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My Hope for my future will always be stronger than any fear I may feel.

I fight my fears, as I know how unreasonable they can be and how they can fool my mind. I have my sense of self back and no more Gaslighting will make me question anymore. I deserve to live my own life freely and not worry about strangers terrorizing me on the internet.

I have a right to rebuild my life, start over, move, make new friends and leave my old life behind. I can even pack up tomorrow and do it all over again if I so choose. That is what I have come to accept, it is my life to live and have the right to do what I feel I need to do. I live this life for me, not anyone else. 

Getting away from the fear caused by Bullies’ actions is not easy, it takes determination, time, and distance from the situation. Extensive counselling will help you see more clearly and teach you how to regulate your emotions.

I come to see that the broken version of me is not all I am, I can overcome my Trauma. I did it before, I can do it again! I can HEAL. 

I have Hope! Hope for my future and for gaining Peace of Mind! 

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