February 8, 2023 Ramblings

I am feeling a little off today…but I live in hope it will work out!

I got a letter in the mail yesterday with an appointment next month to see a Spine Surgeon and I am scared, to be honest with you. This Doctor is my last hope to help me alleviate my nerve pain with the spinal stenosis I have.

As I mentioned before, I saw an Orthopedic Specialist a couple of years ago to discuss knee replacement surgery, as I do need it in both knees due to my joints deteriorating. (Do yourself a favour and try not to break any bones, as you will pay for it later in life!) Then I had to wait for a CT Scan on my back, which I had in March last year and saw him in July for the results.

The stenosis has progressed into my lumbar area and I have some bulging discs there too, with a slipped disc…. As a result, he won’t do the knee replacement as he stated my spine isn’t strong enough to support me in my recovery from the operation. He wouldn’t even send me for physiotherapy, said it wouldn’t help me. By the sound of his prognosis, I am a lost cause…That Doctor gave me no hope but I refuse to let it go…

He did refer me to this Spine Surgeon I see next month to get another assessment but he also said he doesn’t think anything can be done for me. How do I process that? I refuse to accept that, not yet. I do have hope that this Doctor can help me alleviate the nerve pain I have, as the medication I take isn’t cutting it anymore, even with the increase I got last month. There are a few options to relieve the pressure of pinched nerves of the spine and I have hope that there is one for me.

I sometimes feel sorry for myself, who doesn’t? But I can’t stay there, as life goes on. I will go see this doctor with an open mind, discuss my options and go from there. It is what I do with all my health issues…

Until then, I will deal with my anxiety by reminding myself this is a good thing. I will know by the time I walk out of the Clinic what my options are, and what they are not, and I will have definitive answers to what my future holds. I can manage this as I do everything, with an open mind and tons of optimism!

Is there anyone else dealing with this? I would love to hear your comments!

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