Dreams do come true!

A few years ago I had a dream of the day when I could get up and know I have no concerns about the websites online in my name put there by a prior Tenant looking for revenge against me for their eviction from their apartment.

The day has finally come!! What is left online isn’t worth mentioning, to be honest, and I expect that too to disappear in time.

The antsy feeling is GONE! No more creepy crawlies for me! I sit here this morning in total relaxation knowing the end is finally coming for my nightmare!

The past couple of days has been quite emotional for me, as it is a great thing for me to slowly see all this stuff disappear from the internet put there by these Tenants.

WOW, is this really true? It was funny the past couple of days as every once in a while I would double-check the links to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, or that it wasn’t a glitch… I even used a different browser and even had other people look, to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I even checked this morning!!

They found another archive on Wednesday to link stellareddy.com to, but it was a dead page with the links going nowhere and the pictures aren’t even there. It disappeared too yesterday!

The Internet Archive has removed all links associated with the list of websites that contained my name as it breached their Copyright Policy. All URLs have been excluded from the Wayback Machine.

I got an email from them yesterday afternoon letting me know that they have all been removed and excluded from their servers and I cried, it was that much of a release. This was a big thing for me and I want to thank Niagara Regional Police for their help, as they too emailed the Internet Archive on my behalf.

I have learned quite a bit about the Internet and its various policies over the past few years. There was a time I never thought this day would come, but, here it is. So, yes, dreams do come true!

Sure, they could show up elsewhere, but I am sure I can get it removed again. It is my name after all, not theirs… The history of all of these domains is very easily accessed by any hosting company and they will see all the complaints that have been made about them, even to ICANN over the years.

It is true that some things cannot be removed from the internet and the history of a Domain is one such thing…

These domains have a terrible reputation now and this reputation will follow them on the internet, no matter where they go. The word has been spread far and wide, by me, to internet service providers about what these websites are about. They may still be registered for use by Toxic Tenants but after all their antics over the years with these websites and the many lies contained within the content that have since come to light, their time of being believed is long gone…

Change is inevitable and I am looking forward to this change! Living my life free of websites will take some time to get used to, I have habits I gained over time I need to break, the main one is writing about them! But I am determined so I know I will get there!!

In the meantime, I get to enjoy this feeling!!