How To Find Joy In Your Life!!

Finding joy in your life is so important! Even the smallest thing, like a flower, can help you feel joy, when you cultivate the ability to look at its wonder. Take a moment, find something you enjoy looking at, and focus on it and see its many facets of beauty and you will find yourself enjoying these things for yourself.

Living in such scenery as I have here in Newfoundland and Labrador has helped me greatly to cultivate these things into my life, as I can practice just by going outside!

Flowers in my yard
Flowers in my Yard!

Cultivating these things don’t happen automatically, nor is it an overnight process. It takes time to cultivate these traits, and it has taken me over a year to get to the point where it is automatic for me. My life has become so much happier as a result!

1) Optimism 

Optimism is something I have had for many years, though this situation did make me lose it there for a while, it did return. It is ingrained in me to try and find the good side of life! My life does get hard sometimes but I know after everything I already experienced, that I can get through it, a little battered, but in the end I will be okay. There are still so many wonderful experiences left for me to find joy in!

I have overcome so much in my life already, I know I can overcome more if I need to. I survived a house fire, I can survive being Bullied by Tenants in various domains they created. I survived Cancer for the past 24 years, and severe nerve pain from Stenosis since 2015, I can survive having my name put on the internet by these same Tenants. I can survive their attempts to name and shame me, as I know after all I have seen the past 7 years, their attempts get them nowhere!

They tried over the past 7 years and got nowhere so I know they will continue to get nowhere! 

I have had many life experiences that tried to take me out but didn’t, so I know I can survive a Smear Campaign created on the internet by past Tenants looking for revenge. I look at the fact that I am still here, still fighting to protect my name, from nasty smear campaigners, and I know I can keep going!

In the process of all I do, the most important is helping myself to live the best life I can with what I have!

2) Resilience

Resilience has grown in me from surviving all of my life experiences, as I refuse to give up on myself. I suffered greatly from the toxicity shown to me by these Toxic Tenants until I took it upon myself to learn all the nasty traits I was seeing. Understanding all the negative feelings I was having, and what caused them to come out, became the most important thing for me to understand. I had to change my mindset and went about doing that.

I used this situation to learn and grow personally. I educated myself, asked questions, and even went to professionals for their insights. I am learning something new every day that in the end will help protect myself and my life!

I gained an education on toxic people and narcissism and it has opened my eyes to the maliciousness of human nature so I don’t get so hurt and shocked when I see this type of behaviour from anyone else, not just these Tenants.

Just as I took it upon myself to learn about my many diagnoses so I could make more informed choices over my physical health, I learned about toxic people and their many traits and Smear Campaigns so I could make more informed choices over my mental health. Everything I have learned has shown me I have nothing to worry about!

3) Gratitude

I live in gratitude every day for all I have and all the people in my life. Once you see all the benefits you have, you tend to appreciate them more. 

I look around my surroundings every day and am grateful I am here. I am grateful I got away from Ontario and Smear Campaigners there trying to sic others after me for their false allegations. I am grateful I have my husband and my family and their support!

I am very grateful for my Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and its scenery that was here for me, and the people for the past 3 years who have shown me acceptance. I am also very grateful for other WordPress Bloggers who have supported me in my mental health recovery. Way too many things to name! Gratitude helps you appreciate all you have around you, even yourself!

4) Generosity

A few months after we moved back here, I did some volunteer work for the SPCA, which is where I found our cat, Hope. Giving back, even just to animals, made me feel good. Knowing I was making these cats’ lives just a bit better helped me feel better, which led to me getting out of my shell with people.

It is through this work that helped me reconnect with people, as many came looking to adopt a cat for themselves, and having conversations about the many cats there and their different personalities, helped me open up as well. It was hard, but I did it and no one came at me for the sites online in my name, I knew I was safe here. I still volunteer my time here and there and with the Fall coming I will be looking to do more.

5) Mindfulness

This practice was one of the hardest for me, but also one of the most rewarding once I got the hang of it. Living in the present moment, focusing on all around me and not on the thoughts in my head that were going on all the time, took a lot of practice. Accepting myself, my surroundings and the people within it, I came to see was more important if I wanted to LIVE!

Every time I focused on myself and the thoughts in my head, I missed having better experiences. I missed the scenery I was surrounded by and the people in my life and what they were going through. I missed out on so much by renumerating the smear campaign in my name, not on what was going on around me at that moment. I don’t want to miss any more!! I lost over 2 years to the life in my head, which was one that never materialized.

I was determined to find a way to get out of my head and live in the present and I found it by practicing mindfulness. Focusing on where I was, who I was with, and what was around me, helped me greatly to get out of my head and feel better mentally!

I still have strong emotions, but I accept them more these days for what they are and can release them, as I know it is just thoughts, not things that will come true. Since I opened up my mind to the present, I have experienced more joy, sometimes so much I cry with happiness.

I have experienced more positive thoughts and feelings this past year than I have in the past 7 years! It is glorious to me to feel happiness once again in my life!

It is through mindfulness that I can enjoy fishing, picking berries, walking, and even the act of washing dishes. I take in all the sights, sounds, and smells and it helps me appreciate all I see more. I live in the present, not the past.

6) Humor

If I didn’t find the many postings written by Toxic Tenants on funny, I know I wouldn’t feel as good as I do. Looking at their attempts to show familiarity with my personal life as they do, is funny to watch. 

Watching someone else trying to convince others they know my thoughts and motivations so accurately, is very funny to see! Whenever I saw “classic behaviour for Stella Reddy” I couldn’t help but laugh! How would they know anything when they don’t know me? They are just assuming these things and as a result, I find them funny!

Even their new words that I am “going crazy” are funny to me as it shows their complete lack of understanding.

If I was literally going crazy, their actions would be seen as the cause of that. The authorities know who the owner of those sites are so yes, I know if anything happens to me, they will go after them. Everyone knows what Bullying and Cyberbullying can do to a person.

No one else is Cyberbullying me, pretending to know me on such a familair level as they do, and making false allegations against me. No one else has gone out of their way to try and get others to hate me with them, or to sic these people at me for their many assumptions they have made about my character.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I have and use these things to help yourself and your mental well-being. These things have helped me on my journey of self-discovery and maintaining my joy of living my life!

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