No one has the right to make anyone feel this way, I don’t care who you are or what excuses you give!

There is never a good reason for emotional abuse!

Every person is wanted and loved by someone, their feelings and emotions are theirs to feel, and no one has the right to shame you for anything you do. Everyone makes mistakes and no one has the right to get at you for that!

They put you on the defence for a reason. As long as you are defending yourself, their actions are being ignored. Or so they believe!! Once the shock wears off, it is easy to see what they are doing. Shock at their words and actions don’t last forever and eventually, you are able to see their tactics very clearly.

I can do a lot of things right, I am wanted and loved by many people and my feelings and emotions are mine to have, and I am a very important person. I am worthy and I am enough!

I was picked on because these Toxic Tenants felt threatened by me and the changes I was making in procedures for the business of the rental property. You can see the evidence of that in the complaints they made!

I wouldn’t accept their cash rental payment because of my own personal safety, as I was attacked before for cash on-site on rent day, but they didn’t care.

They had gotten a letter from me about sitting on the washers and dryers in the laundry room, kicking the doors, and possibly causing damage to the machines.

I gave them Form N5 for refusing access for the change in date that they “okay” ed in a text message for pest control. They didn’t understand how that text response she gave me, was her permission to enter the next day, as they don’t want to do so.

I have my education now so never again will anyone else be able to do anything to try and make me feel the way they did during all this. No matter what anyone says, we all have the right to our own personal autonomy!

I am off now to take in the sights, sounds, and people of NL and go for a walk.

How Emotional Abuse Makes Victims Feel