Find Your Place of Peace

I never knew how important a place was for mental health recovery. I didn’t know that where I was living would help me recover my sense of self until I came home and fully relaxed in my new environment.

When I first moved here to NL Sept 2020, I was still pretty skittish about crowds and going out around people. I live about 5 minute’s walk away from a grocery store, and a bunch of others, yet it was such production for me to go there. We all know what fear can do to your thought processes and mine were terrible. I hated the fears I had and I was determined to get past them.

Every day, I made myself walk. I walked just about everywhere, at first with my head down, looking at the ground, and every once in a while, I would look up to see where I was. It took a few months to go from walking by myself, with my head down, to walking around with a smile on my face, greeting people I come across and I walk now with my head up. So much so, that I slipped a few weeks ago and fell down!

I joined a walking group, joined a dart league even, as my fears of people and crowds turning on me, are all gone. I feel so comfortable living here, and am very secure in the knowledge that those smearing domains online no longer matter.

Since I came home, living among the beautiful scenery, and friendly people. I have found my genuine Peace. I am HOME!

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