Fishing: A Very Relaxing Hobby!

Hubby and I went fishing yesterday at Long Pond. We do catch and release, as it is the fun of fishing I like and don’t eat them unless it is Rainbow Trout or Salmon. I am thinking about getting a license for Salmon Fishing this year though. Nothing like the taste of fresh Salmon from a BBQ!

I find fishing very relaxing… Standing there, taking in the scenery and all the sounds, is a wonderful way to ignore the world for a few hours and focus on Mother Nature. There is a lot to choose from here!

Fishing is a great hobby and you can go fishing just about anywhere without a license and there are quite a few ponds and lakes close to my home. One is even a few minutes walk away! I haven’t gone there yet, though this year I will.

I have greatly enjoyed learning about myself again this past year. Getting back some of the hobbies and interests I gave up over the years, like fishing, boating, hiking, photography, and writing has been very enjoyable for me. Living in Ontario, with the career I had, these interests were let go and I am glad I got them back.

I have also greatly enjoyed shopping for new clothes! No more black for me! I am having fun picking out things with bright colours and clothes that actually fit, not a size too big.

Went shopping at Old Navy the other day and got some T-shirts in yellow, mauve, and pink! I even got pink leggings! I love shopping at that store as they have a wonderful selection for me in my sizes. I’ve even bought make-up and perfumes!! My life is expanding to include so many things I didn’t know I missed!

I am having fun figuring out some of these things for myself over the past few months. The more I step back from the past and focus on the present, the better I feel and the more opportunities I see opening up all around me.

There are so many wonderful things out there to explore and I plan on doing just that this summer!

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