Human Rights: Stella Reddy’s Reply To HRTO August 2018

Below you will find my complete response to the Human Rights Applications against me, including 2 letters they sent out for the Tenants Association they tried to get going and a letter that was sent in October 2018 to one of the owners about refusing access.

As I had 2 applications in my name but they were identical, this response was used for them both.

Please note as you read this some of the dates may be mixed up but the info is correct. I wrote this document, and put it all together, while I was still seriously compromised by the mental breakdown I had a month before and was on some serious medications that made me loopy as well. This took me 2 weeks to write and I had to get help at times, due to my mental state.

Toxic Adult Bullies claim I was looking for sympathy from writing all this but I thought it was important, and still is, to show the effects this situation was having on me and my life and why. Even the HRTO process asks to show how all this is affecting you!

I came into this position here with some physical limitations that also affected my mind due to the stress of dealing with it. When you add the stress of dealing with tenants like Toxic Adult Bullies and their many accusations and assumptions, it just added to the stress I was already under personally. It all plays a part in the situation.

Read the letter at the bottom where Toxic Adult Bullies states “I will except a few dates to choose from, and I will choose from these same dates and times to let you know what works for me and my family”They are dictating when we can access the apartment, from which they were evicted. It is also why they were evicted!

It is also in this letter where they state that Toxic Adult Bullies, as her partner, was a “super attendant for many years, He has informed me that he has NEVER had ANY contractors or pest control cancel out on him on the same day they were to arrive.

As per their documents, not only was Toxic Adult Bullies a super attendant for many years” he also worked where he saw the effects of fire “for many years’, as they claim when talking about the smoke detectors in another document I have shown.

My evidence proved without a doubt that they lied about that “prior meeting” they claimed we had at some restaurant, as it did not happen. It wasn’t possible and they know it, which is why they ignored those allegations to focus on what I did say at the Hearing. At least that was something I did say, but I was only repeating what they said about me.

As I was only repeating what I heard and what was written in the letters they sent, it is called absolute privilege, where my comments heard during judicial proceedings are protected. How could anyone get into trouble for reading off a letter they were given or repeating what was told to them by someone else, during a judicial hearing? These Toxic Tenants said or wrote, the words first that I was repeating… I didn’t say them, they did!

Absolute privilege refers to the fact that in certain circumstances, an individual is immune from liability for defamatory statements.

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