February 23, 2024 Ramblings

Hard to believe it is Friday already! This week has been up and down a bit but I learned something new, every day. I have had some wonderful conversations, and a couple of bad ones, but in the end, it was all good. I am still moving forward!

I learned this week that finally, all the shame and embarrassment I have felt over being a target of toxic adult bullies on the internet is all gone! I no longer hesitate to speak about the domains created by toxic tenants from my last workplace in ON to anyone anymore. I can talk to anyone now about this situation and not get emotional!

I had a great conversation with someone yesterday and he commented on how calm I was in explaining the situation, there were times I even laughed, and it made me think that maybe, I finally reached that point where their actions no longer affect me so emotionally. I didn’t get upset once and was able to speak from my heart.

It was a very productive conversation anyway and time will tell if any help comes but at least, once again, the word has been spread. One more company, and its workforce, are aware of the situation and once again I was told that it was easy to see what the bully’s intentions are. I gave them everything, including all the other websites they created that cyberbully others.

I have gained a lot of patience over the past few years!! I know it takes time to investigate things and as I want it to be done right, I don’t mind waiting. Good things are coming!!

I have done more behind-the-scenes work this week than I have in many months, but with each return of content on stellareddy.com, I seek more knowledge. If I can get these domains suspended all the better, but as long as I bring attention to them and their nasty content, I am content.

As with anything, time has a way of bringing about change. The more I speak to others about the cyberbullying being done in my name, the better I feel, whether the content is there or not. I can’t control what they do, but I can control how I look at what they do and I have decided to look at this more logically.

There is nothing they, or their websites, can do to me that wasn’t already done. I have experienced so many emotions over the past few years and worked through them, that there isn’t much left for me to feel. I don’t even feel surprised anymore when I do see new content, as I knew it would come. I trust myself again and the knowledge I have gained.

Acceptance of the situation was the key to releasing all those negative emotions and now I have finally done that. I will still complain, it is my name after all, but it isn’t my driving force anymore.

So, no more shame and embarrassment for me for being cyberbullied. No more anger or resentment. I won’t sink to their level these days and name and shame them, as really, they are not worth it. I will tell my truth until I don’t need to anymore.

I am getting towards the end of my recovery and it feels glorious!

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