Don’t Pay Attention To Adult Tenant Bullies

Take Away its Power

Now for the next step of my rejeunivation plan!

I cancelled all the services I had to monitor these sites for changes! I will no longer be notified of any changes to any website or domain, like, that is owned by Adult Tenant Bullies. I am done looking at them, even done knowing whether they come back online and done knowing what they contain. I have no more interest in looking at these websites and I am no longer interested in what they have to say. No more attention will be paid to their online antics!

I have put protections in place to protect my name and tho I won’t be looking myself, I have someone searching for their use of my name online. I don’t need to be bothered with it, unless I need too!

Today is the day my compulsion ends of monitoring these smearing sites!,,,, and, are all gone and no longer relevant! These Bullies can keep trying to convince people, I know now it will never work. Kory Read is no one and has no influence, on anything in my life. I see that now. 

The content in this site was not reflective of me, as they are strangers to me. As the writer, the contents are a reflection of the them alone.

It's important to know when to stop arguing

They can’t write nor think for me, only for themselves! This bully is writing from his own warped views and his intense hate and resentment shines thru his writings. Kory Read is the really screwed up person here, still creating smear campaigns online out of spite and revenge, 5 yrs after they were evicted, still trying to hurt me and cause damage to my personal life! Even when there are so many legal documents showing they are lying and caused their own eviction, they still have to try and keep blaming other people, namely me. That alone has shown me their lack of responsibility and immaturity! I have no time for people like that, who don’t accept accountability for what they do. I have no need to pay them and their antics any more attention, so I won’t. Their time is done!

Kory Read don’t see that I caused my own isolation because of his antics, but now that I have learned, I am taking back my personal power and rebuilding my life! Even when these sites were still online, I managed to go out and make new friends, joined darts, even get offered a job! I managed to make and post my own site too and keep it online for the past year and have no intentions of deleting it! Making changes, yes, but no deletion! No more trying to shame me into taking it down as I no longer pay attention to their words!

I did all these things this past year and I proved to myself that I don’t need to worry about these websites being online so the hold these sites being online had over me, is now broken, as a result. 

I know I can do it. As the poster says, if you don’t like something take away it’s only power, which is my attention. They are gone right now and I will go on believing they are gone. Their opinions don’t count, so I won’t read them. Simple, isn’t it? 

I am tired of them actually. Tired of seeing the same old crap and false allegations, tired of the arrogance of their writing, like they have authority over me and what I do and have the power to question my actions, when they have done so much worse. I am tired of their hypocrisy! I have no reason to fear Adult Tenant Bullies, Kory & Allison Read. They are not the arbitrators of my worth and their opinions are worthless to my life and how I live it.

I started writing my book about my experience as a Building Superintendent living and working in Ontario from 2000 till I quit in 2018. I even found a publisher! It helps to have connections!! lol  I am even going to include a chapter at the end covering my husband’s job the past couple of years at that property on Kennedy Rd.

My book will highlight all the crap building staff had to put up with, not just from tenants but also from management. I hope you will come to understand why the Ministry of Labour has been trying since 2018 to make changes to the employment standards for these positions, so far with no luck! Living where you work, creates a lot of challenges in creating rules of employment. But, something does need to be done to make the position more safe for people to do. No one should have to worry about being attacked like I was, by Tenant Bullies!!

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