Below you will find my complete response to the Human Rights Applications against me, including 2 letters they sent out for the Tenants Association they tried to get going and a letter that was sent in October 2018 to one of the owners about refusing access.

As I had 2 applications in my name but they were identical, this response was used for them both.

Please note as you read this some of the dates may be mixed up but the info is correct. I wrote this document, and put it all together, while I was still seriously compromised by the mental breakdown I had a month before and was on some serious medications that made me loopy as well. This took me 2 weeks to write and I had to get help at times, due to my mental state.

Toxic Adult Bullies claim I was looking for sympathy from writing all this but I thought it was important, and still is, to show the effects this situation was having on me and my life and why. Even the HRTO process asks to show how all this is affecting you!

I came into this position here with some physical limitations that also affected my mind due to the stress of dealing with it. When you add the stress of dealing with tenants like Toxic Adult Bullies and their many accusations and assumptions, it just added to the stress I was already under personally. It all plays a part in the situation.

Read the letter at the bottom where Toxic Adult Bullies states “I will except a few dates to choose from, and I will choose from these same dates and times to let you know what works for me and my family”They are dictating when we can access the apartment, from which they were evicted. It is also why they were evicted!

It is also in this letter where they state that Toxic Adult Bullies, as her partner, was a “super attendant for many years, He has informed me that he has NEVER had ANY contractors or pest control cancel out on him on the same day they were to arrive.

As per their documents, not only was Toxic Adult Bullies a super attendant for many years” he also worked where he saw the effects of fire “for many years’, as they claim when talking about the smoke detectors in another document I have shown.

My evidence proved without a doubt that they lied about that “prior meeting” they claimed we had at some restaurant, as it did not happen. It wasn’t possible and they know it, which is why they ignored those allegations to focus on what I did say at the Hearing. At least that was something I did say, but I was only repeating what they said about me.

As I was only repeating what I heard and what was written in the letters they sent, it is called absolute privilege, where my comments heard during judicial proceedings are protected. How could anyone get into trouble for reading off a letter they were given or repeating what was told to them by someone else, during a judicial hearing? These Toxic Tenants said or wrote, the words first that I was repeating… I didn’t say them, they did!

Absolute privilege refers to the fact that in certain circumstances, an individual is immune from liability for defamatory statements.

May 22, 2015-June 2016 I was not here and these dates are not relevant to me. We moved into the building June 29, 2016 to live and work here.

My husband and I have worked in property management looking after apartment buildings since Sept 2000, except for the year we went back to Newfoundland from Aug 2009- Dec 2010. We moved here from Newfoundland in the fall of 1999.

Most of the items in these papers that they complain about such as the Fire Inspection, the procedures for entry to complete repairs and for contractors, parking fees and procedures to receive a parking spot on site, Visitors Parking Area, letters about A/C sent, balconies and storage and BBQ’s, rental rates for vacant apartments, are all operational matters for the property and are standard in Ontario and I have no control or power over those decisions. I was not a property manager nor a property owner and as such had no operational control over how the building is managed. It was my job to follow direction of property owners and follow all rules and regulations of all agencies we have to answer to.

Mid/Late June 2016- Restaurant Allegations. Exhibit #14 Google Timeline

During this time, hubby and I were renting a 1 br apartment at 3969 Kingston Rd and were there for just over a year as we moved in April 1, 2015 and signed a year lease. At the time, I was not able to work due to a newly diagnoses of Cervical Spinal Stenosis, which was causing severe pain in my left side from my neck that I developed in Feb 2015, and this is why I had to stop working. As we had worked in this property for 3 years as building staff, the management approved us for an apartment. It was also during this time that I closed my personal bank account and is currently using my husbands. Due to the stenosis I applied and was approved for CPP Disability in March 2016, which I am still receiving. My husband had a job in Production at Atlas Paper at the time making $14.00 an hour but was facing a layoff May 17, 2016 so we were looking for an independent superintendent position for him. His income and mine were barely enough to cover our $1060.00 monthly rent.  While I was home during the day I was looking for positions for him to apply for and I came across the ad on Kijjiji for this property and it sat on my desk for 8 days before we applied, as we were trying to determine if I would be able to manage the duties due to my physical limitations. The job offered part time office hours for me and my husband did all the physical work such as cleaning and maintenance. We were offered a 1 bedroom apartment and $695.00 per month in pay. If it wasn’t for my CPP Disability we wouldn’t be able to manage financially in this position. We had an interview on May 16, 2018 and were offered the job 2 days later starting July 1, 2016, as they needed notice for current staff to vacate and we needed to give notice to vacate our apartment. June 16, 2018 hubby and I went to 859 Kennedy Rd to get the keys for the apt #401 that we would be living in and started cleaning it and came back and finished cleaning on June 23, 2016. During this month before moving we had no income besides my CPP disability which at the time was $694.16 per month as my husband had no income. As my Google timeline shows, I will send all printouts from June 2016, we were at home most of that time due to lack of funds. I did have a vehicle, still have it, but it was parked in April 2015 as I had to take it off the road as I couldn’t afford the insurance nor the gas. Still can’t with our income so the car has been parked for about 3 years. Living on $694.16 for a month was not easy and when we moved the end of the month on June 29, 2016 I had to borrow money from my son to get the moving truck. We have never been to that restaurant on Eglington Ave, and I never met these people before I started working here. As you see from the papers they sent in their application, they state this conversation took place in mid/late June but give no definite date, and in original letter received in Oct 18, 2016 it gave no date, place nor much detail, just alleged to a previous conversation they say we had. They remember the conversation as they can quote what he alleges I said, but he can’t remember the exact date he says this happened on? I do know this meeting and conversation never took place with me and my husband.

My husband and I moved into the building and started working at 859 Kennedy Rd for Alto Properties Inc. June 29, 2016. Our duties were of a building superintendent to look after the renting, administration, and common area cleaning and maintenance for the tenants in a 34 unit building. It is also our job to enforce the rules of various agencies such as Fire Safety, Property Standards, Residential Tenancies Act, ESA, Health and Safety as well as others. We also work with and take direction from the property owners on rental rates, office and cleaning procedures. There were some issues here, such as many tenants parking in Visitors Parking area and not in their assigned spaces, so we were asked by owners to clean it up, which we did. We also made some other operational changes over time with the help of the property owners in how the property was managed, such as we asked all tenants to remove BBQ from balconies and cleaning up balconies of storage items, for safety reasons; and not accepting cash for rent payments due to the fact that I have been physically attacked for any cash in the office at rent time, and locking all rooms at night, including supply and laundry room as they were always left open and accessible to all tenants at all hours by previous staff. We had tenants entering the supply room and taking items as well as tenants doing laundry at all hours disturbing the tenant living next to the laundry room at the time. This property do not have a master key system for the units so each apartment has their own individual keys for entry. Over the past years some were either lost or misplaced as when we started working here we found that there were 5 units we had no keys to enter for and 303 was one of them. Over time, we did get copies of most of these units but there are still 2 we don’t have keys for and 303 is still one of them. As they have a dog who goes crazy with barking when someone is in the hall let alone knock on the door, I am leery to enter when no one home anyway so it didn’t really matter at the time as I won’t enter with the dog there.

I first met AR when she came to the office July 1, 2016 to pay the balance of rent in cash. I reminded her at that time that I notified all tenants that cash cannot be accepted for rental payments due to safety issues, and it is also noted on their application when they applied, and she got very upset. I did explain that I was attacked at other property for any cash I had on site for rents and I wasn’t willing to go through that again. At that time I did accept the cash due to her behaviour but explained I could not do that going forward. August 1, 2016 came and again AR came with cash and at this time I refused to accept it. Again, she got upset and confrontational in behaviour, and even took out her cell phone and tried to record me not accepting her cash payment and I asked her not too. She stated that she refuses to pay for money order or to order personal cheques, even thought the RTA states that a landlord is not responsible for any charges a tenant incurs over the way they pay their rent. After speaking to the property owner, we arranged for Ms. R to pay her rent by e-transfer, which she still does to this day and is the only tenant to do so. The rest pay by personal cheque, money order, or interact in the office. Once this aggressive and bullying behaviour started with Ms. R in apt #303, it became the standard for all interactions we later have. They got confrontational and aggressive over every change I tried to make in the building, even went out of their way to try and find on the internet some way of proving what I was doing was wrong, like with the BBQ. The property owners were concerned over BBQ and as it is their property I was enforcing it. It has always been my belief that as long as the property owners follow all rules they should, they are able to say what they are willing to have on their property. As tenants are only renting the apartment they live in, they don’t own it so therefore have no say in what they can and can’t do. They are still the only tenants with a BBQ on their balcony.

Between July 2016 and October 2016

There were a few bad interactions, such as trying to get the window glass put in for the missing piece in the unit of 303, for which I had 2 glass companies scheduled and each time the tenants refused access to the apartment as well as a block treatment for pest control, which took 3 weeks to finally get this unit treated due to refusal of entry. I see in their paperwork they included the emails I sent that I received from the contractors over the appointment changes. Exhibit #42 in the note section, you can see how they twist things. As they say below the note section, my exact words were “Magical Pest Control screwed up our service date and has moved treatment to tomorrow at 9 am for this building. I am very sorry about this but it is out of my control.” Yet when you read the note section in italics you see Ms. R stating that ” I notified her at 3:01 pm via email and not by a phone call that you had cancelled that appointment after 4 hours of me waiting, and you had already rescheduled for the next day at 9:00 am without okaying it with me or getting my signature for the Tuesday August 30, 2016 pest control appointment.”  How did she get that I Canceled the appointment myself from Magical Pest Control screwing up? When the Pest Company screwed up our service date I contacted all tenants to let them know and find out if it was okay. Once I reached Ms. R by text, her response was okay. If she had an issue with it she should have said then, but by saying it was ok, I took it that it really was ok, but when we got to the apt. door there was no one home and the dog was loose and going mad, so the unit didn’t get done that day. After issuing a Form N5 for interfering in the interests of the landlord and their neighbours in treating these pests to get rid of them, were we allowed entry for treatment, which is legal for me to do.  As it states in the RTA, once a tenant gives permission to enter, we can enter, which her by saying it was ok was her permission. If Ms. R had told me she had a problem with the next morning, we would have rescheduled as it was not their fault either it was screwed up, but by saying ok to my text I thought it was ok to go there the next morning.  As they claim throughout the papers sent, they allowed the staff and owners entry at various times without a Notice of Entry given, which is acceptable. Any building staff can knock on any tenant’s door and ask for entry and if the tenant allows it, Notice is NOT required. If the tenant refuses entry, then notice can be given and staff can enter at any time, even if the tenant is not at home during entry. At that time, I did not enter, just the technician.  I also have email from Sofia from Magical Pest Control stating that she was the one who screwed up the date and I had nothing to do with it. It is the same with the window contractor, they accuse me of deliberately cancelling the appointments. The building also has its Annual Fire Inspection in October and notice was issued to all tenants that Mircom Gardia would be entering to inspect the smoke detectors. Ms. R, by email, complained about the access requested as she said the smoke detector was checked and replaced by building staff in June 2016. As I explained to her, it didn’t matter as the Annual Fire Inspection can only be done by an approved Fire Safety company and that they are the ones doing this inspection and that access is required and mandatory for all tenants. I also explained that building staff are not qualified Fire Safety inspectors and what they did didn’t affect what needed to be done now.  Each time they got a notice of entry for any reason they were confrontational in their behaviour, refused entry for contractors as they wanted them to come at their convenience, which is not possible. I have various emails from Ms. R telling me when she was willing to allow people to enter and we had to work within those times, which is not always possible either. I even have in writing Ms. Read telling me that the window in the living room wasn’t important and that she would tell us when she would allow us to get it done. For many months I didn’t know the name of the male, which I later found out was her husband, KR, as the rental application had a false name of DC and from the application there was only AR and her 2 children living in the apartment. When she applied for the apartment in May 2015 there was a hand written note with the application stating that she was living in a shelter with her 2 children as she left her abusive husband.

During these 4 1/2 months, from July 1, 2016 to October 18, 2016, with all the interactions and confrontations with me in the office by email, in person, and by phone and text, there was never any mention of any previous meeting they later claim we had at some restaurant on Eglington Ave at the hearing in Sept 26, 2017 at the Landlord and Tenant Board, in which I allegedly made racial comments to them and their children. The first time I heard about this alleged meeting was in a 7 page letter I received in office email on Oct 18, 2016 from them where they mention that we had some conversation where she mentions that I asked her where she is from and that I called her children “mulatto”. Their Exhibit #41-#49.  In this letter there were no real details of this meeting either, just general reference to some suggestion that I went up to them and said these things. There was no detail of when this alleged conversation happened nor where. If this was such an issue to them, why did it take them 2½ months to bring it up to me and the property owners? If they wanted a investigation into their allegations by the property owners they should have requested it as soon as they saw me in the office July 1, 2016 not wait 2 ½ months, and also put in as much detail as possible of their accusations, but they did not. This letter did not even request anything, just told us what they thought and made mention of this alleged conversation. If it was myself in that position, as soon as I saw whom it was in the office I would have called the Police and filed a letter to the property owners about what happened between myself and this staff as soon as I saw them on the property. If this was such an issue with them and bothered them so much I would be terrified to live in a building with building staff whom said stuff like that to me. Over time we heard more details about this alleged meeting in June 2016 they say we had but there was never any date given of when this supposedly happened. In the letter were also accusations from them that I was going out of my way to make things hard for them with the contractor appointments and pest control, even stating that I deliberately cancelled appointments and I tried to blame it on the contractors, though I provided proof showing differently. It’s not my fault they don’t believe anything I say and twist it to what they want, as what happened with the contractor appointments. At the time I was shocked to read about all this and after sending the letter to the property owners, upon their direction I was asked to ignore the letter and not respond, which is what we did. We finally accepted the letter as their way of trying to make things difficult due to all the changes we were making in the operation of the building at the time. I had various issues with different tenants over changes in how the building was run and in procedures but it all settled down eventually with them.

There is a major problem with their accusations they are basing everything on, as they state I said these alleged things to them BEFORE I moved in and was employed in the building they live in and as such, it has no relevance to Alto Properties Inc. nor the property owners here as this alleged conversation took place OFF the property and before we were even employed here. It is 2 1/2 months after I moved in and starting working that they mention anything to anyone about it AND only AFTER the issues we had with the window, the pest control, the Fire Inspection, and the rental payments. Of course, it would reference a place that is no longer open so I couldn’t even go to this place and see if I could find anything and also of course they can remember enough to be able to “quote” what said what, as you see in these papers, but they can’t remember the exact date? Ms. R had no issues getting confrontational in email, and in person, over anything else so why didn’t she mention this alleged issue before?  Telling me that we can’t enter the apartment and complain about the Form N5 I issued and the way I manage repairs, but she couldn’t mention this alleged conversation we supposedly had months before, not even when she was so upset August 1 when I wouldn’t accept her cash payment for rent? Wouldn’t anyone think that was suspicious? I submit that this alleged conversation was made up in order to have something against me, as they are not happy with the way I do my work, as I am rule driven. They were not happy with how things transpired in getting their repairs done and I wasn’t intimidated by their aggression and yelling at me so came up with a story to tell the property owners in the hope that I would be fired. As you see in the papers sent of the text messages he sent to tenant of #203 Exhibit #130, in first message you see he says “I know they are intimidated by her, but they really have a good case to help us get ride of her.”  This is in regards to the letter I sent 303 last July about the A/C dripping, which I talk more about later. This is the only reason this alleged conversation was brought up 2½ months later as they had to think of something to accuse me of. It wasn’t mentioned at the beginning of our moving in here because it didn’t happen and they hadn’t thought of it yet.

The Swinn camera, Exhibit #26, which was installed in the elevator was put there due to vandalism of the notices in the notice board and the back of the elevator door, as you can see from the attached pictures we had some tenants scratching it all up with graffiti.  Exhibits #6 showing pictures of graffiti and notices being torn up. As this camera lens is a fixed one, we had to install it on the wall inside the elevator directly across from the door to catch anyone doing the damage, as it needed direct line of site. We tried to see if we could get in into the corner at a angle but there was no way to fix it to the wall that way. This camera works on motion activation and took pictures of movement that was recorded on a SD card inside, that we manually had to remove to get any pictures and ran on batteries. After the first month and there was no more vandalism, we just left the camera in the elevator and let the batteries die out. While I appreciate that if a tenant directly across from the elevator opened their apartment door while the elevator door was open, you can see them entering their apartment, as their picture shows, but there is no view of anything inside the apartments. Its not much different than our hallway cameras, as you can see who enters an apt. as well. It is not recording video, just pictures.  When the elevator was replaced in November 2017 we had video recoding camera installed in the corner that was added to our system. As this camera is also in colour and it rotates direction so we could aim the lens to where we needed it, so we were able to get it in the corner to catch all of the elevator. If we were so intent to be able to see inside their apartment wouldn’t it be better to install the camera on the hallway wall on the 3rd floor by the elevator? As point of reference, no other tenant complained about the camera in the elevator, just the ones from #303.

After there was no response from the property owners or me over this letter sent in October 2016 all was quiet for many months until August 22, 2017, when I received in the office a Maintenance Request from #303 asking about bathroom ceiling repairs. This was the only item on the work order so in my response I sent a Notice of Entry for August 24 between 3-5 pm so I can access the required repairs. I even informed them on the notice that I will be taking a picture and to remove any personal items from the area. I also suggested that we should get the glass put in as well before the winter. In response I received a email about the access and once I explained that I needed to access the damage to determine if small staff could do but if major we would need a contractor, she said it was fine. Upon getting to the apt door of 303 around 3:30 pm, I was met with Mr. R. He asked where the contractor was and I explained it to him and he refused entry and again called me a racist, a bigot, and said that I was out to get all black people out of the building. He also told me I should have been to the apt at 9 am instead of making him wait around all day for which I responded I was away from the building all morning, to which he stated then I should have been to the unit at 8:00 am before I left the building. I walked away with his accusations going on behind me of being a racist. I filed a complaint myself that day with Human Rights, which was accepted but was dismissed in May 2018 over a letter I didn’t get that was time sensitive. I also issued a form N5 to the tenants for interference with the landlords interested in getting repairs completed in the apartment. This was eventually filed for a hearing, which was held September 26, 2017, based on refusal of entry for repairs and we received a order Oct 3, 2017 granting the eviction. The tenants of 303 were given till end of October to vacate the apartment. I also sent a letter Aug 29, 2017 Exhibit #96, requesting that they stop the harassment of myself, but it just got worse. I am attaching Exhibit #7 of the Divisional Court Application and Exhibit #8 with Landlord and Tenant Board Application for the hearing held Sept 26, 207. As Ms. R goes on about in Exhibit #41-#49 this is the alleged illegal N5 that she states we filed for refusal of access to look after the landlords interests in completing repairs in the apartment. This alleged “illegal N5” was accepted by the Landlord and Tenant Board and accepted as a reason for the Eviction they received.

It was during this hearing that we heard more details of this alleged conversation we supposedly had at this restaurant before we moved into the building and started working here, though there is still no exact date. They described an “older bummy/sloppy” dressed couple, which is discrimination to me,  and stated they must be from Hamilton due to how they were dressed and they could actually quote what we said to them and their own responses but they couldn’t state a exact date this supposedly happened. The hearing was very frustrating due to the constant accusations of racism I received about this alleged conversation so in my frustration I did say that my nephew in law was as black as black. I also stated I am a Newfie and yet Mr. R makes it sound like “Newfie” is a slur. As a person from Newfoundland I am a very proud Newfie and I have no problem saying it so why Mr. R has a problem with I have no idea. Mr. R may consider Newfie a slur but that’s his personal opinion and as he is not from Newfoundland it don’t matter to me what he thinks of the term.  Mr. R also admitted at the hearing that he has called me a racist and a bigot, that I was out to get all black people out of the property and that he believes the property owners are also the same. He made it sound like we were all just so interested in their lives and what they have and do that we are going out of our way to get them out of the building and they are using this alleged meeting they say we had as a basis of their accusations. They state that because I allegedly said racial terms to them before working here that it proves I am a racist, though they have yet to provide any proof of these claims, and because the property owners allowed me to keep working here after they made their allegations to them about me, they say the property owners are the same. I can imagine what they are saying now that they know I am no longer working here. As I quit the day that email they sent on July 4, 2018, I imagine they are saying to all that I was fired over that email they sent to the owners. 

Once the eviction notice was received October 3, 2017 is when they started their harassment against me and the property owners online. They made a website, that I found December 29, 2017 where they stated their personal opinions over why they were evicted, they posted all the N5 they were given and also the LTB hearing Order for Eviction and are stating that we are out to get them. They have my name and address online! They also filed with Divisional Court for an Appeal on their eviction order stating that the adjudicator at the Tribunal was “bias” against them and that I and the property owners are racist, are lying and out to get them. They ramble about what other people have done to them, but do not admit their own actions. They state they are perfect tenants, yet the adjudicator accepted that due to the history of refusal of access for repairs he didn’t feel the tenancy should continue. Mr. R actually said at the hearing that “it is my home and I have a right to say who enters and when”. The Divisional Court is still ongoing and there is no court date yet. He later in text to unit #203 called the person over the hearing was a “ghetto adjudicator”, which is also discrimination. I see from the enclosed papers for this application that they did not include these so I will be sending them to you as Exhibit #1 and #2. This is the online info that I was able to find. I did contact the company whom owns the website but was told they can’t do anything about taking it down as they are American based and the rules are different. I did manage to get most of the polls and comments on Facebook removed though once I notified the group admin about them. Some of the groups blocked me on Facebook so I don’t know if they are still there or not. Having these false accusations posted online where anyone can find by searching my name as well as Alto Properties Inc has been very traumatic for me as I am a very private person. I am sure no one would like to come across a website like that about them and I consider this severe harassment and defamation of character.

They tried to start a Tenant Association in the building, which I have no issues with and have worked with before, stating they were doing it due to issues with staff and management, but I heard from other tenants that they believed the Rs of 303 “were out to get me”. They have no mention of that in these papers either so I am sending you Exhibit #3 and #4.  They condemn everything I have done in my job here. During those few months, I had tenants coming to me complaining about how Mr. R was approaching them over the tenant association and that they were upset as Mr. R was standing at the building entrance and talking to people as they entered the building about the tenant association. This behaviour created a poisoned working environment for me as some of the tenants were conflicted over these actions of 303 and I had numerous confrontations with other tenants over the lies of racism they have accused me of. Most tenants I spoke to wanted nothing to do with it and wanted the management to make them stop “pestering them” to join the association, as they called it. As far as I know there was only one association meeting held with 3 other tenants and nothing since. The property owners were aware of what was going on here with the tenants but I was told that on advice from the lawyer handling the appeal in Divisional Court that we were to ignore everything they do and not respond, so I was told to not say anything to any tenant, not even defend myself. I had one of the tenants tell me later that they no longer had any interest as it wasn’t what they thought it would be.

Ms. R also filed a complaint with City of Toronto Property Standards, for which we met NS from MLS, stating that the owners and staff are refusing to complete required repairs in the apartment. The repairs listed were, window glass in living room, bathroom ceiling, oven not working, and living room window not locking due to missing glass. I was aware of the glass and bathroom but not the oven. There is no work order in tenant file stating any oven repairs needed. Once I explained to Ms. S what was going on she deferred the file and we were not ordered to complete the repairs due to lack of cooperation in gaining entry. When the tenants complained to MLS they did not notify them of all the times we did try to enter to get the repairs done, just said we were refusing to do them, which was not true. We were just not able to complete the repairs in the way the Rs wanted so they considered it to be that we were refusing completely.

Mr. & Ms. R have sent emails the office and property owners personal information concerning the personal human rights complaint I made against them in Aug 2017, even after I asked them not to as my personal email has nothing to do with the company and neither did my personal human rights complaint. Up until recently they continued to send emails to my personal email concerning building issues, which was also sent to the office and property owners. This was done in order to try and embarrass me and I consider harassment. They even still send them to me with the last received August 8, 2018 from Ms. R telling us their Human Rights was going forward and had made a request for copies of her tenant file and wanted them labelled for her., which is attached as Exhibit #13 as well as the response I got from one of the property owners about this email.  On June 4, 2018 I received in personal email that had this application that 303 made against me with Human Rights and was told by property owners they received the same. This was very upsetting and stressful for me. Exhibit #10

On July 4, 2018, while on the phone with the senior property owner, I saw a email pop up from 303 and here it was again another email that they sent to my personal email as well as office and owners, about how they wanted the property owners to “check” my behaviour.  Exhibit #13. Again they were trying to embarrass me with the owners. After this I do not remember much as I entered psychosis which lasted 2 days, until I sought treatment from a doctor on July 6, 2018. During those 2 days I quit my job, sent an email to the owners stating how I can no longer take their harassment and bullying and that I also partly blamed them for not responding to any of their allegations against me. I do not remember everything I said and did, but my husband didn’t sleep for 2 days and just said that his wife was not here, that someone else took over. Once I saw a doctor July 6 I was told I was having a psychotic episode, that I am severely depressed, have severe anxiety and I was feeling suicidal. I was given medications for that as well as my high blood pressure and referred to CAMH for treatment.

Mr and Ms. R have been using an alleged conversation that never even took place as the basis of their allegations of racism against me since they first mentioned it in October 2016. I have asked them by email for the exact date this alleged meeting took place and they refuse to give it to me. They claim that it was this alleged conversation that they state took place before I even lived and worked here as the reason why I am out to get them and as proof that I am a racist. They have made allegations that I have tried to enter their apartment just to see what personal possessions they may have, that I am so very interested in their lives that I was doing illegal things in my job to get at them and cause them trouble. They state that everything I have done in my position has been illegal and as proof that I have a personal vendetta against them and out to get them evicted. They have spread these lies of alleged racism to all the tenants within the property as well as these tenants’ visitors. They have posted online on Social Media like Facebook about how I am a racist and created polls on different group sites about the same. They posted my name and address online and it is still there! They go out of their way to knock on new tenants doors moving in to talk to them about me and what they have accused me of. Every opportunity he can get to spread his lies he does. Yes, these allegations are very upsetting to me as in all of my 52 yrs I have never been accused of such a thing.

If the Landlord and Tenant Board forms that I completed were illegal, why were they accepted and used as a basis for their eviction? In the 2 years I worked here, the interactions I have received from them have been harassing, bullying in nature and confrontational. They have argued with every procedural decision we have made in terms of the operation of the building. I see in the papers they sent that they harassed another tenant, of #203, in trying to get them to confront me over a letter 303 received about their A/C dripping last year down the building brickwork onto the window ledge below. Nowhere in that letter do I say I received any complaints or spoke to any tenant below, but that we saw it when walking around the building that day. I was walking around the property, as I did regularly, with one of the owners and we saw the A/C dripping onto the window sill below and splashing onto the closed glass through the screen and there was a stain running down the brickwork.  Mr. R spent months trying to get this tenant to do something to me to show I didn’t speak to them and it makes no sense. Nowhere in that letter do I say I spoke to any tenant nor did I say I received any complaints. I stated I saw it myself. This example just goes to show how Mr. R will go out of his way to twist things into what he wants and use it as more evidence against me, even though there is nothing there.

 When they got their vehicle in March 2018, when Ms. Re texted the office for a parking spot I informed her we had none, which we didn’t, and that there was a waiting list of current tenants waiting for parking. At the time, we had 2 tenants parking off site as we had nothing to give them. As we only have 6 available spaces for Visitors Parking in front of the building, we couldn’t give these spaces to tenants as we wouldn’t have any spots left for guests. So when they asked for a visitors parking pass, I couldn’t give them one or I would have to give it to the rest waiting in order to fair to all tenants. We cannot do for one that we couldn’t do for them all. I sent them a blank parking form to complete to be dropped off to the office to be added to the waiting list. I did not receive the form nor the last months rent payment for parking and they have continued to park in Visitors Parking in front for free while others tenants are paying for a parking space. I even posted a notice in the lobby board about spots I had coming up for July 1, 2018 and for tenants waiting to let me know if they wanted one of them. Their response was to threaten that if they get a parking ticket for parking in Visitors area they were deducting it from the rent, Exhibit #138, which is against the rules of the RTA. Same for deducting rent to buy a toaster oven, Exhibit #148. They also took the time to walk around the property taking pictures of all the parked cars and finding out whom they belong to, as per their papers with heading March 17, 2018. They invaded other tenant’s privacy in order to show who parks where and took pictures of vehicles parked on site. They spent so much time talking about what parking spaces other tenants have and I submit that it is not their concern as these are operational matters. All tenants have had to pay for a parking space, including the last months rent deposit and 60 days notice is required to cancel the parking.  We do not have the authorization to remove a parking space from a tenant whom is paying for it on a monthly basis and whom had that spot assigned to them since they moved in, whether a car is there or not. For Mr. R to expect us to take a spot away from a paying tenant is totally unreasonable and illegal under the rules of the RTA. As for my vehicles, I submit that is also not their concern. It is no one else’s business who parks where and if they are paying for it. We are very strict over tenant privacy and do not give out this information to no one. Yes, I had 2 parking spots but got rid of one of them in early May to free up a parking space for a new tenant to use.  The other vehicle I still have and as staff I am allowed to park on the private property of the owners I worked for as I also live here too. I wasn’t hiding anything like Mr. R makes it sound. Don’t I have a right to privacy as well? Should I advertise where my personal vehicle is so that if someone gets pissed enough they could do something to it like I had done before?  Am I expected to get rid of all my own car just so that these tenants can have a place to park? From the sound of it, this is what they expected us to do. How the property owners manage the parking area is up to them as it is their property. All tenants are required to complete a parking request form with the vehicle info and submit it to the office with the deposit in order to be assigned a parking space, which they have refused to do. All other tenants that were on the waiting list have now received parking and there is now no vacant spot left on site.  If they wish to get one, they have to follow procedures like other tenants to get one.

As you see from the papers sent with the application most of it is Mr. R’s personal opinions and suppositions over why I did my job the way I did. He seemed to think that I had total control over the building and in making decisions over procedures, but I did not. I was staff here and as such I have to follow the direction, and answer to, the property owners and the other various agencies that oversee apartment buildings. There are procedures in place from the Residential Tenancies Act that allow a landlord to look after his interests and as the owner of the property they should be able to do that. He speculates over what I have said and done as building staff here and questions every aspect of the way the building is operated and is trying to twist it with his suppositions into what he wants you to see. As you will notice in all the copies of emails and letters sent I am professional in my dealings with tenants and most times I actually quote the regulations I copy and paste directly from the written rules, as I prefer the rules and regulations of property management to speak for me, rather than use my own personal words. I also include websites where I get the info in case they wish to look at it themselves. Under the RTA, tenants have no say in how a building is managed and they have no right to tell the property owners what to do either but it seems from these papers that Mr. R believes that as a tenant he has a right to tell us to get contractors to his apartment when HE says they can come, that he has a right to tell us to take a parking spot away from a paying tenant just so they could use it and he complains about how the building is managed. As I have seen the past 2 years, if Mr. R doesn’t get his way with what he wants and how he wants it, he thinks that all he needs to do is make false accusations against someone and in doing so he is trying to hide his own culpability. Mr R is a guest of the legal tenant and as such he has no right to request anything from staff nor management. In the 2 years I have worked and lived here I have had some operational issues with other tenants, mostly over procedural issues like all requests to the office has to be in writing as some were just calling to request things like parking passes, maintenance in their apts, and other questions, but under the RentSafeTO all requests are to be in writing so we have a paper trail to show inspectors if they ask. All issues generally clear up once tenants are made aware of the rules and understand that I do NOT make them, but other agencies. My job is just to enforce them. In 2 years we only had one tenant vacate over the issue of not being able to park in Visitors. He refused to pay for parking and as a result he did receive a few parking tickets for parking in the Visitor’s area and chose to move instead.

I have worked in this industry for many years and have been trained in various aspects such as Health and Safety, WHMIS, Property Standards, and the Residential Tenancies Act. I was constantly upgrading my skills and reading the changes that have been implemented in the industry and we even were able to get the property standards up in the building to the point where we got a 72% from RentSafeTO last year. The property owners here as well as previous ones can tell you I am a rule based person as I believe the rules and regulations of the industry are there for the staff’s protection just as much as it is for tenants. I have spent the past year with Mr. R whistling as they go through the lobby daily when they saw the office door open just so that I would know it was them. I have had Mr. R going back and forth multiple time whenever he see any owners or staff sitting in the office. Why would he do that except as a way to bring attention to himself? I felt like he was going out of his way to let us know that he was still here and wanted to be seen, as he knew it caused aggravation.

To give you some background, I was involved in a house fire in Newfoundland in 1991 and as a result I broke both femurs and smashed both knees when I had to jump from 3rd floor as well as had various 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I spent 3 months in the hospital and 2 years of therapy to learn to walk again. At the time, I was a single parent with 2 young children, my daughter was 5 and my son was almost 3. While I was in the hospital, we arranged with a social worker for my 22 yr old brother to live with me for 2 years to look after the kids, as I would not be able to, which he did. I was also on Welfare at the time and was for many years so why the Rs think I had an issue with that I have no idea either. During those first couple of years I had various surgeries for issues with my legs. In 1993 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the fire with severe anxiety and depression and spent many years in counselling and on medications. By 1996, when I met and married my now husband, I was basically back to normal and had learned to control the symptoms of the PTSD. I still have issues with general anxiety over the years and depending on situation going on, I have had to seek help at times from doctors off and on for major stress and anxiety and go on medications to help me. I have also been dealing with Cancer of the Vulva since 1999 with my last surgery for that was Sept 2013 to have lesions removed and see my specialist yearly. I also have severe arthritis in both knees and am on waiting list for knee replacement since last December 2017 and was also told eventually hip replacement as well. I have Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower back as well as the cervical stenosis of C5-8 affecting my left shoulder, arm, and hand and Fibromyalgia. I have had high blood pressure since my early 20’s and have had to increase my meds for that as it has been extremely high this past year. I also have type 2 Diabetes.

My children are all grown now and on their own. My oldest child is now 32 yrs old, whom legally changed his name about 10 yrs ago to a male name and is transgender. He is now living in Newfoundland going to college and is a director of a Trans group for young teens. This child came to me when they were 15 yrs old and told me that they were having some issues with their sexual orientation and I helped them and supported them over the years ever since. This is my child and I accept and love him no matter how they want to live their lives. My other son is 30 and he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder when he was 4 yrs old and we went through many yrs of hard times with that one but he is now doing very well and living in Hamilton with his fiancée whom is from Chile. Do you really think I am a racist and have prejudices against other people if I am able to accept my own children?  I have always been proud of my open mind and my ability to accept others for who they are. I see people as individuals and as such, they have a right to their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

With the job of looking after apartment buildings, it can get very stressful with upset tenants, because as staff we could not control the how the building was managed as we take direction from the property owners or the property manager. As the direct contact for tenants, we do get the brunt of the tenant’s issues. It worked the same here as I still took direction from the property owners. As staff, I did not decide what fees to charge for parking or for vacant apartment up for rental. The rates are based on current markets and surrounding buildings in order to be competitive. Mr. & Ms. R were under the impression, by the application, that I was the property manager here but I was not, so I had no control over final decisions. There has been times over the past couple of years that I have gotten very upset with the property owners over their lack of response to these tenants and their constant emails to me, especially the ones sent to my personal email address for building stuff. I have also suggested that they should have responded to their letter sent Oct 2016, as I am sure if some response had been forthcoming, it wouldn’t have reached this point with them. By the lack of response by the owners, I feel that Mr. & Ms. R were given free reign to say and do what they wanted, as no one was saying anything against it. Even I was pressured by the owners not to respond to them so I wasn’t even able to speak up for myself against their accusations. owner just kept telling me to wait, as he was advised by the lawyer for the Divisional Appeal, David Strachin, to ignore them and their emails. Only do what is absolutely required, they said. I have various emails from owner telling me not to respond to their emails, even the one we received August 8, 2018 from AR requesting copies of her tenant file as she sent a email saying their Human Rights complaint was going forward.  This email was sent to the property owner’s emails as well as the office here AND my personal email again, even though I was not working here then. I have advised the property owners to post a notice that I am no longer working here and they have yet to do so, so when the Reads sent the emails about consolidating the files I responded that I do not want them consolidated and that I no longer work here as of July 4, 2018.  I feel that as their accusations come from an alleged meeting they say we had before I even moved in here, that this has nothing to do with Alto Properties Inc and its property owners, nor the other tenants. They just used that alleged meeting to show everyone else how very bad I am and has also spread their accusations to the property owners just because they didn’t get the result they wanted in Oct 18, 2016 when they sent that first 7 page letter. I believe they had hoped that their accusations would be believed and I would be fired back then. As I wasn’t fired, and there was no forthcoming favourable response to them from the property owners, they decided they were going to accuse them of the same they did me, racism and out to get them, especially when they were issued another N5 and had to go to a hearing at the LTB. It was only during this hearing and afterwards when they accuse the property owners of anything. Isn’t that just convenient as well?  It didn’t cross their minds that we took that letter we got in Oct 18, 2016 as them making up stories because they were upset over how things were being done with their apartment and having to gain entry. As I mentioned to the owners at the time, if this really happened as they say it did, why did it take so long before they said anything? I also feel that they issued that maintenance request August 22 2017, with only one repair item on there and not the others they had, to see what would happen and to give them another reason to get at me, as when I went to their apartment that day it gave Mr. R another chance to throw his accusations at me.  If the repairs were so important to them to be done, why didn’t they put everything on the maintenance request, especially the oven if it didn’t work, and allow us to get them done? He informed MLS of all the items needing repairs, why not the office? Also, even after MLS became involved, they still refused entry for repairs when it was able to be scheduled, as it wasn’t the times they wanted. So, I assume the repairs were not as important to them as trying to get me into trouble, as they had hoped would happen with MLS. I have never seen a work order from 303 that complains about oven not working, yet in these papers Ms. R accuses someone of transcribing a new work order and leaving out the oven, as she states it was on the first one given with the window. Yet, how did her signature get on there if someone else wrote it out to leave out the oven?

As a result of me quitting, they have decided to keep my husband here who still does the cleaning and maintenance but he also took over the cell phone and rentals so he a single building superintendent now. The Rs of 303 now will have to contact him for any issues. The owners here hired a property management company that started August 1, 2018 to take care of everything else. I have not been working here now for about a month and half and yet the rules of procedures have stayed the same for tenants and I know the property owners, hubby and the new management company won’t let the building go back to the way it was before we started here so 303 will not find that anything has changed now that I am gone, as they were hoping it would. They still have to pay for a parking spot if they want it and they are still going before Divisional Court in the next couple of months and will be evicted.

I have gotten so tired of their harassment of me as they feel they can say and do what they want to myself on paper and others. As for myself, I find it very hard to function on a daily basis as I am still in the grasp of the psychosis where I get negative thoughts in my head and they won’t get out. The panic attacks and severe anxiety makes it hard to live and after reading all these papers that came with this application I can say now with certainty that they are personally out to get me. When I go to leave the apartment I wonder who I will run into and what will they say, and it gets to the point where my anxiety is so bad I get physically sick and throw up. I have constant knots in my stomach, have a hard time making decisions and thinking straight. I cry all the time over the stupidest things. My son is living in Hamilton and recently moved but the thought of travelling that far by transit terrifies me as well visiting my Mother and niece with her 4 children in Brampton terrifies me. My other niece in Newmarket just had her first baby Aug 13 and I haven’t been able to go and see them either due to my anxiety. I have been spending my days in my nightgown, as I don’t bother getting dressed, and only leave my apt. when I absolutely have too. I haven’t been able to eat right and as a result have lost weight too. I have trouble sleeping so buy Sleepeze over the counter to help me sleep. I am on Paxil for the depression and anxiety, which was recently increased in dosage and am taking Coversyl for the high blood pressure. The doctor wanted me to go on more medications but due to lack of health coverage and funds I can’t afford them so have to do without. I am still waiting on CAMH as well. I have a hard time focusing on things, like doing this letter, which has taken me most of the week to do. My 72 yr old mother recently had an episode with her health and was rushed to the hospital and I could not get there due to my anxiety. I was a mess until I found out what it was and she is scheduled for gall bladder removal on Monday the 20th of Aug. She is going to be laid up for a few weeks and I don’t know if I will be able to get to see her due to the travel to get to Brampton by transit.

Before my psychotic break, I was having issues concentrating and with my memory, was very irritable and short tempered and feeling suicidal. When you are faced with constant accusations of being a racist and told you are wrong in what you do all the time when you are not, it eventually wears you down. I received emails from these people where they state I am pointless and ranting and they talk to other tenants about why I do my job the way I did as well as spread their lies that I am a racist. Being pressured by the owners not to defend myself with them and with other tenants throwing these accusations at me, didn’t help. I felt helpless to stop any of it and it got to the point where I was afraid to do or say anything. You eventually become so fearful and anxious over having someone get at you that you feel paralyzed and afraid. That’s how it was. There was even a point where the owner wanted me to send him every letter and notice I did before delivering it so he could approve it, as he was also getting paranoid as well over giving Mr. & Ms. R anything else for them to complain about.

As you read through these papers you see Mr. R speak of his opinions and that is all these papers are, his opinions and his own suppositions. He does not own this property, is only renting the apartment of #303 and he isn’t even on the application. He has the words, “it appears” everywhere as he voices his own opinions over how things are done the way they are. A perfect example of this is under January 8, 2018. This speculation of his is so off the actual reality and goes to show that he will come up with anything to try and make me look bad.

“( Referring to Document # 132, 133, 134 ) – So it appears that the Applicant and her husband have found what could be the more evidence for why Alto Properties Inc. owner, Alto Properties Inc. owner and Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy are so motivated to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building.

It appears that the cost of living on the same floor as the Applicant, and right next door has increased substantially from approximately $1,087.07 to $1,400. That is an increase of 23% in the cost of living here in the building overnight and after the new elevator was completed.

So it appears that Alto Properties Inc. owner, and his son Alto Properties Inc. owner motivation to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building so they can suddenly increase the rent by 23% for any new tenants that would occupy the unit.

It also appears that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy has another motivation to have the Applicant removed from the building, outside of her racist and prejudice views about her and her family. Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy wants to help make money for Alto Properties Inc. owner, and his son Alto Properties Inc. owner.

It appears that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy believes that if she keeps lining the owner’s pockets with new forms of income from around the building. That Alto Properties Inc. owner and his son Alto Properties Inc. owner will overlook her racist rants, prejudice behavior and deliberate attempts to inconvenience and stress out the Applicant and her family.

It appears that there might just be something to the Applicants claims that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy believes the money she brings in, the safer he job is with Alto Properties Inc. owner, and his son Alto Properties Inc. owner.”

From the words above it seems Mr. R was speculating over why the property owners kept me working here, pointing to the rise is rents and that I was making money for them. They don’t realize that if it wasn’t me doing that it would be someone else. I am not sure if you have noticed or not but Ontario, especially Toronto, has a very low vacancy rate and as a result ALL rents are rising. It has nothing to do with me and would be the same if I was here or not. We do what they call Market Surveys, which is checking all surrounding buildings comparable to ours to see what they rent their apartments for so we can have a range of what the market is looking for and we base our rents on that. It was not my decision, same with parking rental rates. I am now no longer working here and yet the rental rates have increased yet again so it shows the rates didn’t come from me. If I was so worried about keeping my job that I would resort to doing illegal things and lies, why did I quit? I quit because my mental health is more important to me than having income and a job that comes with a place to live.  I told the owners in my email when I quit that I would rather live in my broken car on the street than stay here and put up with more crap from 303 and the other tenants he got working with him. This job is not important enough to me to stay and put up with the constant accusations from Mr. & Ms. R. I had no fear of quitting, as I have done it before, and moved on. Jobs in this industry are easy to find, it’s just not so easy to find a decent management company, and I am very sure we could find a job making a lot more money than we do here. When we applied for this job, we were looking for a small quiet building that we could retire from when the time came. The workload was pretty easy, most of the tenants were great here, and it was something I could manage with my health issues. Since working here, both my husband and I have been offered other jobs with different management companies offering more salary than we make here, even offers health benefits,  but we turned them down as we liked the quietness here. When there is nothing coming from 303 the building is relatively quiet and it is what the tenants like here. As my doctor said, the chronic stress of waiting to see what Mr. & Ms. R would do or say next, or any other tenant, on top of the normal stress of the job and dealing with my health issues, it caused my mind to shut down and I broke and went into psychosis. As any person will tell you, the mind can only take so much stress and if it is long term your body tends to get into a state where the “flight or fight” response is always on, just waiting for something to happen that you need to react to and this is how I was while waiting for more accusations and threats to come from these tenants of #303.

What is Psychosis?

The word psychosis is used to describe conditions that affect the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with reality. When someone becomes ill in this way it is called a psychotic episode. During a period of psychosis, a person’s thoughts and perceptions are disturbed and the individual may have difficulty understanding what is real and what is not.  Symptoms of psychosis include delusions (false beliefs) and hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that others do not see or hear). Other symptoms include incoherent or nonsense speech, and behavior that is inappropriate for the situation. A person in a psychotic episode may also experience depression, anxiety, sleep problems, social withdrawal, lack of motivation, and difficulty functioning overall.

As this happened just over a month ago, I find I still have symptoms noted above and I am afraid of something else setting it off again, as Mr. & Ms. R have not stopped in their accusations.

As these words are in these papers everywhere, I can only assume they are his personal suppositions and as such has no relevance to how the property is operated, by anyone. As Mr. & Ms. R do not own any of the property here, not even the apartment they live in, and as such they have no right to tell staff nor property owners how it should be run but this is what they have been trying to do with all their remarks beginning with “it appears”.  They were evicted legally by the process of the Landlord and Tenant Board and they are using the false accusations against me of racism to cover the real reason they were evicted: the refusal of entry for repairs and for their confrontational behaviour with the staff and owners whenever we needed access to the apartment. They use an alleged conversation that they say we had before I moved in to work here as a basis for their allegations and these allegations are not true. Do anyone really think that if I a racist person that I would be able to live and work in such a diverse City as Toronto looking after apartment buildings and as long as I did without something being said before about it from someone else? Do you have any idea how many people from different countries I have met over the years and had as tenants, even some as really close friends, and even seen from different agencies and companies I deal with on a daily basis as part of my job? I am 52 yrs old and have never had any accusations like this before so it has been very traumatic to me. I have no intention of returning back to work as my health is too bad and I feel I can no longer handle the stress the job entails. I have lost my love for the industry and find myself getting very bitter over the treatment I have received from these tenants and some others here on the property, as well as the lack of support I received from the property owners when dealing with these issues.  I have gained a more paranoid outlook and it is not a comfortable position for me. I am also considering suing Mr. & Ms. R for defamation of character and harassment over what they did to me, as it is due to all their constant accusations and lies that I am now at this point and can no longer work.

I have supported my husband in staying here to live and work on his own and he has been very supportive of me in my position as well but if these incidents continue with these people in #303, I may have no choice than to leave whether my husband wants to or not as I know I won’t be able to manage taking on anything else mentally.

I have every confidence in the judicial system and I know that Mr. & Ms. R will lose their appeal when their case finally makes it to Divisional Court, as their rules of procedures only look at errors in law, and there were none. Mr. R admitted during the LTB hearing that they have refused entry to contractors numerous times and this is why they were evicted. This is why the Residential Tenancies Act has a provision for entry, even if a tenant is not at home, so that the landlord can look after their interests in keeping the apartment in good state of repair. Whether a tenant agrees with what the landlord is doing does not matter, as it is their right as the owner to enter an apartment for any reason they deem necessary. As Mr. & Ms. R do not like this provision, they had to come up with some way to mitigate it, which is the alleged accusations against me of racism that came 2 ½ months later to try and hide their own actions. They hope that their accusations of me and the property owners will get people so riled up that no one will care about what they did to get them into this position. From what I have read, Mr. & Ms. R think that the Divisional Court will override the eviction from the apartment and that they would be allowed to stay living here until they decide to move out, but even if the Judges agree with anything they say, they will still be evicted as no one will expect a property owner to keep tenants whom have been so disrespectful to them and the other tenants. The relationship between them and landlord is so broken that it cannot be fixed and they will have to leave as the owners aren’t going anywhere.

Over the past 2 years I have heard so many times from others that they are hoping to get me fired so the building can go back to the way it was, but what they don’t realize is that we were brought in 2 years ago because the staff that was here were not doing their job properly and following all the rules needed. Ms. R moved in here with the previous staff whom allowed tenants to do as they wish and didn’t clean the building.  It took my husband a week when we moved in to get the lobby cleaned properly as it was a mess of grime buildup on the window frames and in the corners. They also allowed tenants to access the supply room so they could take what items they wanted to repair their own issues in their apartments when they wanted so these tenants didn’t have to deal too much with entry and even when they did, they still refused them to enter as it wasn’t a convenient time for them. He admitted as much at the LTB hearing in Sept 26, 2017.

There was no meeting between us before I moved in here to work, it is just a lie they made up to try and cover their own actions. Yes, it really bothers me and I want all this exposed for the lies they are. Just because they don’t like how I did my work doesn’t give them the right to make up a story like this to try and blame others for their own actions.

Thank you,

Stella Reddy


303 – 859 Kennedy Road

Oct. 17, 2016

I am forwarding this email to inform you that I will not be allowing you access to my unit ( 303 ) on October 18, 2016 as you have request to once again look at replacing the window that you have not been able to fix since I first requested it in or about September 2015.

Once again you set the time and the date for your convince, and once again you failed to show up as scheduled.

In the future I will inform you when I will be able to allow you access to my unit regarding the window. As this is not an emergency issue, there is certainly no sense of urgency that would require it to be done immediately which would inconvenience me and family..

In regards to the fire inspection dated for October 19, 2016.

The previous super attendants have already performed this same fire inspection ( smoke detectors ) in or about June of 2016 changing the batteries. There is no absolutely no need for a second inspection in my unit within a 4 month time period.

I have given you access to my unit on 3 separate occasions already within the last month and half, and each time you have made no attempts to try and accommodate myself or my family in regards to the time and dates and if they worked for us or not.

Let us also not forget that you actually serve me an N5 form that you knew was deliberately false and misleading in an attempt to again bully/scare me into bowing down to your wants and needs.

It is also once again obvious that you are deliberately trying to in convince/bait myself and my family into getting a negative response in an attempt to try and build a case against me so you can try and have us removed through the court system like you did with unit #302.

It also again appears to me that you are also deliberately screwing up dates in hopes of again trying to get into my unit alone with someone being there. I am not sure what your fascination is with getting into my unit unattended?

If you are not happy with my decisions, that I have made in this email. You are more than welcome and within your rights to take this matter to landlord tenant board where I will supply all of your documents and evidence of yourself and owner trying to get me and my family out of the building.

I am too old to play these childish games with you Stella and owner, and as before, I will not play them with you. If anyone wants access to my unit for the bathroom, in which you started and did not finish since I first moved in back in June 2015. I will except a few dates to choose from, and I will choose from these same dates and times to let you know what works for me and my family.

Today you once again failed to follow up with your contracts to ensure that everything is in place for today. As my partner was a super attendant for many years, He has informed me that he has NEVER had ANY contractors or pest control cancel out on him on the same day they were to arrive. And yet conveniently it has happened to me and my family twice within a months’ time at the hands of Stella and owner.

Obviously you are not capable of, or just don’t care about what myself and family have planned for the week enough to following up with contractors and informing me in a properly, professional or even in a reasonable manner of any “sudden” changes. So from this date forward we will work together to ensure that things are done properly and respectfully of everyone schedules and rights.