Yes, there are times that you should fear the Smear Campaign of your name and character by another out of maliciousness. I was terrified for a long time that someone would believe their lies of racism and attack me.

By comparing me to Americans, who at the time were on display for their own actions that drew a lot of media attention, KR was trying to attract readers to his sites in hope that these people would also get interested in what he had to say. He hoped to attract readers who he could incite into action against me and all he named. It terrified me and took a lot to get out of that fear.

Fear is a tricky thing, isn’t it? It can control so much and getting away from that reaction is hard, but I have the determination to do it. I refuse to allow strangers to have any say in how I live out the rest of my life. I face my fears and deal with them until they are no more, and I move on to the next one…

I found this article yesterday and wanted to share it here, as it was my experience with Narcissistic Tenant Bullies. I did react at times that made me come across as a crazy person, but the difference with me was that I didn’t care about showing how crazy their actions were making me feel.

I am not ashamed that my mental health was affected, I am ashamed of the reactions of some of the people around me. I thought I would find support, but all I found were people wanting to bury their heads in the sand and pretend this was not going on, as they didn’t want to deal with it. I saw the aversion to conflict from so many people over this situation, and it surprised me, but not anymore. It is their choice and they have to live with it.

I don’t fear the Smear Campaign in my name online anymore, it’s time to let it go. It won’t do anything these days, Toxic Tenant Bullies have been exposed as the narrators of all these fantastical stories they have online.

You see that these people took me to the HRTO and see they ignored the Hearing in January 2020. Toxic Tenant Bullies had the last 6 years to try and prove their allegations and they never did, as there is nothing there to prove. They lied!

This is why I am living free of them and their false allegations, they never did prove anything claim they made against me. They made it all up to have something to attack me over.

If there was any truth to their allegations they would have proven them long before now, they had enough time. A Smear Campaign in a total LIE. It is a fabrication made up by the Narcissist mind to try and control the narrative, especially when they want to hide their own actions.

Toxic Tenant Bullies know if they can keep the spotlight on someone else with outrageous lies, they could hide what they did to cause it all in the first place!!

Narcissists engage you in their smear campaigns because while you may not want to be with that narcissist anymore, they don’t want you to be with others either. This suits them because they already have a lot of supporters and help with their fabricated stories to reduce your value.

It is very likely that you were on the receiving end of a smear campaign. It is unusual for people like us not to use such a campaign when dealing with a person who is the primary source of fuel.

The benefits of instigating a smear campaign are numerous and in fact, in many cases, a smear campaign is a necessary tool for maintaining appearance, fuel, and control. Since we are narcissistic creatures of the economy when it comes to spending our energies, we manage those manipulations that are most rewarding in terms of energy versus effectiveness.

Smear campaigns rank high on this list for the following five reasons.

  1. conviction

The smear campaign is being carried out in a disguised manner. It is done quickly, is mostly done without your knowledge and is influenced by us in a way that suggests our words are an undeniable truth. We are very good at persuading and portraying something as true and the truth when it is not. We will take advantage of some elements of your behaviour, some aspects of your actions, or things you said that people will recognize.

You may have drank once at a party and kept falling (it was a one-off and the fact that you hadn’t previously eaten the copious amounts of alcohol we had) helped but this forms the basis for creating a picture of your alcohol abuse.

You may be known for your emotional overreach, especially when you’re tired, and so the picture of you is painted as theatrical. Taking some of the germ of truth and then applying it out of context, exaggeration and magnification is a skill we use in creating a smear campaign.

“Yeah, I’m afraid I’ve come to an end with Jenny, her drinking is out of control. I’ve kept a lid on it so far for you, I didn’t want you to get upset, but I don’t know what to do. Do you remember that party at Jonathan? Yes, that’s right when you didn’t You can even sit down, this is a nightly event now.”

We speak with such conviction and confidence that people do not challenge what we say. People usually accept the truth of what they are told by others. This is a necessary social device because, on the contrary, nothing will be done if people are suspicious and question everyone’s motives and comments.

We play on this default setting and our confident and superior nature allows us to create a convincing smear campaign and thus ensure its effectiveness.

  1. Interface

Our carefully constructed facade of respect through which we are seen as good, reliable, dependable, and kind to the outside world provides us with serious support when undertaking a smear campaign.

In the same way that we point to evidence of your drink problem, tantrums, and need as the basis of a much larger and broader problem, we rely on having the constructed facade to prove that we’re not the problem.

How are we? Your friends, neighbours, and family look upon us as that generous, kind, and helpful man who should be a good husband and father. He always says hi, is polite, holds a good job, is seen in the community, etc. Creating the interface is not only important to us for fuel extraction; It’s an essential part of why our smear campaigns are so effective.

  1. You are not helping yourself

You fall into our trap with a lot of your behavior when you find out that you are being smeared. Instead of thinking about getting some of the independent and impartial evidence you provide in a calm and thoughtful way, allowing people to draw their own conclusions, you accuse you, repeatedly stating that

“It’s him, not me. Can’t you see him? You must be blind or stupid if you can’t.”

This will not love you to anyone. Nobody likes to be criticized. By limiting their ability to make a decision, you make them defensive and it becomes easier for them to make a decision that works in our favour.

Do they believe the quiet person who has presented like this in the last year or so who came to explain a problem to you and we need help to deal with it or do they believe the rolling eyes, the tear-stained, theatrical one who keeps protesting right? It’s not a difficult decision to make.

Of course, we encourage you to apply in this way with our consistent manipulative treatment of you. Moreover, we know it’s deeply offensive to be seen as something you’re not, and in your very confused and stressed state, you wouldn’t come close to denying smearing in a logical or constructive way.

This increases the effectiveness of what we do. To some extent, you prove our case to us.

You eat

Related to the above is the fact that when you start a smear campaign, you will most likely have experienced a prolonged period of devaluation that has affected you. You will be exhausted from our methods of keeping you from sleeping. You worry. You are very alert.

You cannot think properly because of the tiredness and gaslighting you were exposed to. Your confidence has diminished and your ability to think critically has been damaged.

The combination of all these diseases means that you are not qualified to fight the battle with us for the minds and hearts of those who are watching. We’re in at the beginning and you’ll always be up for an uphill battle with few resources you can count on. We will be removed from your support networks.

At best, this means that you can’t ask for help when you need it most. At worst, it results in the people you think you can count on, and on our side. The ineffectiveness of your ability to cope – which we caused – made our campaign more effective.

  1. Aversion to conflict

People do not like conflict. People hate it when they divorce a couple. It’s not about feeling sad because two people he loves are breaking up. Instead, it’s more about selfishness which means they have to choose one over the other and would rather not do it.

They want people to get along, and when we introduce to those who notice that we tried to make things work but you didn’t let it happen, the observers’ inherent desire for people to get along causes them to prejudge you. You have been identified as a troublemaker.

People have their own lives to lead and they want everything else around them to run smoothly. If you prevent this situation from being, it will cause those supposedly neutral watchers to stand by us and not want to do anything with you because you broke the peace.

Knowing that this is the case will of course make you interact more and become self-actualizing. Again, this background of other people’s mindsets has an impact on the effectiveness of our campaigns.