Exposing Your Adult Bullies, Like Kory & Allison Read

Kory Read & Allison Read

Be Careful if you meet Kory & Allison Read! 

They are Smear Campaigners and Narcissistic Bullies, who create domains where they use the contents to smear and talk about other people, Anonymously! 

I am sharing my Story of being Bullied by these Narcissistic Tenants, as it is important to expose such severe Cyberbullying online. These Tenant made FALSE allegations of Racism against me.

They applied to judicial systems, and LOST, but proceeded to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner themselves with the content in their domains instead, as they didn’t agree with the released legal decisions. They couldn’t prove something that didn’t happen, but are making the accusations, anyway. Why? Revenge for being evicted! 

These Tenant stole my personal name to use in the title of a domain, and the content contains personal info they got during a legal process and took from social media. Every person assumes that any info given in any legal process, would be covered under Privacy Laws, but I guess not.

Be prepared, if you give any documentation in any legal proceedings, it could show up on the internet! 

I have limited options, here in Canada, to help me fight these actions in my name on the internet and get the very personal information these Tenants share, removed.  I have to have tons of money to put to Lawyers in a Civil Court case to get a court order to remove these domains, or I spend a fortune on the URDP process. Police won’t help you, as there is no criminal charges to be levied in the Criminal Code of Canada. At least, not yet!

If the day ever comes that stellareddy.com is in my possession, I will take down this site. Until then, My Story will remain online too!

I have noticed that some Countries are adopting a law on Coercion Control and I do know Canada is working on changing the laws here, but CyberBullying Laws need to be added too! No one should have to experience what I have by these Tenants. It is mind-blowing what Narcissists get away with! Eventually though, I do believe they get what they deserve. There are more ways people can suffer, than in the legal system.

I don’t care if Kory & Allison Read are ever criminally charged, I just want them exposed as the writers of stellareddy.com and the other sites, with its smearing contents. It is not their names to abuse this way!

What is Coercive Control?

Coercive control is a pattern of violent behaviour that seeks to take away a person’s freedom and to strip away their sense of self. The person using violence creates a world in which the person experiencing coercive control is constantly monitored and criticized; their every move is checked against an unpredictable, ever-changing, unknowable rule book.

The following types of behaviour are common examples of coercive control in my situation, especially the bottom one about publishing information about me,

  • Isolating the individual from their friends or family
  •  Monitoring a person via online communication tools or using spyware
  •  Monitoring their everyday activities and movements
  •  Repeatedly putting them down, humiliating them, calling them names, or telling them that they are worthless
  •  Threatening to harm or kill them or their children or their pets
  •  Threatening to publish information about them or to report them to the police or the authorities


From November 2017 to this day, these tenants have posted various websites online where they post their own legal determinations, as they didn’t agree with the ones released. They applied to Human Rights of Ontario in June 2018 and ignored the hearing set for Jan 2020, as they didn’t have any evidence of their false allegations, other than their own suspicions. They make them anyway…These acts need to be exposed for the terrible acts they are!

I do not care who Kory & Allison Read are, they have no right to steal my identity in this manner and post their vicious suspicions and nasty speculations on my personal life, on the internet like they have. It isn’t their place to do what they have done, to my personal name. They are downright mean and vicious in their suspicions they accuse me of, all based on their own speculations, not any evidence they have. I know 100%, they are LYING and I can prove it!

They make the claim I am stalking them, by looking at these websites they have online, but I don’t see their names in the title, nor in the content The title says stellareddy.com, not koryread.com! This is just one of the outlandish accusations they make! They show no common sense in their lies.

As I don’t have many resources available to me, I made and post on my own domain, in my own personal name, where I lay out their severe abuse they do online. There are always 2 sides to every Story, and this is mine. You can thank Kory Read for teaching me how to post a domain and not have it taken down, for free speech, as it is just what he does.

As these actions were done in my name, Stella Reddy, I have every right to expose the anonymous writers as Kory & Allison Read of St. Catharines, Ontario. Currently, they are located at #310-292 Oakdale Ave, Saint Catharines, ON L2P 3T3. Kory Read has a site online, http://playlearnhavefun.com, where he is trying to get a after school program going for children, in Hamilton Ontario, which isn’t far from St. Catherines.

Kory Read has many personal domains too besides the one above. They have koryread.com, allisonread.com, khiighetti.com, and eexii.com. They are all publicly posted on the internet for anyone to share!

That is one thing I have come to accept, anything on the internet, can be copied and shared, on any domain’s contents, unless it is copyrighted. All the info I found online about Kory & Allison Read, was already shared on the internet, even pictures of their children, so they can’t blame me for sharing this stuff, they made it available to use. Its that the same excuse they use? I had it there, so they took it to use themselves. No different. I have come to understand I can do the same to Kory & Allison Read that they have done to me. Quid Pro Quo, as they say. Why not? They shared my personal info they gained during HRTO, I share the personal info I gained on them from the same place, the same way.

When you are Bullied like this, and have little resources, sometimes, it takes exposing your Abusers to take your personal power back. It worked for me. It gives me great comfort to know my story is there to be found with their sites. I was shamed and humiliated into silence, not just by these Bullies, but I came to see I have nothing to be ashamed and humiliated of, I didn’t do this to myself, it was done to me. I have no need to hide and I refuse to do so.

They currently host their domains on a “parked” domain with Hostinger, who, like the rest, require a court order or police report, to remove these sites. Even though the contents clearly violate their own policies, as noted on their sites with “vulgar and malicious content” they won’t enforce it. Even the evidence that Kory Read once had this domain pointing to a Porn site, didn’t make a difference. No company cares what their customers do with their servers, as long as they are getting their money. Kory Read has quite a few domains, these and personal, so yes, he gives them a lot of money to keep these online. Money talks, as I have learned.

All of Kory & Allison Read’s domain contain the following to throw you off balance. He uses comparisons too!

What is narcissistic monologuing?

It’s quite a common narcissist tactic. The narcissistic monologue is also called circular conversation or word-salad, it’s when they keep talking about something, explaining it from a dozen angles, repeating their own sentences — thinking if they change the order of the same 20 words then it will mean something else.

Word-salad is a manipulation tactic to create confusion and distract you from the real matters that are going on in your lives. I noticed a pattern with it

  1. it happened when they were upset about something I said or did, but it was so ridiculously petty that they had to convince themselves and me that it’s a serious issue or
  2. it happened when I called them out on something obviously wrong, and with the circular conversation, they shifted the blame to me.

It’s very easy to get drawn into such nonsense conversation if you don’t know what to watch out for. But eventually, you will notice how it is always the same few thoughts that they probably took from you or from someone else.


I see this trait in the various, long-winded documents I have that were written by Kory & Allison Read. So much repetition and contradictions within, from one post to the next. Kory & Allison Read can’t seem to keep their facts straight. One post claims I had total control and the next, the property owners had the final say. This is the main intention though as they confuse and project so much to keep people off balance and defensive to hide their own actions.

They also use this to put the focus back on you. Whenever Kory Read was questioned on those domains, he would turn it around and make more accusations against me instead, putting the focus back on me rather than answer. As I always say, the Legal decisions are all you need. These rambling posts he does, don’t prove anything. Making implications, don’t either…

In the end, thay have no right, not in any way, to write about someone else, like they do, in domains in personal names of others. They applied to the proper tribunals, but didn’t like the results, so proceeded to make their own judgements, to hell with the laws! This is how they think, you don’t give me what I want, I will make your life so uncomfortable, until you do! It is all I see in their actions, revenge for evicting them. They made a professional situation, very personal, with their personal opinions on my personal life. My personal life had nothing to do with any of it!

I am entitled to Privacy and they totally invalidated that right.

Kory Read is not a Judge, trained in Human Rights Laws, to say with such conviction that anyone is racist. Nor is he a Doctor, trained in mental health and PTSD, yet, he acts like he is, in the contents in these sites. He makes determinations he has no right to make. 

Kory Read is not a Trained Professional and do not have the knowledge, nor the skills, to make such determinations against me.  Yet, he does it anyway and proudly, and boastfully, posts it all online, as a anonymous “administrator”, as he knows what he does, is wrong. Kory Read is afraid to show his name and ownership of these domains, but he gave it away…

Stella Reddy claims that she is currently mentally sick, but she was not mentally sick when getting our family evicted. Nope, Stella Reddy was of sound mind and strong will.

Only after filing with the Human Rights and creating this website did Stella Reddy start playing the pity boo-hoo card of I was not mentally in the right place. Very convenient it was.

Stella Reddy is a performer who puts on whatever face/mask is needed for the time. It is that plan, and it is that simple. This website drives her crazy because it exposes just that, her act.


He shows with these words that he owns these domains, and, he even admits he is aware that his actions affected my Mental Health and again, makes his own determinations, based on what? I am sorry my diagnoses was “inconvenient” to Kory Read and I am also so very sorry that he can’t see I am upset over that website because he STOLE my name for the title of it and he shares info he had no business sharing. I don’t care what he thinks he is “exposing” about me, he has no business “exposing” me, especially the way he does it. He is being a Bully.

Kory Read has totally violated personal boundaries and invades a person’s private life so maliciously with his suspicions. He don’t even know if what he writes is even true, he says it is, and provides nothing to prove it.

Kory Read feels he has a right to say whatever he wants too, as he feels he is entitled to it, and it don’t matter if he don’t have prove of his claims. I guess I can be the same then, hey? Kory Read has shown me anyone can make and post a website, in anyone’s name, where they write about anyone they want, and accuse them of outlandish things, and not a thing this person can do about it. I guess we will see. Lets see how Kory & Allison Read like having their names and personal info I gained during HRTO, shared on a domain on the internet.

As Kory Read violates my personal right to Privacy, I am also violating his right to personal privacy, by posting my own site, as it is the only resource I have to ensure that my side is noted to this mess they made.

I was denied Justice, as by ignoring the hearing with HRTO in January 2020, I was denied the right to defend myself against their lies, so I am doing it within this site. Kory Read went to the internet, I also went to the internet. At least I know my side of the Story is there to be found with theirs and people are welcome to make up their own minds. Kory Read thinks I am concerned over my reputation, in the beginning, I was, but not anymore. I got rid of my ego, it don’t serve me anymore.

Reputation is what other people think of you and I have no need to concern myself with any of that, I don’t care what other people think. My character, that was different, but in the end, I came to see that these Bullies are basing their interpretations of my character, on their skewed views filled with hate and resentment, so even if I did have any redeeming qualities, they would never admit it.

These people don’t know me. They were tenants, not involved in my personal life at all, and we had limited interactions in my professional life. They are basing their interpretations of my character on their own speculations, not facts they know. They don’t know my character and it shows in their content. How could they? Kory Read made it up all his lies, as time passed, and you can see the changes in all the various domains they have, on the Wayback Machine. With new info he gained, he twisted it with his personal views, to make it look totally different. Word Salad, as noted above…

Kory Read had no idea of what we had, personally, as there was no need for them to know.  A perfect example, Kory Read wrote out a fantasy story on stellareddy.com about me having 2 cars. http://web.archive.org/web/20211021074745/https://stellareddy.com/refused-to-give-interracial-couples-tenants-parking-spots-pt-1/

Now, Kory Read had no idea why I had my 2013 Nissan parked, the one I brought with me when I moved there, how could he? He prefers to fantasize on them instead, claiming to know how I got 2 cars and what I did with them. Kory Read wants you to think I am a stupid person with no common sense, that I would take money that I could use to get the Nissan on the road, and buy another car…. As the only driver in the household, kinda ridiculous for me to have 2 cars to use, isn’t it? But, Kory Read don’t know that either, does he? This is a perfect example that shows Kory Read has no idea about my personal life, he is just creating fantasies that don’t even come close to the truth!

I have always been free of any retribution from them, and I always will be, as they don’t have the influence to affect my life like they want too. Their words will never stop me from having friends, getting a job if I want too, or going anywhere to do anything, as I refuse to allow them to stop me. I face my fears and prove to myself I have no need to have them, as Kory Read can’t do a thing to me. I have been shown that over time, and see it with my own eyes. Words are only words, and they lost their power a long time ago. All I do now, is expose their lies for what they are and show these Tenants are Narcissistic Adult Bullies intent on revenge for being evicted.

I have gone through hell for almost 6 yrs, since August 2016, because of the Bullying by these Tenants and I spent most of that time, being quiet, trying to recover my mental health and learn to manage my PTSD all over again and deal with the depression, the anxieties, and the extreme fear I had. This past year, since I posted this domain, I have been fighting my way back and regaining my sense of self. I will continue for as long as I need to do so.

I am recovering….Since I started writing on this site, I have lost my fears…. and I am managing my symptoms. My education on Narcissism and Adult Bullies, Toxic people, CyberBullies, and Smear Campaigns, have helped me learn why they do what they do. My education has helped to make my symptoms, less severe. Once you learn, it makes more sense and easier to ignore.

Their antics don’t affect me emotionally anymore, I have recovered my self-esteem and know who I am. I am confident in myself again!

I am angry though, angry over the lack of resources available to me to help me get this stopped, and angry over the ease it was for them to steal my name and abuse it like they have. Domain companies, even hosting companies, need to be more careful over that. Eventually, there will be laws in place but until such time, I will share my story of how I am being Bullied online by Prior Tenants who are seeking retribution for their eviction from the apartment they lived in. I will always use my voice against injustice, like this!

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