Don’t Own What Others Think Of You

This poster by Scott Stabile I found on Pinterest portrays the truth for each of us. When others speak of you, whether online in personally titled domains, someone in your workplace, or even a friend, it doesn’t represent the truth of who we are, it just represents how they see us. That is on them, as they are choosing to think that way.

Each person is responsible for their own thoughts and how they express them. Others prefer to focus on the person, while I prefer the behaviours the person is showing me, as that is where I learn the most. People come and go, just like Tenants did in my career, but behaviours and what you learn from them, are lessons that stay with you.

In the beginning, I chose to make this site to share my truth of being bullied in the workplace, so it could be found with the site they created, also in my name. it made me feel safe. Over time, my reasons have evolved, as I healed my mental health and became more aligned with my true self. I share all the things that helped me get to this point, partly to help others but also to get it out of my system. I have grown as a person through this experience.

This journey has been very cathartic for me. Writing on this website daily has helped me release all the angst I have felt the past few years until there is nothing left anymore. Whatever makes me, me, is something to celebrate not be ashamed of or feel less than on account of. My job is to work at loving myself, I am just right, as I am. I chose to evolve and grow as a person, not only for myself but for the people I care about.

I want peace in my retirement and to live my life without having to worry about someone attacking me for words written by another and I finally feel I can do that. If they want to keep beating their old worn-out narratives into the ground, they are welcome to it. No one accepts what they write, the past few years have shown me that. I have more important things now to think about, such as my health and the surgery I have coming.

You can’t get away from toxic people. They believe it is their mission to spread their personal opinions about other people to the masses but one thing I have learned in my own experience is that I don’t need to care. Their truth isn’t my truth and what they think about me, doesn’t matter. They don’t count and have no place in my life anymore.

I have grown beyond this story and time to create a new one!

Changes are coming!!

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