Harassment of others by posting on websites is what Toxic people do.

This is not part of my personal Story, only in that, I had to deal with these Adults and their entitled beliefs, they accuse you of being a liar and a racist person out of spite.  Same shit, just different people!

It’s important for people to see that these Toxic Adult Bullies are now creating a new Smear Campaign, this time against other individuals for revenge, using the same strategies as they used with me and others in the past few years.

They try to create fear within their Targets over the exposure of the situation, that is all, as they have no power otherwise. 

When you have a person who clearly states in writing that they want to make sure that people know it was “our family” that took them out, you know it is all about retribution. 

By making and posting this website, Toxic Tenants are imposing a burden or disadvantage on them by denying them a privilege, a benefit, or an opportunity, such as a fair procedural hearing with any Tribunal, let alone the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. 

With their history of sharing their grievances with other individuals so publicly on the internet in domains they create, they are discriminating against these Individuals and their place of business and trying to ruin any credibility they might have.

Accusing people of being liars is not part of the HRTO mandate…You have to have solid proof of racism and discrimination, not just claim people are lying, for HRTO. 

Claiming once again to be filing with Human Rights and sharing all the info on their websites, is all about creating fear of public exposure for their targets, hoping to “force” people into compliance with their wishes. 

We are currently putting together our documentation to submit to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), and we will be releasing all of it on this website to let the school’s parents and the general public know what is happening.

With their process of laying out their many unsubstantiated allegations online to the general public, they are attempting to create Bias against each individual named within and turn people against them before they even begin.

It is the same process they did to me with 859kennedyroad.com, stellareddy.com, davidstrashin.com, sjtomemberkevinlundy.com, and lorriereddy.com. I see no difference, even some of the wording is the same!!

It is an attempt to get out ahead and discredit everyone else before they even get a chance to speak. It is what KR does… Let them, as in the end, they won’t get anywhere as a person’s “beliefs” about another person’s motives are not accepted on their own. Allegations of racism and discrimination need to be proven, not just alleged. 

This sentence I copied from this site below, KR & AR are looking for validation.

They feel powerful in taking away someone else’s voice and having ONLY their opinions heard, no one else’s. That is all their sites are about!

We will do whatever it takes to not only to expose and destory their lies and racist behaviour by making these indivduals accountable. But to make sure they undersand and they know it was our family that did it!

While it is stressful seeing so much garbage online in your name put there by a stranger who does not know you, learn from my mistake and do not react!

Let them keep going and share all their insights on their domain’s content and use them to your own advantage later, as I have.

Time will show the truth, as it did for me. You have to find a way to laugh at it all, as in reality, what this Adult Bully has to say, doesn’t matter. They tell on themselves in the end. 

They don’t know you or your motives, no matter what they say so blatantly, as they do not know you. Nothing they will ever say will ever convince anyone any differently… Believe me, HRTO is very trained in weeding out these types of frivolous filers…These people have a history with this Tribunal and their names are well-known as vexatious litigants who filed various applications against many respondents and then ignored them!

While a person can claim to be filing applications against you, it doesn’t mean they will be accepted by the Tribunal. 

Adult Bullies leave a lot out of the situation. They removed the emails that they had shared showing where they tell their son to fight back but it is on the Wayback Machine… Only a Bully will do this website and the Change.org stuff before they even get to file with HRTO as they say they are… Talk about shooting yourself in the foot before you even start!


At that point, as M was clearly close enough, Eexii grabbed M by his hair, pulled him downwards, and then immediately let go.

E showed great discipline and chose not to strike M, even though he was present with the opportunity to do so.

Let me make this very clear, E will not be bullied by anyone in your school. E will defend himself with physical force at any time when he feels threatened with harm or is physically assaulted by a student.

E has every right under the law to react with physical force when confronted with potential or actual physical force.

Ko Ry, (which is also his Facebook name) the poster of this site and the Change.org petitions they started hoping to get people fired from their jobs with the school board and school itself, is clearly leaving out quite a bit of the narrative. It is what they do!

I did some research on Bullying in schools in Ontario and found the many changes they made in 2019 for this issue and they even added some courses about it. From what I understand, yes, bullying is very prevalent in schools but there are ways to manage it.

While it is hard to do, the trick is to NOT fight back, take the abuse and then report it to a teacher or to the office. By not fighting back, you are showing that you are the victim, not the perpetrator.

While it is hard to take abuse from other people, in order for the Bullying to stop, you can’t fight back, as it only escalates the issue. I know from experience, as I tried to fight back against my Bullies and the posts on stellareddy.com show the escalation from that.

I also find the use of the word “justification” a bit suspicious. It implies that they felt “justified” in doing something in return for something being done to them.

These parents promote that their child has every right to react with physical force when confronted with “potential” or actual physical force, they said so…That is not how to fix any issue…It just makes their child just as bad a Bully.

The Toxic Tenant Bullies I had for the past 6 1/2 years have managed to find new Targets to terrorize on domains they create online using the same tactics and strategies they used against me and it needs to be exposed for what they do before their antics damage someone else’s Mental Heath as it did mine.

To all of these Adult Bullies’ new targets, remain strong. The truth will come out. 



In order to share our experiences with what we believe to be inappropriate and discriminatory behaviour at Connaught Public School during the past two academic years, our family has developed this website.

Note that at the time of this conversation, C M, the form principal abruptly and unexpectedly retired after 3 months as principal and the then vice-principal, J R was afterwards rewarded by the DSBN and Warren Hoshizakia to become the new principal of Connaught Public School.

In light of this, we will outline each incident and show how our son was targeted with verbal hatered and physical assaults from  Caucasian students while attending a DSBN’s Connaught Public School.

We will detail every incident that led to the then-vice-principal J accusing a 12-year-old Black student/child who was unknown to her, innocent, and well-behaved of lying in an effort to save her own image and career.

We will also demonstrate how this same 12-year-old Black student/child homeroom teacher K M, has suddenly started labelling hjim a liar after a year later an effort to shield J R, from being held responsible for her actions.

We will also demonstrate how the DSBN, W Hand school trustee, M A G have taken every possible step to avoid dealing with the process of holding these indivduals accountable for their actions.

We wil go into great detail about the physical and verbal abuse that our son was subjected to from a variety of Caucasian classmates while also demonstrating how CM and the Connaught Public School personnel consistently ignored our son’s pleas for assistance and help.

Finally, in an effort to punish our child and our family for speaking out against the DSBN and all parties involved for their racist actions, we will demonstrate their attempts to single out our son and hold him back academically.

We are currently putting together our documentation to submit to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), and we will be releasing all of it on this website to let the school’s parents and the general public know what is happening.

We will publish everything that was said, done, and written by all parties involved because we no longer feel that we should be ashamed or embarrassed for bringing up this kind of behaviour in our public schools. This conduct only persists because the people who are affected by it are scared that it will have an impact on their children and their education.

They can no longer punish or retaliate against our son as we have resorted to home school him out of fear of future physical and mental abuse being directed towards our son.

We will do whatever it takes to not only to expose and destory their lies and racist behaviour by making these indivduals accountable. But to make sure they undersand and they know it was our family that did it!

Let the cards start falling where they may!

2. The Complaints Process: before a Formal Complaint is filed
What is discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act?
Discrimination is treating someone unfairly by imposing a burden or disadvantage on them or by denying them a privilege, a benefit or an opportunity for reasons related to one or more of their personal characteristics that are protected from discrimination by the Canadian Human Rights Act (Act).
The kinds of treatment that the Act says are unfair or create disadvantages are called “discriminatory practices”. The treatment only becomes a discriminatory practice when the unfairness or disadvantage is linked to one or more of the prohibited grounds of discrimination.
Discrimination can affect one individual. It can also affect many individuals that share the same protected characteristics.
Discrimination can happen even when there is no intent to discriminate. For a complaint to succeed, discrimination only needs to be part of what happened.
Discrimination is often subtle, and may be the result of biases that individuals may not even be aware they have. Biases, preferences and stereotypes related to prohibited grounds of discrimination can influence decisions, including the development and implementation of policies, practices and standards that adversely impact individuals or a group of individuals.

If you are harassed at your workplace Harassment can be a form of discrimination. It includes comments or actions that are known or should be known to be offensive, embarrassing, humiliating, demeaning or unwelcome. Generally, harassment is a behaviour that persists or continues over time. However, serious, one-time incidents could also be considered harassment.

What is harassment under the Canadian Human Rights Act?
Harassment is a form of discrimination. It includes any unwanted physical or verbal behaviour that offends or humiliates. Generally, harassment is a behaviour that persists or continues over time. However, serious, one-time incidents may also be considered harassment. Under the Canadian Human Rights Act (the Act), a complaint of harassment can only be successful if it is related to one or more prohibited grounds of discrimination.
Harassment is the kind of behaviour that demeans, humiliates, insults, intimidates or embarrasses someone based on one or more grounds of discrimination. Harassment can involve actions (e.g. touching, pushing), inappropriate comments, jokes, insults, name-calling, or displays (e.g. posters, cartoons). Harassment may come in the form of “good-natured” teasing or jokes but make a person feel embarrassed, hurt or angry.
Things like performance appraisals will not usually be considered harassment. One rude comment may not be harassment. The Commission does not have the mandate to accept complaints of bullying, psychological harassment or abuse of power unless they are linked to a prohibited ground of discrimination. The Commission does not have the mandate to accept complaints that an individual or organization caused a disability.
If you have a harassment complaint, it is very important to tell the Commission exactly what happened and how often. Provide as much detail as possible. For example,
instead of just saying that you were called racist or sexist names, tell the Commission exactly what words were used, how often they were used and any other details you can remember from each incident.