How I Manage Trigger Days

Positive self-talk for triggers

Yay, I made it!! The trick to managing any trigger is to breathe through it and stay in the present. It is the best thing that works for me!

Deep breathe, hold to a count of 4, and slowly release it, as often as needed, until you feel your body relax...I did this a lot this morning.

I did my 15 minutes of gratitude mindfulness this morning at the hospital, while I waited for my name to be called. With one ear uncovered, I left my headphones on and listened to music instead.

I spent 2 1/2 hours there getting all the tests done and talking to the Nurse and anesthesiologist, then I took a few minutes to walk to the 4th floor where I will be for a couple of days afterwards. It has changed quite a bit from when I was there all those years ago, which is good.

Everything went fine, I breathed through it all, and I am all set for my operation on Monday. I even know what room I will be in…

While I was triggered, especially when I was told I would be in the hospital for 2 nights, not just the one, I was able to breathe through it. No panic attacks!! I sweated a bit, my blood pressure was up, but I managed to get it down enough to appease them. The Nurse made a note on my file about my PTSD and that the hospital is a trigger for me.

I had a great day yesterday shopping though! It was a beautiful day but too windy to be outside so I went to the Mall and bought some new clothes, and even got a couple of paperback books to read when I am laid up, Harlequin romances of course. Other than doing some laundry over the weekend, I am as ready as I will ever be.

Now to have a chat with my hubby about it all when he gets home from work. In some ways, I think he is more nervous about this surgery than I am! I feel bad that he is taking time off work, but I am glad he will be there with me. He grounds me and holds my hand through it all and is there when I wake up.

He will also be there to bring me home and I know he will look after me very well! He’ll take over most of everything until I am well enough to do it again.

You know what? I am strong, I am resilient, and I will get through anything life wants to throw at me. I am ready for Monday… Better yet, I am ready for the recovery!

My goal! In a few weeks, I will be back to walking the trails here around this beautiful city and sitting by the Ocean! I can’t wait!

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