Narcissist don't care about facts, they only care about feelings...their own feelings.

Narcissists don’t care about facts, they only care about feelings…their own feelings. You could show them a volume of facts and truths and they will scream that all that doesn’t matter because it is not “their truth” and they “feel” differently about the matter and how they feel is all that matters. They get easily offended and will claim that you hurt their feelings especially when you confront them on their bad behaviour. You will never convince them otherwise so I suggest that you don’t waste any time there, you will only be attacked with false accusations and smear campaigns.

My experience with Toxic Tenants has shown me that they don’t care about facts, they only care about their own “feelings”. Very First Letter Written To Bully Stella Reddy

It is very frustrating and not worth it to argue with them…Please, don’t make my mistake and “react” it will only make it harder on yourself!

They are too arrogant and nothing will get through! Look at the interaction we had on August 24, 2017, at the apartment door. That was total arrogance! Their statements of “You have been here all day and now want to show up at 3:30.”; “You could have easily called and asked if I could be there for 8 am?, but you didn’t. Instead you do this 2 to 5 shit and have me waiting around here all day” and “Before you left you could have come here. Instead you have me sit here all day waiting for you, thinking I have nothing else to do.”

The things said to me in this interaction is not a responsibility of my job to do, but yes, these Tenants were arrogant enough to think it was and they even had the nerve to say it to me!

These are the types of things that a narcissistic Toxic person will try to do to you, placing blame on you that you are not responsible for! Read on and see the arrogance in play for yourself!!

The very first letter I read from them had this sentence which told me they were attempting to turn their “feelings” into facts. AR claims she had the strange feeling that I had some kind of issue with her, and it is only later in the letter she tries to imply what she “feels” my issues with her are, trying to make them believable facts. I had a bad reaction to reading all that the first time!

Reading their narratives sometimes makes me think they believe they are mind-readers to write the things they claim I am thinking and doing so blatantly! It is very confusing! I would be sitting there reading their missives and be like WTF?

It is totally disrespectful to not allow me to speak for myself and to imply that everything I did or said, should be questionable, just because these Tenants “had a feeling”! No Matter How Careful You Are, Someone Will Always Twist Your Words!

As they wrote to HRTO that I share below, a lot of that situation was he said/she said a thing but I did have clear evidence I wasn’t at that restaurant on any day in June 2016, therefore their claim of that meeting is an outright lie. That is all I needed to accept and eventually, I did.

Once that lie was debunked, I knew it was only a matter of time before the rest came out too!

All the accusations they made later, like the Canada Post stuff, were all without merit so I knew they wouldn’t get anywhere, same with their claim that I had all those emails! It was their opinion that I did those things and nothing would come from the “general allegations of unfairness” they came up with!

It takes time to read and register all they wrote about me, all the various allegations they said I did based on their own speculations. They accused me of so much in their writings to HRTO, all without providing any evidence to prove it, and I know it takes time to understand what it is all about. They were also always telling the HRTO what they should consider too! In my extreme emotional state, I found I didn’t have the patience to wait for people to “see” what they were doing and in the process, I made it harder on myself.

I had to find a way to stop and while it was hard and I slipped up from time to time, I did manage to do that. I did it for my own mental health and well-being as I was seeing that reacting was only causing them to come at me more, as you could tell by the additions to filled with their attempts to change my reality. My Experience With Gaslighting Done by Toxic Adult Bullies

I had to learn to step back and not “react” and accept that they have a right to their opinions but I have every right to voice my displeasure over how they are voicing them. I stopped responding to their nasty missives during the last few months of HRTO, as I knew it was only making me worse. So if anything, learn from my mistakes!!

I do have a right to defend myself and inform anyone that and, are not made by me but by Tenants from my last workplace. Once I explain that to people, they generally know those sites were created out of spite and revenge for being evicted, especially when you take in the “Administrator” for the Author. They are Anonymous for a reason…

It was hard, and it still is at times, to control my emotional responses to reading their garbage, as I call it. Seeing all the degrading comments and outright attempts to turn their speculations into facts to be believed, is hard to see and not have any reaction inside my mind but I am getting there. I know it has to be done!!

Every day, it is easier to shut off my emotions when reading their missives as I remind myself they made it all up, they created a fictional Stella Reddy out of their nasty imaginations. Their websites don’t reflect who I am, as they don’t know who I am. I use their writings now to show the many Toxic Traits I had to learn about and fight off the effects of!

Now, when I see sentences like this quoted below, I know it is a projection of their own actions, as they instigated the whole situation with the letter they wrote on August 31, 2016, filled with their unsubstantiated allegations against me, trying to turn their “feelings” into facts!

How can you discredit the fact that I have proof of where I was every day in June 2016, even during the time they claim I was meeting with them at this restaurant? I asked them for a specific date of this alleged meeting and they refused, but they claimed to remember enough to quote what they allege I said. To me that is “very clear and obvious” but they will never acknowledge it.

it is very clear and obvious that there are throwing around a lot of accusations that can easily be discredited by us.

(Also note, there is no mention of any meeting at some restaurant, just about not accepting her rent on July 5, 2023.)

I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had the strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me. You asked inappropriate questions, at first you refused to accept my rent on the grounds that you “ were not comfortable “ with taking it, and then the excuse changed to it was “ a liability issue.” 

I mean it could very well be that because my partner is white and that inter-racial relationships are frowned upon by you 3 white people and is not tolerate or welcomed in YOUR building. But I do know that the problem starts with you, Stella

I have lived here for over a year without ANY issue and suddenly I am having issues with “owners” and yourself ( Stella ). You not wanting to accept my rent, threating me with eviction if I don’t pay my rent via cheques or money order, even after paying with cash since I moved in.

I don’t know if “owners”  never had the nerve or courage to act upon their hatred for me and my family, and now that the old superintendents are gone and you’re in. Maybe now they have suddenly found themselves the MARTER that they can rally behind? 

Seriously, the 3 of you give me an N5 form that threats me with evictions based on everyone knowing that the information that is to be provided is deliberately inaccurate and false. 

By threating to present this deliberately inaccurate and false legal document to the courts as a legal document, you would be acting in bad faith. The N5 that has been presented to me by “owners” and you ( Stella ) is at worse misleading. It certainly violates the basic standards of honesty in dealing with others and it would be recognize just as that in any civil lawsuit. 

Let us not even start to discuss the issue the serving me with this deliberately inaccurate and false legal document and how it was done purely to be spiteful and, to send me a message that I should not question the actions of the owners or staff of 859 Kennedy Road.

I now would like to address the issue of our past conversation Stella, where you ask my where I was “from?” 

I do not appreciate your ignorance and stereotypes in thinking that because I am black that I could not be born in Canada. I also do not appreciate you asking me if my children were “malado”. 

I did not think that I need to explain this to you Stella, but these are terms and questions that are no longer acceptable in society, and the fact that you felt comfortable enough with me to ask these questions after only speaking to me for a brief time. Says to me that you have some form of personal issue that need to be dealt with. 

I also found it offensive that you said that you have been an alleged superintendent for 16 years here in Canada. 

I am perplexed  as to why you felt the need to include the word “Canada” at the end of your sentence? 

I can only guess, were you trying to imply that because I am not white, that I could not have been in Canada for 16 years? 

Or is it that you feel that your 16 years in Canada makes you a better person and better qualified to be an alleged superintendent than someone who was a superintendent abroad?

Maybe you said it because you were an alleged superintendent in Canada for 16 years, so your opinion and views on being a superintendent have more weight and value over someone like myself who was born abroad?

All throughout the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario process, I would react to the missives they sent to them, as they triggered me and I see that now. Below, is one such reaction I sent to them. I learned my mistake and I know how hard it is, but it is needed to try and step back and not react to them as they will retaliate!

Mr. & Ms. R,

Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting all these papers together, as it made my job so much easier as I knew what documents to send that you did not, such as the website you made, the Facebook group postings you did, the divisional court appeal application, as well as my own documentation to prove my case. As you so kindly sent me your application you did June 4 I thought I would send you my response.

Please note I did send a 17 page response letter outlining my case as well as there is never enough space in these forms.

I requested that my case not be consolidated with the others, as my evidence I sent will prove with 100% accuracy that this alleged conversation that you say we had, before I even moved in to work here, are all lies. Once this original lie is exposed, the rest that came later, that you have based on this lie, will all be put in question. 

Your documentation that you sent also will prove my case, as there was no mention of any such prior meeting you alleged by any of you until AFTER all the issues with entry between August 2016 and October 2017 had happened. The letter sent October 18, 2016 where you made reference to a previous conversation where you state I talked about where you were from and you allege I kept bringing up Canada, but there was still no details of this alleged meeting. It was only a year later, once we filed the Form N5 with the LTB and got that hearing Sept 26, 2017 where you were legally evicted that we heard more details and in the application you made to the LTB that was later cancelled by you.

The main question for you that everyone will be asking: if this event was so traumatic for you and your family, as you state in this application that you sent 2 YEARS LATER, why did you wait 2 1/2 months to even mention it and why did it take you over a year to give details of this traumatic event? If this alleged conversation that you have used to later allege that I am a racist and have prejudices against you to anyone who would listen, why did you not call anyone and report this alleged conversation as soon as you saw me in the office July 1, 2016?

If this alleged event at this restaurant had actually happened and was so stressful for you and your family, why was nothing said or done by you as soon as you saw me in the building, not even later when all those issue with entry for repairs were happening? Why would you put your children and family through so much stress of seeing someone every day whom you alleged said such terrible things to you and your children?

During those months of when that letter was sent to the office, you had no issues being confrontational and aggressive with me over building procedures, like the BBQ and taking your cash payment for rent, as I have emails where you state what you are willing and not willing to do, so why not mention this alleged conversation during one of these times? Don’t you think this is very suspicious?

As I submitted to HRTO, these allegations were made up, and over time had more details added, to try and perfect this lie in an attempt to attack me for trying to enforce the regulations over entry to get repairs completed. I also submitted to HRTO that your assumptions that the I was making money for the property owners  is why they kept me here in my position and allowed me to do so many allegedly illegal things is also inaccurate, as I have quit my job as of July 4, 2018 and nothing has changed within the property. Rents on vacant units and parking has even gone up again! There are so many assumptions in these papers its crazy. The rules and regulations in place will remain and the property management the owners have hired are a lot more strict over these rules than I would ever be. As I explain to anyone who asks, I did not make up the rules, it was just my job to enforce them for tenants and property owners and all of the procedural actions you have in your papers can be easily proven. It has already been shown that my LTB forms were not “illegal” as you stated, as they got you evicted. As I continually quoted the rules on my letters and notices by copying and pasting them from the website, they can also be proven as legal, as it isn’t my words there nor my own opinions. I always said, I let the rules and regulations of various agencies we have to answer too speak for me as they are there for my protection just as much as it is for tenants.

By the way, as I no longer work for this company I no longer want to see anymore emails to the office, the property owners, nor the management with my name in it as I was informed that as I no longer work here, I am able to call the Toronto Police and have you charged with harassment as anything I now do or say from now on has nothing to do with the building nor the property owners and I no longer have any conflict of interest to worry about. The emails you have continued to send to my personal email address, even a month after I no longer worked here, will not look good for you either. It won’t matter that you didn’t know, it’s the fact of you sending work issues to my personal email address after me asking you not to do so numerous times. As it is my personal email that I have had for many years and not associated with the company, you had no right to use it for work related items.

I will still be here to watch you move out once your appeal is dismissed! Its getting close now as I say the appeal will be heard by end of Oct and I will be there in the court room as well as I don’t want to wait to hear the decision. I also assume the lawyer for the appeal will also request that the HRTO applications be dismissed, as you didn’t notify HRTO about the Divisional Court Appeal. Its will all be over soon!

Stella Reddy

322014-081918 August 19, 2018 Response to HRTO

This is their response…

—–Original Message—–

From: kr

Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2018 5:38 PM

Cc: Stella Reddy

Subject: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I, Allison Read and Kory Read

Good afternoon Mr.

I am reaching out to you in regards to a problem that my wife and I can foresee in regards to the next stage of our HRTO application.

We have repeated asked the respondents via email both “owners” and Stella Reddy for a complete copy of our tenant file from here at the building. We have also made the same request via an email to the new property manager who took over for Stella Reddy.

Despite “owners” and E claiming they wish to work in co-operation with everyone in the building. It appears that my wife and I are not afforded this same privilege, despite living here and paying our rent like everyone else. They have NEVER made any form of response in regards to our request; they have repeatedly ignored all of our email/attempts to get a copy of our tenant file.

The purpose of us requesting our file is for only  one reason. We wish to put a complete copy of our tenant file in the hands of the HRTO to prevent any further altering or creating of after the fact documents.

As there was no previous doubt before, and now with the responses of Stella Reddy, “owners”. It only continues to show that 1 or all of them specifically altered documents to cover up their own errors in this case.

The HRTO has to view the above named with skepticism as to why none of these above named individuals are willing to supply us, and the HRTO with a complete copy of our tenant file.

The HRTO can only consider that the above named individuals actions in refusing to give us copy of our tenant file to the HRTO, as an attempt not to pigeon-hole themselves into a situation where they can no longer create documentation to support their lies.

Reading Stella Reddy, “owners” response to our application, it is very clear and obvious that there are throwing around a lot of accusations that can easily be discredited by us.

All of their accusations are purely based on he said/she said evidence, which means they could later, after being confronted with the truth.

Altered and/or create some form of new paperwork forcing the HRTO to then determine who is telling the truth, based on these after the facts documents.

With a copy of our tenant file in the HTRO hands. It creates a situation where Stella Reddy, “owners” and E CAN’T NOT alter or create any new documentation when confronted with their unexplainable behaviour in our response.

It will also help the HRTO in determining who is telling the truth, if suddenly new allegations are made of fake documents arises, when these new documents are not in the HRTO possession.

With the HRTO having a copy of our tenant file in hand, it would most certainly prevent any form of bias being placed against us, with their deliberate and false statements and no supporting documentation to be made after the fact.

It will remove their ability to create any new documentation after hearing our response in an attempt to muddy the waters and discredit our claims against the above named. Hoping that a he said/she said situation would go in their favour.

Even after emailing the new property manager E with our request for our tenant file. It appears that he has also been instructed by Alto Properties Inc. owners not to respond to our emails or request as they previously did with Stella Reddy.

It appears that the “owners” have, as simple put by Stella Reddy. They “poisoned” him against us, without him ever meeting or interacting with us.

With the above said, we are more than willing to present our case in full, but to do it without having a complete and secure copy of our tenant file in the hands of the HRTO. It would certainly put us at a disadvantage, and would again like the Landlord Tenant Board; offer the above named an opportunity to once again manufacture after the facts documents that would cast doubt on our application and claims.

We would like to request, that you request a copy of our file on our behalf, or on the behalf of the HRTO, as to make sure that everything from this point will be on the up and up, and we can respond in full without any fear of there suddenly being, after the fact documents appearing after hearing our response.

If the HRTO does not or cannot request a copy of our tenant file. Then we are extremely limited on what we can respond to in regards to everyone’s responses, and by forcing us to presenting our case in full under this bias, it would allow the above name to get in cahoots and work in collaboration in an attempt to possibly create more fake documentation to cover up their actions and claims by us.