Hello, March 2024!

Hello, March 2024!

March represents the beginning of Spring! It doesn’t make much difference here as we sometimes get snow into May, but it still reminds me that it will be gone soon and I can go out more! March to me is a month of renewal!

March is going to be an exciting month, as I have a lot going on… Next week I see a spine surgeon for a consult on my back issues. I am excited to see this Doctor to see if he could help me maintain my mobility. Nothing worse than losing the ability to walk but I hope I can get some suggestions to keep me on my own 2 feet for longer…I am determined!

As I mentioned, I have spinal stenosis throughout my spine, with a slipped disc in my lumbar area, which makes me feel like I am walking in mud all the time. I walk any distance and my lower back seizes up and my legs get very heavy. My right knee has also been acting up…Stupid arthritis.

Not being able to walk very far for the past few months has been hard but it doesn’t stop me from going out. Going outside is good for my mental health, even if it’s just going out by the door! I know how important it is to keep moving and will do all I can to maintain my mobility.

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day and while NL celebrates this day quite a bit, it isn’t a holiday I celebrate, as it is the Anniversary of the house fire I had in 1991. It is a day I usually spend hiding away from the celebrations… lol I do celebrate the fact that I am still alive, still walking around on my own 2 feet though. It is 33 years this year! I live in gratitude every day that I survived all of that. Recovery was long and hard, especially mentally, but I did it. I was thinking of switching it up a bit this year and having a little celebration of my own.

March 27 is the show with Mary Walsh that I am so excited over! I can’t wait as I know it will be great fun! We all need a night of just fun once in a while and this is going to be epic for me. I am so glad I can go and enjoy something like this and hubby and I are going to make a night of it. Dinner and a Show and it is gonna be awesome!

I am also planning a trip this summer to the Mainland for a few weeks to visit family there and I am excited. Gonna buy my plane ticket after I get advice from the Doctor next week! I will be making multiple stops and one of them will be Toronto so I won’t share the dates in case the bullies decide to come at me while I am there…Either way, I am excited to see my family and see different places. I have been all over Canada but I get to visit a Province I have never been in yet!

It was something I have been thinking about for a while now and with my family at me to come visit before I am just not able to do it anymore, I decided to take the plunge. So I will be gone for about a month and I need to be sure it is something I can physically do.

Face your fears, right? March will give me more chances to do that and in all honesty, I don’t mind. The more I face my fears, the more resilience I gain! Nothing wrong with that!

I have a really good feeling that March is going to be a wonderful month for me and that I will finally get the resolution to the cyberbullying I have been fighting for all these years. All the feedback I have been getting from all the investigations that have been started recently has been great so far, so I am hopeful.

How is your month looking?

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