella Reddy! Yep, I wrote this and am proud of it. I wanted Toxic Adult Bullies to feel some of the angst I did with seeing stuff online about him, just like this site does. 
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
# 2 – KR Confession – UPDATED September 23, 2019
KR: Confession
Yes, I am a Bully of Stella Reddy. I made this site, http://stellareddy.com/ in order to torment her and see how far I can push her before she does something crazy. You see, I already helped to give her a mental breakdown last year where I heard she went a little crazy for a bit, as she got really nasty at times to some of the things I was writing about her to Human Rights. I want to drive Stella Reddy crazy for daring to defy me and what I wanted.
I don’t like rules, especially the Residential Tenancies Act. It says in there that I can’t refuse access once notice is given, no matter the reasons I have. I was told that by the adjudicator at the LTB in Sept 2017 at the
Hearing. It was also upheld at Divisional Court in Feb 2019. I made the first 859kennedyroad.com website in November 2017, in revenge for that hearing! It took me that long as I was busy with my Appeal I filed at Divisional Court over that eviction. I had hoped to get at Stella Reddy there with the many questions I had for her. Once at the hearing in Divisional Court in Feb 2019 I did file a motion to have Stella Reddy and the false accusations of racism added to the hearing but it was denied. I did try really hard though as I mentioned her name and the false accusations numerous times, to the point I think they were thinking of charging me with contempt of court. I didn’t care; I got to say what I wanted, mostly. I have a right to speak and no one tells me I can’t. I will find a way, even if it isn’t allowed.
As for the rules thing? I also took money from my rent to buy a toaster oven for my apt. and threatened them that if I got a parking ticket for parking in Visitors, I would also deduct that from the rent, as I refuse to pay for parking, tho I am now where I live.
Just so you know, I got the Divisional Court decision on April 15, 2019. 7 days later I posted those revenge websites, stellareddy.com, redid the 859kennedyroad.com website, and posted davidstrashin.com. I wanted it posted publicly what I didn’t get to say in court. No one shuts me up, I will always find a way to be heard, even if its just posting and sharing websites to total strangers to get the acceptance and validation I need. I don’t care if what I am doing is wrong or not, I do and say what I want too. I follow my own rules.
I don’t care what the rules say, I do what I want and if you don’t go along with it, this is what you get! Websites made about you filled with partial truths and outright lies! No way was I going to put in this website that I was sent to the LTB for refusing access, I wanted people to believe that we were taken for an eviction due to the racism and prejudice shown to us by Stella Reddy at this fake meeting I said we had, and because her employers went along with her, and didn’t fire her when we sent that letter back in Aug 2016, then they are just as bad as she is so we are attacking them too out of spite. You associate with someone I am out to ruin, then you go down with that person, I don’t care. I post and share websites as part of my smear campaign against Stella Reddy and others as I need to be heard. I need people to agree with me and go after Stella Reddy too. I want her ruined, personally and professionally and I don’t really care how I do it.
I filed the complaint at Human Rights of Ontario as I was told I couldn’t get at her as I wanted in Divisional Court when I appealed my eviction. There is no way I was going to admit that it was MY fault we got evicted! I had to put the blame on someone, so who other than new staff who came in here trying to make changes? I don’t want changes here so I wanted a way to get rid of her and this was it. So my wife and I made up this deliberate lie of some meeting we claimed we had before she even moved in to work here. It was a risk, as I didn’t know what she was doing during that month, but I took the risk. There was no such meeting, as Stella Reddy has claimed all along. It was something I could say and didn’t think I needed to prove any of it. I expect people to take me at my word and not ask for proof. But, once Human Rights started asking for proof back in March, what could I do? I don’t have any, so I am ignoring the application now and waiting to see what they do. Why not? The delay is working in with my plan to drive Stella Reddy crazy!
Everything i have said about Stella Reddy is a LIE I made up for revenge against her for her part in evicting me and my family from our home! I constantly refused access to the apartment for repairs needed, even when I asked for them, just so I would have another opportunity to torment Stella Reddy with not letting her in! I would also throw insults at her at every turn! This woman came in here making changes I didn’t want so why not?
You see, I want her gone, dead, hopefully from suicide that I am trying my very hardest to drive her too. You see, I post these websites like above, including 859kennedyroad.com and davidstrashin.com, just to bully Stella Reddy with. All these sites were posted online in my attempts to discredit Stella Reddy and ruin any
future opportunities she may go for in work. She says she is no longer going back to work, but I don’t believe a word she says so I am not taking that chance. I want to ruin her, her professional and hopefully her personal, reputation. She even admits that having even just her name online for the world to see, let alone all the lies I have written about her, drives her nuts. This is my intention, you see. I am a Narcissistic Bully, and I don’t care what I say and do, as long as I get my way. She dared to defy me, she even had the nerve to take me to the Lanldord and Tenant Board and this is my revenge. No one ghoes against me or you will get the same treatment, a smear campaign where I trash your name to anyone who would listen. I will take everything you say and do and twist it around any way I can to make you look crazy or stupid, and that you are the one in the wrong, not me. I am never wrong!
You don’t dare to go against anything I want, or you will pay the consequences of a smear campaign where I try my hardest to ruin you, online and in person as much as I can. Just like I am doing to Stella Reddy! I have made numerous websites in my attempts to drive her crazy so she would do something that I could actually come at her with! I keep trying to get some sort of reaction out of her, as this is what I do.
You see, I don’t have a job I have managed to keep for any length of time. I can’t handle anyone telling me what to do, so it don’t work out for too long before I snap at something someone said. Don’t EVER criticize me and what I do, or else you will hear my wrath! Either you leave me alone, as no one knows anything better than I do, or I will come at you! So, I have nothing better to do than to sit here, in my more expensive apartment, thinking up more ways to get at Stella Reddy for her part in making me lose my home there.
Below are some things I wrote about Stella Reddy that are really nasty. This first one is part of an application I filed against her spouse in March that I haven’t heard back about yet. Yes, I did write that I was complaining about her husband not controlling his wife. and Yes, I wrote that everyone wished she commited suicide so it would be all over. Those are my words so yes, they are my thoughts and what I want. I have no idea what anyone else wants, I can’t read their minds. These are my wants, no one else that I know of.
i have sent many emails just to taunt her with as part of my bullying and smear campaign, especially after her breakdown last year as she got very emotional at times. It was working, I was starting to convince everyone that Stella Reddy was crazy and unstable and that it could be possible that she behaved towards me and my family the way I am trying to convince them she did. Any way possible I could taunt her I would and did. I even tried to get other tenants in the building on my side, even tried to convince a couple to lie for me so I would have a stronger case against her with Human Rights. Even offered to write a letter for one to sign, containing lies I wanted them to agree to, but it didn’t work. At least she quit, that was something I got but they still lived here. I had to increase my smear campaign and taunts, as there was nothing I could get work wise anymore.
This section below comes from the first website I did where I totally ignored the fact that I refused access to the apt. I was not willing to take the blame for our eviction. I never accept blame for anything.. It is Always someone else’s fault for positions I get in.
Nov 2017
You will hear us address the issues of Stella Reddy and Alto Properties creating fake documents, serving illegal documents, making inappropriate statements and showing that Stella Reddy and Alto Properties only wanted our family gone out of the building because it was racially motivated. It could be nothing else as we have NEVER been late on paying our rent. Our unit is probably the cleanest and best keep unit in the 30 plus units within the building. And we get along with absolutely everyone in the building, even Stella Reddy sister who now also lives in the building.
March 2019
Well it is clear that once again () is encouraging and promoting his wife Stella Reddy to act in her racist, prejudice and discriminatory behaviour towards our family. Not only does he not attempt stop her or correct her behaviour of stalking and harassing our family, but he in fact has again been caught enabling her.
By () like() and(), just sitting back and saying and doing nothing at a minimum, passively allowing Stella Reddy to act in such a racist, prejudice and discriminatory behaviour, and stalking our family they are as guilty as she is.
() like() and (), have had many opportunities, time and time again to speak up and check Stella Reddy with warnings or seek help/assistance to stop her behaviour, but they deliberately choose not to. They instead sit back quietly in the shadows and allowed Stella Reddy to be the face and voice for their racist, prejudice views and beliefs against our family. They silently sit by ideally and allow Stella Reddy to continue to travel down this path for only one of two reasons.
1) They agree with her and they encourage her behaviour as she is the voice that they don’t have the courage to be, or
2) They are hoping Stella Reddy has a stroke or commits suicide and they can walk away from this mess.
Tue 2019-03-12 3:09 PM
1) In the future can the HRTO please include me in all correspondence via email? I am unsure as to why I was not included in the email aspect of this previous decision, as 100% of all correspondence between the HRTO and our family has been done through me.
2) Line #5 of the HRTO writing states “ The applicants objected as does the Respondent Reddy ” to the consolidation of the Applications.
This is factually inaccurate. We have never opposed the consolidation as were provided the appropriate forms to start the consolidation at the request of the HRTO.
3) Can you please supply more clarification in regards to your 3 Prelimary Issues.
– Delay
– Has another Proceeding appropriately dealt with the substance of the applications?
– Is there no reasonable prospect that all or part of this application will succeed?
There is some confusion on our behalf as to what you are looking for in regards to answers.
As this case has become substantially clouded with endless amounts of deliberate fake facts, misleading lies, conscious deception and senseless and redundant rambling in attempts to confuses the reader by Stella Reddy. And Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio have made absolutely no attempts to provide ANY explanation for their behaviour or attempted to discredit our applications with the absolute silence.
We are unsure what it is that you are requesting in regards to arguments as we have supplied the HRTO in the neighbourhood of 300+ pages of arguments and hundreds of pages of case law and documents and numerous amounts of proof of Stella Reddy outright lying to the HRTO.
We are confused as to what specific topics/incidents the HRTO is still uncertain and unclear about?
Some clarification as to a specific HRTO concerns would certainly speed up the process and avoid any more confusion on the HRTO behalf.
4) We have previous engagements from the weeks of April 15, 2019 to
April 26, 2019. Can you please set any dates for conference after these weeks.
Thank you
Sun 2019-04-28 12:12 AM
Well unfortunately I have to unblock Stella Reddy to do this, but in the interest of transparency and uncovering a liar. I will.
Stella Reddy, I dare you to provide a list to the HRTO of all the SELECTED units that you say you gave your lies to in your letter. I truly dare you.
As I know you gave it to everyone in the building a over the past few days several tenants have approached us about you and your recent actions and their disgust for you.
I have social media conversations and have people willing to sign a copy of your letter stating you placed it in their mailbox.
So let’s see if your units can match mine?
I know already Stella you will not supply the HRTO with this list of units; because you have no idea who I have talked to and who is willing to vouch that they got your letter.
This means that you cant call their unit number in your list if you dont know who they are.⁷
As I said, Stella you again have been caught in a lie, that you could easily prove differently by supplying the units you gave the letter to, and me not being able to get proof from any other units.
But we both know Stella you are a liar and that you gave every unit a flyer. And we both know that you will not supply a list to the HRTO because you know you have once again been caught lying.
As I said, I dare you, prove me wrong.
By not giving up a list that could support your lies, you clearly are refusing to discredit me and my accusation against you. And logic says… Why wouldn’t you want to prove your telling the truth this time and make me look like the liar?
Because you can’t!!!
I call you out again for your lies like when you said we bumped into you in the lobby.
I will now be blocking Stella Reddy again.
If she provides you with a list, let me know and I will provide you with social media and signed copies of her letter by all the tenants that have approched us, and let us see if the two list match up!
I dont need to see or know her list to provide my evidence that she gave the entire building her letter.
KR– Sent from myMail for Android
This was a blank one, just to drive her more nuts…. Its part of what I do…
From: KR Subject:
— Sent from myMail for Android
From: KR Subject: Your So Pathetic
Really Larry Reddy in an email and now Lamond Reddy on Instagram.
That is hil-Larry-us…
— Sent from myMail for Android
From: KR Subject: No Reply Required…
There is no need to respond, We would rather not here from you Larry or is it Lamond or are you still Stella or Lorrie? Makes no difference, no reply needed… — Sent from myMail for Android
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
On September 28, 2019 on the same website, under the heading of – Stella Reddy, Stella Reddy states;
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
# 3 – Stella Reddy – September 28, 2019
“ If you haven’t figured it out by now this is not really KR writing these posts. I did this blog, even wrote it the way I did, in the hopes that KR would see just how farfetched his story is becoming. ”  Such fun this was to be honest!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
First, why would Stella Reddy expect anyone who views her self-serving, phoney website assume that it was anyone other than KR writing these false, misleading, shocking and self-condemning post? 
At no time during these eight days ( September 20th – 28th ) does Stella Reddy decided she wants to come clean and confess. Stella Reddy at no time during these eight days even makes a suggestion or makes any inferences that it is anyone other than KR who is writing these embarrassing and outrageous posts.
In fact, Stella Reddy also does not make any mention during these eight days that she is in fact stealing and assuming KR’s identity, the whole time impersonating him for her own personal gain. The whole time pretending to be KR in this extreme over the top and malicious manner with no with fear of consequences or repercussions, while portraying KR as hateful, spiteful and an overall terrible individual.
Reading the rest of Stella Reddy’s disturbing and alarming phoney website ( KR’s Confession Blog ) in its entirety. It is obvious and clear that it is very offensive and abusive towards KR and our family. Reading Toxic Adult Bullies alarming website of stellareddy.com it is obvious and clear that it is very offensive and abusive towards Stella Reddy and her family, so what was the difference? Such hypocrisy! 
The SJTO/HRTO has to realize that this website is nothing more than Stella Reddy making deliberately inaccurate, fabricated, untruthful and appalling statements on the behalf of KR for her own personal gain, joy and relation for filing with the SJTO/HRTO. Stella Reddy did this website so Toxic Adult Bullies could see how it feels and according to this document, it bothered him greatly! GOOD! 
# 4 – Home Page – October 3, 2019
# 5 – Signs of Toxic People -This Sounds Familiar September 27, 2019
# 6 – Traits of A Narcissistic Person Like Me – September 24, 2019
# 7 – Human Rights Applications- What Fun – September 24, 2019
# 8 – Read My Statement of Facts – Lots of Lies in Here – September 23, 2019 # 1
# 9 – Read My Statement of Facts – Lots of Lies in Here – September 23, 2019 # 2
# 10 – Look A New Website – September 23, 2019
# 11 -Stella Reddy – September 29, 2019
Stella Reddy herself has acknowledged and argued in her own emails to the SJTO/HRTO, ( example on February 4, 2019 at 08:59 am ) that this type of behaviour is libel, slanderous and considered defamatory. Yep, just like the content on stellareddy.com….
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
# 12 – Stella Reddy Email – February 4, 2019
Defamation laws (cyber-libel) and the Internet
Libel and slander, known broadly as defamation, are untrue statements made by someone that are harmful to someone else’s reputation. The statements can be about a person, business, organization, group, nation, or product that tends to hurt the person’s reputation. Also, the false statements must be made to other people, not just to the person it is about. Libel refers to written statements and slander refers to oral statements. Under the law, both are grounds for a civil lawsuit.
Cyber-libel is a term used when someone has posted or emailed something that is untrue and damaging about someone else on the Internet, including in message boards, bulletin boards, blogs, chat rooms, personal websites, social media, social networking sites, or other published articles. If you are suing because your reputation was damaged due to a libellous statement, you do not have to prove that it caused you financial loss because the law presumes that you suffered a financial loss as a result of the loss of your reputation.
The basic elements of defamation law remain unchanged on the Internet. Individuals or entities are still responsible for defamatory statements they publish, just as they are in print or broadcast media, and the same defences apply. Courts have also demonstrated they are not willing to allow Internet defamers to claim anonymity.
Generally, a harmful statement will not amount to libel, if one of the following defences applies:
 Made only to the person it is about. If it was only made to the person mentioned in the statement, and not to anyone else;
 True statements. If it is actually true, and the person making the statement makes the statement honestly and not maliciously;
 Qualified privilege protects statements made non-maliciously and for well-meaning reasons. For example, if an employer is requested to give a reference for an employee, and they give a statement that is their honest opinion;
 Fair comment. The defence of fair comment may apply in situations where statements made were about issues of public interest, as long the comments were honest statements of opinion, based on fact. If your statements were malicious, this defence will not apply; and
 Responsible communication of matters of public interest. This defence is available in libel cases. It allows journalists the ability to report statements and allegations, in cases where there is a public interest in distributing the information to a wide audience. However, this defence only applies where the news was urgent, serious and of public importance, and the journalist used reliable sources and tried to report both sides of the issue.
 In Canada, the courts have shown they are quite willing to hold responsible anyone who uses the Internet to defame others, even if the defamer is outside the country.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Apparently it took eight days of her website being on the internet before someone finally was able to get to Stella Reddy and explained to her the legal consequences for identity theft for her libel, slanderous and defamatory phoney impersonation blog that she created under the false pretence of KR’s identity.
At this point Stella Reddy now sudden decided she better come clean of her illegal behaviour. As she must have thought that this sudden “ confession ” will somehow amazingly now justifies her illegal and disturbing behaviour along with her self-interested actions on KR’s behalf.
Stella Reddy has made numerous threats of violence and harm against our family and children, including a new one just recently on September 24, 2019, where Stella Reddy on her 4th blog website states;
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
# 13 – Stella Reddy 4th Website – Daily Blog September 23 thru 25, 2019 ( Page 5 )
“ I have been dreaming of taking matters in my own hands with Kory & Allison Read and teach them some of my justice. That is if I can get the interest up to take the time to find out where they are living! Yeah, Like I am going to waste money and time trying to find out where they live based on a post office box? I really have no interest in seeing them in person ever again so that is out. It’s not worth it to me to do that, no matter how angry I am. I’ll wait till they come back here again. ”
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
And yet the day before, on September 23, 2019 Stella Reddy AGAIN admits to stalking our family/children still ( Yes, I admit to looking ), this time using ours and our children’s social media accounts in her and her husbands Russell Reddy’s attempts to find out where we are now living.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
# 13 – Stella Reddy 4th Website – Daily Blog September 23 thru 25, 2019 ( Page 3 )
“ They have basically disappeared from Facebook, and other social media. They even made their children’s stuff basically disappear from online, which I agree with anyway. Yes, I admit to looking, as I want to catch anything noted about me, but they have disappeared ”
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
So let’s clarify. Stella Reddy claims “ I want to catch anything noted about me, ”
This statement is so grossly exaggerated and an outright lie that it again goes to show how Stella Reddy will just make up false propaganda to try and prove and justify her threating and stalking behaviour. Toxic Adult Bullies outdoes himself here, stating all the things I have done about his own actions…. 
This is the same type of racist, arrogant and narcissist behaviour that we have all seen from her in past, when she deliberately tried to lie to the SJTO/HRTO to try and get what she was after. It has all been noted in the documents, with evidence and placed in the SJTO/HRTO file.
The time Stella Reddy lied and quote deliberate inaccurate and false city bi-laws about BBQ’s in apartment buildings even after being given a print out of the city bi-laws from KR Oh Toxic Adult Bullies gave documents so he MUST be correct hey? 
 The time Stella Reddy lied and told the SJTO/HRTO that our family were THE ONLY tenants with a BBQ in the building, when in fact videos and pictures showed there were 3 other tenants and Stella Reddy’s own sister Cindy Jones all had BBQ’s at the same time in the building. Be specific, Propane BBQ’s 
 The time Stella Reddy told the SJTO/HRTO that she was trying to get rid of all BBQ’S from the building, but still let her sister Cindy Jones move into the building with her BBQ, AFTER Stella Reddy made other tenants remove and throw out their own BBQ’s from their balcony’s with her phoney city bi-laws. Once again, not specific… 
 The time back in 2018 when Stella Reddy tried to deceived the SJTO/HRTO by stating that our family never handed in a form requesting parking for our new car 2018 Qash Qai, when in fact our family supplied a video that proved otherwise. A Tenant Service Request is not a Parking Request. 
 The time Stella Reddy falsely claimed to the SJTO/HRTO that the front door of the building had a distinctive buzzard sound when using keyless entry vs. being buzzed in by a tenant. Again our family supplied a video that showed again Stella Reddy was deliberately lying.  Oh Toxic Adult Bullies thinks his evidence is all there is? 
 The time Stella Reddy claimed to the SJTO/HRTO that she was not the Property Manager, but just a simple Superintendent, despite her own paperwork showing she called herself a Property Manager.  Toxic Adult Bullies playing God again, like his word is all that that counts.
 The time Stella Reddy denied sharing video of our family from the STAFF ONLY SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM in the building with her sister Cindy Jones, a tenant down the hall from her.  Toxic Adult Bullies has no proof and I don’t care what my sister said in anger and frustration upon finding out that her friend was with these people. Maybe Toxic Adult Bullies should explain how all this came about in the first place… lol  
Think about this…
If Stella Reddy is willing to lie to the SJTO/HRTO over a simple thing like just being called a Property Manager vs. a Superintendent. What isn’t Stella Reddy willing to lie about to the SJTO/HRTO?  Toxic Adult Bullies is pushing this as he wants to be right! He don’t care that my job contract says and Employment Standards set the rules, not me.  
The issue of Property Manager vs. Superintendent is such an insignificant issue, yet Stella Reddy HAD TO TRY and lie and convince the SJTO/HRTO that she was not a Property Manager. FOR NO REASON! This act of lying by Stella Reddy alone, says a lot about Stella Reddy and what she is capable of doing to make her look like the poor innocent victim in all of this. Toxic Adult Bullies has to push this as he wants to be RIGHT!
So, this statement by Stella Reddy about stalking our children, while looking for post about her on their social media accounts is so ridicules and just another great example of Stella Reddy trying to play the SJTO/HRTO for a bunch fools and idiots. Such gaslighting here and more below! 
At no time have our children EVER posted anything or referenced about the LTB, SJTO, HRTO, Divisional Court, Court of Appeals or any individual involved with this whole situation on their social media accounts, let alone anything about this pitiful individual Stella Reddy.
Our family is confused as to why Stella Reddy would say such a thing?
Is it because our children are bi-racial ( Black & White ) that Stella Reddy makes these false and misleading statements about our children? Is Stella Reddy now trying to portray them as ANGRY BLACK CHILDREN like their ANGRY BLACK WOMAN mom?
It appears that Stella Reddy loves to label Black People as angry, why?  Gaslighting… 
Because you’re racist member Kevin Lundy allowed Stella Reddy to portray Allison Read as a stereotypical Angry Black Woman at the LTB hearing without Stella Reddy ever having to produce a single piece of evidence to support her racist arguments.
So, now Stella Reddy thinks that she can get away with labelling our children as Angry Black Children, who are shit disturbers and are actively involved in all of this foolishness, by implying to the SJTO/HRTO that they have previously post things about her on their social media accounts. Again without ever offering a single piece of evidence to back-up her implied bigotry comment about or children. This is gaslighting!
You see Stella Reddy got away with this stereotypical racist Angry Black Woman tactic at the LTB hearing with Allison Read, and her behaviour was not corrected by your racist member Kevin Lundy. So being who Stella Reddy is, she now thinks she can again escalate this new racist lie to now included our children under the same Angry Black Person persona. Toxic Adult Bullies is good with putting things in there that are not, hey? This is gaslighting… making implications that are not true, just suggested that it is true. 
Stella Reddy is so obsessed with our children, and so obsessed with them being punished. That she placed their names and photo on her website, so any random search of their names, which are unique and one of a kind names, will be pulled up will all of Stella Reddy’s negative comments from her websites about our family, with pictures of them in her attempt to embarrass and punish them.
# 14 – 
# 15 – Stella Reddy Websites – 
Stella Reddy makes this exaggeration and outright lie claiming that she was trying to use our children’s social media accounts to see if THEY were posting about HER on THEIR accounts.
Stella Reddy is obsessed with our children, as she makes references about them in her emails and websites, along with pictures, despite them being 9 and 15 at the time and them NEVER having any interaction with her.  Wow, I guess the video I have of Toxic Adult Bullies son holding Toxic Adult Bullies cell phone to record me sitting on my balcony and calling out to his dad with “see Dad? I am getting her on video” as he does it, is not true?
And still to this day Stella Reddy continues to make references to them in her website, emails and stalk them on social media even after we moved out from the building to get our kids away from her and her husband Russell Reddy who have very unnatural and unhealthy stalking obsessions.  Such projections from Toxic Adult Bullies!! What is on stellareddy.com if not evidence of his stalking of me and my family? 
Let us remember that our family finally moved out when it was exposed that Stella Reddy and Russell Reddy were video recording our family from around the building, and that they were sharing it with other tenants.  Wow, such a lie! They just lost the Appeal and knew the Sheriff was coming! Of course they left! 
This unhealthy behaviour scared our children to the point where they would not travel around the building alone. Our daughter would wait outside the building for ½ hour until I ( Toxic Adult Bullies ) got home from picking up her brother Eexii from school, because she was scared she would run into Stella Reddy or Russell Reddy in the elevator, hallway or stairwells.
Their admitted unnatural and disturbing stalking behaviour of our family and children was the turning point for our family. We no longer felt safe and the children were trapped in their own home as they would not leave it without one us ( their parents ) being present to accompanying them to the park or by a friend’s house. Well now, this is just how I felt… 
So there is absolutely no justification for Stella Reddy’s to be using or viewing our children’s social media accounts! There was no justification for Toxic Adult Bullies to use his children to stalk me in the building! 
What was really happening with Stella Reddy and our children’s social media accounts was her and her husband Russell Reddy were continuing to try and stalk and monitor our family through social media, period!
You see, now that we have moved out and left the building. Stella Reddy and her husband Russell Reddy can no longer monitor and stalk our family’s movements, spy on our guest and take pictures of our car from their 4th floor balcony for her website. 
They can no longer use the building the STAFF ONLY SECURITY SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM that Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio allowed her to use to record and share videos of our family from around the building with Stella Reddy’s sister Cindy Jones who is a tenant down the hall.
Stella Reddy without fear, openly admits on her blog that if our family was to return to 859 Kennedy Road at ANY POINT IN TIME from this day forward to visit our friends in unit # 402 which is right next door to unit # 401 – Stella Reddy and her husband Russell Reddy unit. Stella Reddy will have to “ teach them ( us ) some of her justice ”
And yet Stella Reddy wants the SJTO/HRTO to believe on October 3, 2019 at 08:20 am that she is so fearful of “ physical retribution ” from our family? I find it funny how Toxic Adult Bullies had done his best to drive me crazy with his constant gaslighting and projections and once I go there and show it, he complains. That is all this is and so easy to see. I was drove nuts… Read on and see more reasons why I felt the way I did! 
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
# 16 – Stella Reddy Email – October 3, 2019
“ As the applicants defied the CAD sent May 31, 2019 with these frivolous submissions, On Sept 25, and
Oct 2, 2019 , I expect a decision on Rule A7 and A8 as mentioned there, to be determined at the earliest opportunity by your office. Any further delays will only lead to more abusive treatment from the applicants towards all involved, especially myself. Since they vacated the building I have been less fearful, but with the actions and language coming from the applicant in the recent forms, I am getting fearful once again of physical retribution ”
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
This newest email by Stella Reddy is absolutely remarkable and just another great example of Stella Reddy playing the fearful victim despite never producing ANYTHING from our family that could even remotely be interrupted as being even vaguely threating or intending to harm her or her family. NOTHING!!! This is where Toxic Adult Bullies shows his total lack of empathy and comprehension as he truly don’t see how his domains, and the content within them, is threatening harm to me or any of my family… More GASLIGHTING below! Toxic Adult Bullies once again stating so adamantly what Stella Reddy is and is not! How would he know, really? 
The below is well document in the paper work with evidence that is filed with the SJTO/HRTO on how…
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she has made her false accusations that she knows I beat my wife Allison Read on numerous occasions in her emails and on her websites. 
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she has made her numerous threats of physical violence and harm against our family and children in her emails and on her website.
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she has threaten retaliation against our children and hopes they are punished by the SJTO/HRTO in her emails and on her websites.
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she was sitting on her 4th floor balcony laughing, talking excessively loud and recording our family on her phone for hours upon end while we moved out of the building. Gaslighting at its finest! 
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she was telling her friends and family how she was going to sit in the lobby, pointing and laughing while watching our family move out on Facebook.
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she called out to KR from her 4th floor balcony when he was leaving the building, trying to get his attention and to provoke a response while she tried to secretly recorded him on her phone. I did?
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she threw a lite cigarette at KR when he was leaving the building and then she tried to run into her apartment before he could catch/see her. Wow, I did this?
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she came to the Divisional Court and was sitting in the courtroom, laughing and giggling with her sister Cindy Jones and her husband Russell Reddy during our family’s Appeal hearing. Wow, such speculations here!! 
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when her and Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio posted the Divisional Court Decision in the locked Community Board in the lobby of the building in their attempts to trying to embarrass and humiliate our family with other tenants. Oh well double whammy!
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when posting on her website last week, another threat of physical violence against our family “ I’ll wait till they come back here again.. taking matters in my own hands with Kory & Allison Read and teach them some of my justice. ” I was angry, I wonder why?
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when ( we suspect ) she dropped a stone off her 4th floor balcony during the night and hit the hood of our brand new 2018 Qash Qui that left a dent. Wow!
This explains why Stella Reddy refused to give our family parking around back of the building. Instead she would make us park upfront in visitor parking, under her 4th floor balcony so she could vandalize our car.
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she used Allison Read as a prop at the LTB public hearing to prove that she was not racist.
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she proudly compared Allison Read’s “ dark ” complexation during a SJTO/LTB public hearing to another individual in her family to prove she was not racist.
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she called our children the racist slur “ Mulato ” outside a public restaurant and at the SJTO/LTB public hearing. Awe this again… Where is the evidence!! 
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she proudly uses the slur and derogatory term “ Newfie ” numerous times during a SJTO/LTB public hearing and in her emails, social media and on her website. I am a Newfie so who cares if I use it? 
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she threatens our family with civil lawsuits. Yep, I wanted to do it… Still would if it would benefit me! 
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she threatened physical violence against KR to the SJTO/HRTO about go to prison if they do not “ DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ASS OR I WILL, PRISON OR NOT. ” Awe this just shows my desperation for it to over!! I would have gladly went to jail as long as it was done. 
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she created an unauthorized blog under KR’s identity, making deliberate false and vindictive statements on his behalf. Just Like Toxic Adult Bullies did with stellareddy.com! 
 Stella Reddy had NO FEAR at the time…
when she was posting pictures of our children and our car on her website, telling potbelly landlords not to rent to our family, in her attempt to to make our family homeless.
And the list can go on and on, as there is no shortage of Stella Reddy’s NO FEAR moments. It is all document with evidence in the SJTO/HRTO file.
And yet, Stella Reddy can not find one piece of material/evidence that our family has ever threatened or even implied any harm to her and her family. I guess Toxic Adult Bullies don’t think stellareddy.com and the rest does not imply harm to me and my family and others?  Despite all the prejudice things she said and done to our family over the years. Nothing more prejudice than taking someone else’s name and make a website about them, is there, like they did with stellareddy.com? I know I don’t own that domain, tho it is my given name and the content is about me. Such hypocrisy pisses me off! 
The funniest part of all this is that Stella Reddy told the SJTO/HRTO that she needed to have a Summary Hearing via phone because she was so fearful of our family, and the SJTO/HRTO conveniently bought right into it.  WOW!
You gave Stella Reddy what she wanted without any proof ever being offered by her to justify her request. 
And now Stella Reddy again wants something and as previous patterns and habits go with Stella Reddy. She is going to try her luck again with the SJTO/HRTO and her – play the pity card, and the I’m so scared routine to get what she wants.
Stella Reddy figures she suckered the SJTO/HRTO into believing it once, she can do it twice!

More Gaslighting coming!! 
But do Stella Reddy’s fabricated claims of fear of our family really warrant her scared pity story? NO!
It appears more like that Stella Reddy loves the idea of trying to antagonizing our family, the whole time looking for a response.
People who are legitimately scared of people don’t go out of their way to..
– kick the hornet’s nest,
– poke the bear, or
– wake up the sleeping giant.
But here is scared little Stella Reddy doing all of the above, and then putting on a big show about how she is so frightened of our family and the retribution that we MIGHT do to her based on what? ABSOLUETY NOTHING!!!
What Stella Reddy is truly afraid of is having to go to trial or having a hearing where she has to appear in person ( hence her request for a Summary Hearing via phone ).
Where Stella Reddy would have to then explain everything in person, having to try and explain away all of her discriminatory behaviour, all of her racist remarks and actions and the endless amounts of lies she got caught telling to the SJTO/HRTO and the world.
Stella Reddy’s biggest fear is appearing in person, because she can not hide behind her computer monitor and ignore the facts. She can’t just sit back and take her time while in person trying to think of excuses until she gets one that she likes. Stella Reddy is a horrible liar, and even worse when trying to lie on the fly.
This is what Stella Reddy is really afraid of…
You see Stella Reddy loves to deliberate lie and use exaggerations based on absolutely NOTHING in her attempt to embellish and portray our family as a group of crazy lunatics that are unpredictable, unstable and violent.
But this is not the end of Stella Reddy and her unlawful and fearless behaviour. Stella Reddy has now use KR’s identity again, this time to try and illegally obtain a 2nd set of mailbox keys to our families mailbox on St. Clair Avenue.
KR received an email from Canada Post on September 26, 2019 at 5:01 pm stating;
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
# 17 – Canada Post Email – September 26, 2019
Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting Canada Post Customer Service. Please find below the details concerning the service ticket we have opened in response to your request.
Service Ticket Details Topic: Request for New Mailbox Keys
Ticket Number: 0132023686
Submitted: 2019/09/26
Reference Number:
Expected Resolution Date: 2019/10/01
We will contact you as soon as we resolve the issue. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please call 1-800-267-1177 and reference the ticket number identified above. Sincerely, Canada Post Customer Service ”
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Again, this email was received at 5:01 pm on September 26, 2019, only hours after our family sent all parties involved the following email below.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
# 18 – KR Email – September 26, 2019
“ Do to the newest and continuous threats of violence by Stella Reddy towards our family. We no longer request that any physical mail be sent to our post office box. Are families safety is more important than any physical mail being sent by the SJTO/HRTO. We also cannot give you an alternative address of a friend because there is substantial risk that Stella Reddy and her husband will show up there trying to find out where we live. There is a substantial risk that Stella Reddy and her husband will also harass and stalk our friends in their attempts to find out where are family lives. Again the post office box will no longer be an option as of today as we will not be going back to get mail starting today and we will not be renting it after the end of this month as there is a very legitimate concern that Stella Reddy and/or her husband Russell Reddy and/or son James Jones will wait and watch for our arrival to get any mail. KR ”
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is Toxic Adult Bullies once again trying to Gaslight you into believing Stella Reddy would do something. WOW! His hypocrisy is totally unbelievable to me! 

Upon KR speaking with Canada Post, they stated that the application was made online, over the internet and not in person at any store location at 3:22:20 pm.
There is no coincidence or chance that some random individual illegally applied for a set of our family’s mailbox keys, online with Canada Post at 3:22:20 and was able to magically supply the following information online.
Name: KR
Phone: AR phone number 647-608-8069
Stella Reddy could not give KR as she does not know it
Email Address: k
Mail Box Address: PO Box 69079
St. Clair Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4T 3A1
There are literally only 5 parties in the entire world that know our post office mailbox address.
 Courts of Appeal for Ontario,
 David Strashin,
 Our family, and
 Stella Reddy
We purchased the Government of Canada/Canada Post office box strictly for the purpose of legal issues. We had neither personal mail nor bills going to it. So with that said it is pretty safe to assume that Courts of Appeal for Ontario did not request a 2nd set of our mailbox keys.
We would like to assume that the SJTO/HRTO did not request a couple a 2nd set of our mailbox keys either.
We would like to assume that David Strashin would be professional enough not to request a 2nd set of our mailbox keys. Or encourage his clients Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to also not to request a 2nd set of our mailbox keys.
We obviously would not order a 2nd set of mailbox keys as
1) we had a set and
2) we had given up the box at the end of the month, and ordering a new set of 2nd keys would not have been issued and received after the box was closed.
That leaves only Stella Reddy, who has shown by her own actions and words to be spiteful, ventitive, verbally abuse and offensive towards our family since filing with the SJTO/HRTO in June 2018.
# 19 – HRTO Fariha Khan Email – May 31, 2019
Now Stella Reddy was ONLY ABLE TO PERFORM this illegal activity against the Government of Canada/Canada Post and our family in her attempts to illegally obtain keys to our mailbox, because your member Fariha Khan gave her the critical piece of the equation, our mail box address in an email without regard for our family’s safety and the previously noted stalking and threating behaviour of Stella Reddy and her husband Russell Reddy that is well document with the SJTO/HRTO.
This illegal behaviour by Stella Reddy to commit fraud against the Government of Canada/Canada Post and against our family is directly at the feet of the SJTO/HRTO, as you chose to enforce the ACT over the needs to protect our family from admitted stalkers and their clear and obvious threats of violence and harm to our family and children.
This is undeniable.
Note that if the SJTO/HRTO did not supply Stella Reddy to our Government of Canada/Canada Post office box, there is absolutely no way that Stella Reddy could have been able to apply for keys to our mailbox.
Let us note also the SJTO/HRTO gave Stella Reddy and Russell Reddy our mailing address despite them NEVER serving our family using traditional system of delivery in the past or present. Stella Reddy has ALWAYS used email to deliver her material to us.
So, by Stella Reddy not having our mailing address, it would have made absolutely no difference, nor hindered Stella Reddy in any way from severing our family any future material.
Example now. The SJTO/HRTO and Stella Reddy do not have a physical mailing address for our family as we no longer attend the post office box to retrieve any mail due to the actions of the SJTO/HRTO and Stella Reddy.
So, what is the difference? Stella Reddy does not have a physical mail address for our family now and still the Applications move forward. So why did Stella Reddy have to have our physical mailing address back then?
Because the SJTO/HRTO wanted Stella Reddy to have it.
It appears that the SJTO/HRTO did this deliberately as to try and provoke a negative response out of our family, in their attempts to justify a violation under;
SOCIAL JUSTICE TRIBUNALS ONTARIO COMMON RULES – A7 – COURTESY AND RESPECT – A7.1- All persons participating in proceedings before or communicating with the tribunal must act in good faith and in a manner that is courteous and respectful of the tribunal and other participants in the proceeding.
And then therefore able to dismiss our families Applications under;
SOCIAL JUSTICE TRIBUNALS ONTARIO COMMON RULES – A8 – ABUSE OF PROCESS – A8.1-The tribunal may make such orders or give such directions in proceedings before it as it considers proper to prevent abuse of its processes. A8.2 Where the tribunal finds that a person has persistently instituted vexatious proceedings or conducted a proceeding in a vexatious manner, the tribunal may find that person to be a vexatious litigant and dismiss the proceeding as an abuse of process for that reason. It may also require a person found to be a vexatious litigant to obtain permission from the tribunal to commence further proceedings or take further steps in a proceeding.
In the SJTO/HRTO continuous attempts to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so their racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.
It is clear that Stella Reddy, who has openly admitted to the SJTO/HRTO to threatening our family with violence, openly admitted to stalking our family and now has arrogantly openly admitted to performing identity fraud, without fear, by using KR’s identity to run an internet blog, under his name, and using his identity to making false claims and self-implicating statements to clear her own racist and discriminatory behaviour.
Who has sent our family numerous emails in her attempt to harass and be nuisance, along with again threats of violence to our family.

Toxic Adult Bullies depravity knows no end, hey? This is pure Gaslighting and outright personal attack of me below! I see projection in here as well, as the description of “Stella Reddy’s racist hatred for our family is so deep, that she used this same SJTO/HRTO privileged information given to her in confidence, for her own personal gain to retaliate against our family.”shows what he has done to me on stellareddy.com and the other domains. 

Who wouldn’t believe that Stella Reddy could not and would not apply online, hidden behind her computer monitor, under KR’s identity, making a false application for his families mail box keys to a Government Agency/Canada Post using information obtained irresponsible through the SJTO/HRTO?
Our family does not have to explain, nor justify why would Stella Reddy would do such a blatant and illegal thing, but we can say that Stella Reddy has taken her pattern of lying to the LTB and the SJTO/HRTO to new levels and now has done it to the Government of Canada/Canada Post.
Stella Reddy, who was basically entrusted by the SJTO/HRTO to not abuse the privilege of getting our mailing address, has yet again shown her true colours for who she really is.
Stella Reddy being the opportunist that she is, could not resist the opportunity to reach out and again in retaliate against our family for filing with the SJTO/HRTO in June 2018, with the same mailing information provided by the SJTO/HRTO to obtain a second set of keys for our mailbox.
Stella Reddy’s racist hatred for our family is so deep, that she used this same SJTO/HRTO privileged information given to her in confidence, for her own personal gain to retaliate against our family.
Stella Reddy did not care if it makes the SJTO/HRTO look bad in the end, for putting themselves out there, to give her our mailing address, despite her and her husband’s Russell Reddy well document threats of violence and stalking behaviour.
In Stella Reddy’s world it is all about Stella Reddy and what she wants in the end, and Stella Reddy will screw over anyone, including the SJTO/HRTO for her own personal gratification.
This is not the first time that Stella Reddy has used a fake identity to try an torment and harass our family.

More Gaslighting! 
Stella Reddy has emailed our family under these fake names and emails address as:
# 20 – Fake Identities and Emails By Stella Reddy
 A – Stella Reddy Contact Form Entry
 B – IAMGOD ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 C – Website Don’t Work…. Nothing There ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 D – Johnathon ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 E – Nancy Reardon ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 F – John DeMartis ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 G – Asshole ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 H – Fuck You( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 I – Tony Blanchard ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 J – Karen Spokens ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 K – Annonymous ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 L – Larry Reddy ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Correspondence
 M – Larry Reddy ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Facebook
 N – April Meades ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Contact Form Entry
 O – April Meades ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Correspondence
 P – April Meades ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Correspondence
 Q – April Meades ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Correspondence
 R – April Meades ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Correspondence
 S – April Meades ( A.K.A. Stella Reddy ) Correspondence
Again, Stella Reddy was using these fake identity’s, fake emails address, multiple times over the past few months, prior to Canada Post in her attempts to harass and intimidate our family.
And because Stella Reddy got away with these previous fake identities for a couple of months, Stella Reddy escalated her identity fraud to now included KR and the Government of Canada/Canada Post.

Again, this all goes back to Stella Reddy and her narcissist attitude that when she is not checked by Government Agencies for her behaviour. Stella Reddy will accelerate her pattern of racist and vindictive behaviour to a higher level as she interrupts it as being acceptable because no one said anything about it.
This is a complaint that our family has been arguing and pointing out since the beginning of this whole situation and yet NO ONE from Luigi Liscio, Anthony Liscio, David Strashin, Kevin Lundy, the LTB, Divisional Court, the SJTO or the HRTO have cared to address with Stella Reddy or dealing with her. No one would deal with Toxic Adult Bullies and his domains either! 
It is our position that we are requesting that the SJTO/HRTO conduct an Tribunal Inquiry and create an order for Stella Reddy’s home and cell phone internet activities/history/usage for August 8, 2019 to present date. This information should be made available to ONLY the HRTO and the Police so everyone can further investigate these illegal and harassing actions by Stella Reddy and her husband Russell Reddy.
Tribunal rules
43 (3) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the Tribunal rules may,
(f) authorize the Tribunal to require a party to a proceeding or another person to,
(i) produce any document, information or thing and provide such assistance as is reasonably necessary, including using any data storage, processing or retrieval device or system, to produce the information in any form,
Tribunal inquiry
44 (1) At the request of a party to an application under this Part, the Tribunal may appoint a person to conduct an inquiry under this section if the Tribunal is satisfied that,
(a) an inquiry is required in order to obtain evidence;
(b) the evidence obtained may assist in achieving a fair, just and expeditious resolution of the merits of the application; and
(c) it is appropriate to do so in the circumstances. 2006, c. 30, s. 5.
As we called the Police in regards to these issues, and were told that they do not have the resources to investigate our complaint or concerns. They went on to state that if there was an Order, this would than escalate this to the level where they would then investigate as the Order would take president.
It was also explained by the Police that in today’s world, they are far too busy investigating homicides, robbers, drugs, gangs and “ real fraud ” to pursue a disgruntled individual in a SJTO/HRTO case.
The Police explained that if the SJTO/HRTO requests a copy of the Stella Reddy’s internet activities/history/usage in an Order, then they will comply with the Order, but only under those circumstances. Outside of that, Stella Reddy once again will be free to continue to escalate her illegal behaviour to even higher levels of harassment maybe even trying to obtaining credit cards, loans and lines of credit, identification under KR or other family members names ( if not already done ) in her attempt to inconvenience and retaliate against our family. 
Identity Theft under the Criminal Code is defined as
402.2(1) Everyone commits an offence who knowingly obtains or possesses another person’s identity information in circumstances giving rise to a reasonable inference that the information is intended to be used to commit an indictable offence that includes fraud, deceit or falsehood as an element of the offence.
We make this request because as of right now the Police will not get involved, and it is only with the assistance of the SJTO/HRTO that they will even begin to investigate this illegal behaviour of Stella Reddy and possible her husband Russell Reddy.
If the SJTO/HRTO does not make an order to request Stella Reddy’s internet activities/history/usage for her home computer and cell phone than it is clear that the SJTO/HRTO is again trying to protect Stella Reddy and her illegal behaviour in their attempts to protect their racist member Kevin Lundy.
There is more than enough reasonable evidence to suggest that Stella Reddy commit fraud against the Government of Canada/Canada Post in her attempt to obtain illegal keys to our family mailbox.
A printout of Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will certainly without a doubt, show the numerous emails and threats sent to our family hidden behind a fake identity will have been sent at the same time Stella Reddy was visiting the site/page.
Comparing the times of the emails to Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will undoubtedly show a direct connection to Stella Reddy the “ anonymous ” email and other emails.
Stella Reddy has this ridicules belief that by using a VPN, that her illegal behaviour, harassment and threats to harm our family are hidden and untraceable. But what Stella Reddy does not seem to understand is that a VPN will not hide her activities/history/usage from her own internet provider.
Reviewing Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will show a definite coalition between Stella Reddy and the corresponding emails and mailbox key application that our family have received.
Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will put to rest any doubts what the true Stella Reddy is all about and how vindictive she really is. The SJTO/HRTO will see that Stella Reddy does not have even a the basic understanding of decency and that from the very beginning Stella Reddy hatred and inappropriate racist language, discriminatory actions and bigotry behaviour in favor of her Caucasian tenants at the building and her endless amounts of harassment, inconveniencing, insulting, embarrassing and retaliation since she started at the building 2016 can only add up to one thing…
Getting Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will put to rest any doubts these emails that were sent to our family with threatening statements like “ I am coming for you!! ” and “ I AM HOPING THAT YOU GO KILL YOURSELF OR HAVE A STROKE AND DIE! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A FUCKING ASSHOLE AND YOU BETTER HOPE I DONT FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE AND GET MY HANDS ON YOU! ” were in fact sent from Stella Reddy.
Stella Reddy’s behaviour in part from beginning has always been the classic tale of a racist and a bigot who hates the idea that a Black Woman with an interracial family are doing better in life than she is…