False Accusations Of Racism Against Stella Reddy


I have been putting off writing a post like this, but it’s time. Time for me to share my feelings about this. 

Kory & Allison Read, made False allegations of Racism against me, all because I was enforcing the rules of apartment living in Ontario. It became a nightmare that was hard to wake up from, but I finally gained back my own personal power this past year. They did apply to the Human Rights of Ontario, 2 years after they say I was racist towards them, but after 19 months of never producing any actual proof, they ignore the hearing held in January 2020..

I tried to gain access to the apartment they lived in, to get repairs done that were needed, from July 2016-till Aug 2017,and each and every time it was requested, we got emails telling us we were not getting access at the time requested, as it was “inconvenient” for them.

There was no racism. While I appreciate that they may have experienced it elsewhere, they did not from me.

This continued for over a year, till they gave a request for repairs, I gave them more time than I was required for Notice of Entry, and I was still refused, all while this Tenant was yelling accusations at me of being a “racist”, “bigot” and “out to get all black people out of the building”.

We filed with the Tribunal to mediate this issue, and they were evicted for their persistent refusals of access. My nightmare was the result of that eviction, as they took this false accusation, and ran with it. I learned they had Confirmation Bias, and went looking for “dirt” on each person that he could use to point you into thinking the same.

They continue, even to this day, almost 6 years later, in various domains on the internet, all geared to these False accusations of Racism they make. Now, it isn’t just me who faces these lies, but everyone who took part in their eviction. As these Tenants experienced a loss in a legal system, they made and posted more domains in people’s names, who took part.

Each individual got a personally titled domain posted on the internet, where the contents are geared towards trying to prove why these individuals are Liars, not even racist, just by the opinions of these Tenants, Kory & Allison Read. There is no legal determinations made telling you that what I did was racist towards them, not even that I lied. Kory & Allison Read just made their own, hoping you will ignore the legal decisions, and just believe them. It was a terrifying nightmare to be subject to such outlandish accusations. It played on my mind so badly, their words ended up going round and round in my head, like a rollercoaster. I am a “racist, a liar, a terrible person, don’t know how to do her job, don’t even know how to talk to people” All their insults and personal degradation of my very existence, got to my psyche very badly.

These Tenants made a False Accusation of Racism against me, in a letter we received by email on August 31, 2016. Very First Letter Filled with LIES Written by Kory Read & Allison Read To Bully Stella Reddy

I share some of the highlights below of this letter, and you can see where Allison Read is slowly convincing herself that it was about race.

In the beginning of this letter, Allison Read clearly states that SHE had a feeling I had a issue with her. As the letter progresses, this “feeling” she had, becomes a “conviction” that what she THOUGHT, was really true. You can see the progression of her thoughts here…

The impressions given in this letter, come from Kory & Allison Read, and you can see how she is trying to convince herself that what she thinks, are really facts to be believed to be true. 

It is these initial thoughts by these Tenants, that caused them to run with the False Allegations and they had a whole year to come up with more details of this imaginary meeting they claim we had. Up till the Hearing held in Sept 2017, I didn’t hear any details, other than thru rumors within the property by other tenants. One rumor I heard, was that I went up to them, while they were sitting down eating food, and asked them inappropriate questions, then at the hearing, it was said it occurred outside the restaurant. not inside.

Of course, they picked a restaurant that was long closed and the owners couldn’t find anything, as it was over a year later after they had closed down, when I went looking for evidence of at least even these Tenants being there, as I knew I wasn’t. Hubby and I never ate at that place, not even once. We had no reason to even go in that area of the City when there were places I could get the same things, closer to home.

I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had the strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me.

I am not sure why it is that suddenly everyone has taken such a sudden interest in trying to build a case on me and wanting me out of YOUR building. I am not sure if sudden on of you realized I was black, maybe someone realized that my children were mixed, or because I am on Social Assistance.

I mean it could very well be that because my partner is white and that inter-racial relationships are frowned upon by you 3 white people and is not tolerate or welcomed in YOUR building. But I do know that the problem starts with you, Stella. 

I don’t know if Louie and Antonio never had the nerve or courage to act upon their hatred for me and my family, and now that the old superintendents are gone and you’re in. Maybe now they have suddenly found themselves the MARTER that they can rally behind?

I think at this point in time, I need to clear the air of some misunderstanding the 3 of you have about me.

If anyone of you think that you are going to threaten and try to bully, force and intimidate me and my family to bow down to you and you deliberately inaccurate and false legal document.

You have totally fooled yourselves and miss read me.

Louie, Antonio and yourself ( Stella ) obviously thought I was just some dumb, uneducated NIGGER who was willing to bow to your servant ways and not challenge your actions in YOUR building. 

Let me inform you that Unit # 303 have nothing but pride in ourselves and we all stands very tall with our heads held high. We don’t bow or serve anyone!

So you can take your deliberately inaccurate and false N5 legal document and shove it up your ass, and I dare you to file it as is! 

The 3 of you have now taken your personal ideology towards myself, my family and our color and made it into a personal agenda to make mine and my family’s life as uncomfortable and as inconvenient as you can. 

I am happy to say and I am thankful that I was not raised with some much hatred in my heart towards other races. Hopefully one day you will find God and he will help you heal your feels towards others that don’t look like you.

I have some serious doubts that you Stella, have ever been a superintendent in any building. I would strong suggest to Louie and Antonio that they do a more thorough background check upon yourself as you have absolutely no idea about the Land Lord Tenant Act and how to interact properly with tenants.

Your attempt to try and bully/force tenants to remove their BBQs off their balconies, and to remove everything that is “none seasonal” , all the while again deliberately quoting misinformation and bylaws to try and reinforced your views and impose your will on all the tenants of this building.

It appears that me that your signature and pattern of deliberately lying and misquote wrong information to try and prove a point is constant.

Please do not respond to my email. I do not need for you to try and deny or even try and justify to me that you are not an undercover racist.

I do not need to know that you have black friends, or that you eat and love “Caribbean food” and that you have a “Black Person” in your family that you love or that there is Black in your bloodline. Because I really don’t care!

A. R


The link below, is to the Story about this young lady who was accused of racism at a Chipotle restaurant in the US. I saw this in 2018 when it first came out and it caused all sorts of issues for me.

The fear I felt was unbelievable. Kory Read played on those fears with his posts online, especially stellareddy.com. Every time there was something in the news about racism, Kory Read would take words from those stories and put them in his content, hoping his sites will be found in searches with those articles. Such words he added, was “Karen” “white supremacist” “anti-black racism”. His labels on me became more sophisticated over time, by taking words from current news articles, to try and bring more attention to his sites and his allegations of racism against me and others.

He even started adding other names to his posts, like Mark Meadows and Donald Trump, newsjacking with current news to try and get more attention to his websites and its nasty content. Come on, Donald Trump? He is always in the news, so of course Kory Read would find some way to use this man’s name within his content! With the climate at the time, from 2018, it felt like everywhere I looked, someone was being called a “racist” person, or I would see “Karen” everywhere.

Kory & Allison Read made these false accusations, to try and get ahead, hoping that people would get so up in arms, like they were elsewhere when accusations of racism was charged. How do you think this made me feel? I was terrified for my life! I watched the news during that couple of years, and watched all the statues being toppled down, all the physical assaults on people being accused of racism. It didn’t matter if there was no evidence, people were harmed anyway. While Kory Read was driving people to his sites by newsjacking, I was terrified that someone would believe his words, and do what he was inciting them to do, attack me.

We weren’t in the US, and it didn’t get as bad in Canada, but Toronto, where I was living? Yes, there was a lot of false allegations going around, even real ones, but people were always found guilty by the public, even without evidence. Even in my own neighbourhood, there were physical attacks on people.

I watched a young man being stabbed in early 2018, over on the corner across from the building I lived in. He was just standing on the corner, waiting to cross the street, and someone stopped at the stop sign, got out of his car, and stabbed this young man. That thought stayed in my head for a long time, as it was my biggest fear of what I could experience too.

Even a fellow blogger, Cherie White, who has a Anti-Bullying website, became a target of this Tenant, as this woman “liked” my posts on a paid site I had for 6 months. Kory Read took 3 pages to tear down this woman and her husband, claiming all sorts of things, once again showing his Confirmation Bias against others. All he went looking for was “dirt” not anything good. Always showing people in the worst possible light, sprinkled with his personal speculations and obnoxious questions, hoping to convince you with his logic.

False racism charges are hurtful and disrespectful, not to just the target either. Other family members of the target, are also severely hurt by these false allegations. My whole family was affected by this mess.

It is an affront to a person’s dignity and very life.

Only convincing objective data can lead to a compelling and defensible determination of racism, and only in accordance with Judicial Systems that have been specifically developed for that purpose. We had the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, where this should have went in the beginning, right from their first allegation in August 2016, not the internet and public opinion. You can imagine what happens to a person when they are accused of racism. Sometimes you will never recover. especially your sense of safety.

This statement is frequently used when falsely accusing someone else of being a racist, in order to get an advantage.” Kory & Allison Read used this charge of racism against me, as retribution for their eviction, hoping the very sensitive allegation would take the focus off of them, and onto me, instead. It worked, for awhile.

Once people saw they made these allegations months after they say it occured, is what saved me from being attacked by others. I was told that no one will ever accept that a person kept allegations of racism against a building staff member to themselves, for 2 1/2 months, and expect people to believe it.

When you look at their reactions throughout the Landlord and Tenant Board, Divisional Court, and Human Rights Tribunals of Ontario, they were very adamant that this was such a hurtful thing for them to experience and how bad it was on their children, yet, they managed to keep all of it to themselves for over 2 months and not say a word to anyone?

Then, it took a year before more details were heard about their allegation of some meeting, off site of the property at some restaurant where they say this conversation took place, and provides no evidence, not even that they were there?

It also took them 2 years to file an application with the proper Tribunal to adjudicate the situation! If you have valid reason to believe you are being discriminated against, you report it, immediately, not wait over 2 months, and not after there were issues over entry for repairs. Kinda suspicious for allegations to come out against me, after they got mad over getting a form for refusing access for pest control, isn’t it?

I have read that false allegations of racism, is regarded as a deceitful strategy to obtain favours or sympathies while casting doubt on the character of others. While Kory & Allison Read caused their own eviction, they are trying to cover up their actions by claiming I made them refuse access, as they “feared” me because they felt I was racist against them, due to effects on them from this “prior meeting” they claim we had.

You can see in the letter they sent, 2 1/2 months after they say this very hurtful “prior meeting” occurred, where they lay out their progression of thoughts on what they think is going on.

If a person is told that he is a racist, most people don’t think it is abuse, but it is when it is false. False accusations of racism can be equally damaging to the dignity, character, and status of people accused. Accusing me of racism, without giving proof and without following correct procedures to address it, was destructive to my life. No one wanted to deal with it in August 2016, except me, and I was pressured into ignoring their letter, and their allegations, for a whole year, till it came out again. I was Bullied into giving in to what others wanted, and I suffered for it.

Unfounded claims of racism, if allowed unchecked, will further split a society that is still struggling to come to grips with a past dominated by racial inequality. When baseless charges of racism are made, it can have a severe impact on those who are true victims of racism, as their accusations may be taken less seriously. For both employers and employees, racial harmony in the workplace is critical. Racist attitudes and behaviours among employees must be addressed. If such charges are unfounded, employers must respond with the same vigour as real instances of racism.”

Kory & Allison Read should only make such assertions, if they can back them up. He thought he could say something, and have it accepted without some sort of evidence, but it don’t work that way.  It simply means that such people should present some evidence to back up their statements. Kory & Allison Read had nothing, except for some fantasy prior meeting they claim we had, “sometime in June 2016” before I even moved in to live and work in that building, that they made up to have something to use against me for taking them to the LTB.

Their actions were very detrimental to my life, and my career as a Building Superintendent. As I already had PTSD, that I was good at maintaining, and other health issues, these lies caused severe issues with my mental health. My fear and anxiety became very extreme, to the point I was throwing up multiple times a day. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, for many months. I lost 86 pounds in less than a year.

I lost contact with some family members during this smear campaign. It wasn’t the only reason, but it played a part. I became someone else during these years of 2018-2020. I was so buried with HRTO for 19 months from June 2018-till the hearing in January 2020, and trying to stay sane to response to that, I lost ability to be there for anyone else, including myself. I was severely emotionally affected by the lies being written online in stellareddy.com. I became a ghost, trying to hide away in my apartment, jumping at every sound and knock on the door, terrified someone was coming to kill me.

Yes, I even got lost in psychosis from time to time, with hallucinations, some I remember, some I don’t. The first time I had psychosis was July 4-6. I woke up after those 2 days to find my computer and all my clothing, packed up, ready for me to move out. Seems I was so desperate to get out of that building and just AWAY from these nasty Tenants. I was even told I quit my job, by email, and ranted at the owners. I was sore, and bruised, seems I got really bad and my hubby to this day, has not told me everything I said and did during those 2 days.

I found myself on the phone, with the Mental Health Helpline, who directed me to the walkin clinic up the street to speak to a psychiatrist. I did and was referred to the Mental Health Clinic, also up the street.

My next time with psychosis, I do remember some if it. It was November 2018 and there were other family issues going on and I just couldn’t manage it with the Bullying. My hubby came home and found me in the bedroom, banging my head on the brink wall by the window, mumbling “get out”.

I was having hallucinations that beating my head on the wall, would get all the nasty words being written online about me, out of my head. It didn’t work, just gave me a mild concussion and broken blood vessels in my head. I looked horrific afterwards, with all these red lines running down my face. I didn’t break the skin in many places, so the blood was just underneath the skin, running in lines down my face. It was a suicide attempt. I thought that being dead would give me some peace.

I had other times of psychosis, mostly feeling that people were coming to kill me.

I was really scared, and that was the intent of Kory & Allison Read, to make me feel fear for their False allegations and newsjacking. One version of Stellareddy.com, even asked for anyone who had met me to contact them.

Sept 2018 they wrote, Are you a property owner who is looking for a Property Manager?​​

May 19, 2020 they wrote, also to get any professional legal advice on what can be done and If you have experienced any of this same type of behavior from these individuals or other Alto Properties employees please fee free to contact us at racism@stellareddy.com

Kory & Allison Read played on my fears, played on current news to try and keep me under control and stop me from defending myself. Every time I did try, over the years, Kory Read Bullies me trying to get me to take it down with his nasty comments online. It worked, for a long time but I finally came to my senses a couple of years ago and started to fight my way back, to myself.

I am here now, never again will the nasty judgements of another, get to me anymore. I allowed myself to be compromised and their words got into my head and played on my PTSD and I could not longer maintain the symptoms anymore. I had to fight my way back and find new ways of thinking. It has helped a great deal, so has my years of counselling.

Just about every week we see the same story. Someone takes a jittery smartphone video of a white person caught in the act of doing something that’s labeled racist. An army of online commentators mobilizes. The video goes viral. And the person in the video is publicly shamed, often losing a job or being ostracized by the community. His or her name becomes a hashtag for hate.

The circulation of these racist outrage videos is so common that they’ve become the online version of background noise. The social scientist Eugenia Siapera says they often trigger “ambient digital racism” – racially toxic online posts from ordinary people that are so commonplace they no longer shock.

I was terrified of becoming the next target, like this young woman was. Of being shamed, humiliated, and ostracised, for something I didn’t do. False Accusations of Racism, is very harmful, not just to the target, but society as a whole. It is becoming commonplace, and should not be.

Canada, where I live, should put in place Laws to protect people like me, something that targets can access to help them fight such false allegations being made and stop strangers from stealing my personal name for a domain title, where the contents are only there to put me down.

No One Person should be allowed to take such liberties with someone else’s personal life, like Kory Read did to me. If there was a easier way, I would have done it long ago.


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