I can’t forget this little gem I found recently that I never read before as it is once again just more gaslighting from Toxic Adult Bullies. This time it is against the staff at the SJTO/HRTO! 

We all know what gaslighting is by now, don’t we?  We can see it so clearly in the documents I have shared on my site. With his statements below, Toxic Adult Bullies is trying to claim now that the staff at HRTO is also in “cahoots” with everyone else against them, and tries to claim they are trying to cover for the adjudicator. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Toxic Adult Bullies tend to get mad when he doesn’t get their way and then turn on you.

As HRTO didn’t go out of their way and allow Toxic Adult Bullies to continue this way, he turned on them and says they too are in “cahoots” against him and his family. All  “in their attempts to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so their racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.” 

Toxic Adult Bullies is building his narrative here about everyone trying to cover up for the LTB adjudicator, yet the Divisional Court Appeal had already been decided and an order released months before in April 2019 that clearly states there was no “bias” shown by this person towards them.  Of course, my Bullies don’t care what 3 judges have to say, as once again Toxic Adult Bullies is claiming they too are in “cahoots” to cover for the Adjudicator.

If you are following this, first it was me and the owners who were in cahoots to evict them, then the LTB and the adjudicator were in “cahoots” to allow myself and the property owners to get free of their allegations. Then once the Divisional Court was over and they didn’t get satisfaction, the 3 judges and the Appeal court got added to the “cover-up” they imply is going on.  If you go by the https://sjtomemberkevinlundy.com/complaints-about-services-received-from-sjto/ website, they started adding the SJTO and Ombudsman Office to the mix as well!

Everywhere you turn they are always adding people that they believe are against them, yet they have never provided any evidence, just their own thoughts over what they think is going on. Their own thoughts are not good enough, even online.

I truly cannot understand nor see where they get these ideas from that to follow his “it is clear“, and “it appears” statements below.

The way I see it, Toxic Adult Bullies had the same access to help that I had and even in my mentally unstable state, I will able to understand what the Interim Order was all about and the CAD too. It took time, but I had a lot of it as it came out in March 2019 and May 2019, well before the hearing was even scheduled in August 2019 that was coming in January 2020. I also spent time reading previous orders released and looking through their website, as they provide a lot of history where you can see what they needed.

Yes, I even got a little frustrated by their continued claims they didn’t understand what was needed so I even tried to explain it to them, they needed proof, not just their word, it occurred. They needed to produce some document, video, audio, or even a witness, where it clearly shows I, or anyone, was “targeting” them. They needed to show something that clearly shows they were reprised against, shows racism towards them, and even provide proof of prejudicial treatment.

It was obvious, even to me by this point, that Toxic Adult Bullies are basing their applications on their “feelings” of what they believe occurred. Feelings of something are not proof. Yet, they deny my own…

HRTO Files 2018-32808-I, 2019-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I

October 2, 2019

As the SJTO/HRTO has a clear pattern of deliberately stalling any attempts to provide us with any clarification and other information in regards to the Vandana Patel Order requesting a Summary Judgement hearing in January 2020.

We are requesting an Order suspending the Summary Hearing and setting an undetermined date in the future after and not until all of our complaints are fully heard by the Ombudsman’s Office in regards to this and other issues.

It is clear that the SJTO/HRTO is not giving us the requested and required information in their attempts to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so their racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.

We have request on numerous occasions since Vandana Patel created her Order for clarification, but have steadily been denied any sound response, despite being told by your staff that we are entitled to it.

It appears that the SJTO/HRTO intends to continue to keep the concerns/issues of Vandana Patel very vague, obscure and unclear, continuing to keep her issues hidden from our family, and to keep us in the dark in their attempts to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so their racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.

As there are probably more than thousand legal documents, emails, pictures, audio and video recordings, transcripts on file, showing the endless amounts of racist and discriminatory behaviour by the Respondents over the years.

The SJTO/HRTO cannot expect our family to know what Vandana Patel is confused or unclear about in her regards to “ issues ”.

The SJTO/HRTO state: “ [3] Unfortunately, the parties have purported to file a great deal of material by e-mail that mostly consists of allegations of misconduct about their opposing parties ”

It is clear that the SJTO/HRTO seem to think that “great-deal of material consists of allegations of

misconduct ” and that “ [4] the material the parties continue to file is irrelevant to these proceedings…. Processing the parties’ back and forth complaints is an unnecessary burden on the Tribunal and amounts to an abuse of process. ”

So again it appears clear that the SJTO/HRTO thinks that Respondents behaviour is “ irrelevant ”, and that any documented proof of it “ amounts to an abuse of process ” against our family.

So it also appears that only a verbal or written confession from the Respondents does not “ amount to an abuse of process. ”

Is not 99% of all filed SJTO/HRTO Applications based on an Applicants ALLEGATIONS AND ACTIONS by the Respondents towards them, without any SOLID proof or a confession?

It appears that our family’s Applications are being held to a high standard than all others and has been pre-judged as being “ irrelevant ” and is under consideration for the violation of “abuse of process ” by the SJTO/HRTO for showing the continuous racist and discriminatory behaviour of the Respondents since filing

Our family sure hopes that unlike Ruth Carey and Kevin Lundy who spoke about our family and our October 31, 2017 LTB Application prior to our September 26, 2017 hearing where Kevin Lundy had a pre- determined opinion of Allison Read and our family.

That Jacqueline Baines or anyone else from your office and Vandana Patel are not doing the same thing.

It appears that the SJTO/HRTO are viewing the actions, words and behaviour of the Respondents as “ irrelevant ” and our families as an “ abuse of process ” in their attempt to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so their racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.

The SJTO/HRTO stated “ All outstanding preliminary issues relevant to these files will be addressed by the Vice Chair at the Preliminary/Summary Hearing ”

Again this planned ambush tactic by the SJTO/HRTO towards are family for Vandana Patel to address her “ outstanding preliminary issues relevant to these files, at the Preliminary/Summary Hearing ” is undoubtedly and without argument is bias against our family and favours the Respondents.

It is clear that the burden at this stage is on our family to prove the Respondents have acted racist and in a discriminatory manner against our family, and for the SJTO/HRTO to stated that we will not learn of Vandana Patel “ outstanding, issue ” until 10 minutes before we are to present our evidence relating to 3 issues that we do not know what they are.

It is clearly bias and another attempt by the SJTO/HRTO to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so your racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.

At this time, because it took the SJTO/HRTO more than 3 weeks to address our complaints, and have again steadily stonewalled in your attempts to clarify anything for our family in your attempts to place our family at a disadvantage, and it will take us approximately a week from today to continue to prepare our Ombudsman complaints, and then however long to wait to get the answers we have been waiting for since May 2019.

We request that the Summary Judgement Hearing be moved to an undetermined date in the future at this time, as to allow for us to enforce our rights to file our complaints against the SJTO/HRTO.

Our family cannot prepare any evidence or arguments to issues that we do not know exist. We have no idea what issues exist with Vandana Patel in regards to

  • Delay
  • Has another Proceeding appropriately dealt with the substance of the applications.
  • Is there no reasonable prospect that all or part of this application will succeed.

We cannot argue what we don’t know and we are not a family of mind readers. We should not have to guess and try to identify what Vandana Patel MIGHT have issues with, and we certainly cannot speculate what Vandana Patel MIGHT NOT have issue with!

At this point the phone call Summary Hearing will have to be over the period of 3-5 days, as we would have no choice but to argue and explain old and new evidence in better clarification and understanding for Vanda Patel who clearly could not absorb our material fully the first time around.