Dirty Tricks Done By Adult Bullies!

Stay Away from Bullies

Once more, these Adult Tenant Bullies show their true colors in their writings.

Definition of dirty tricks

: underhanded stratagems for obtaining secret information about or sabotaging an enemy or for discrediting an opponent (as in politics)

Dirty tricks done by Adult Tenant Bullies are sometimes hard for me to notice as my mind don’t think that way and I don’t see it in their words. It takes someone else sometimes to point these things out to me that they do. I have learned that we understand to our own level of thinking and I didn’t really see the level of abuse perpetrated within this new stellareddy.com once again. I know, it is gone, but I just do not trust it, or them. As long as the sites are still registered, they still exist, whether online or not. No matter what these Bullies say, they were never “gone” like they claim, just not hosted anymore! Words like that is why I will never trust them, as they lie so easily.

Now, I know these Bullies tried this dirty trick before and I didn’t really notice the significance of it, till now. Why do Kory & Allison Read try to sabotage my marriage?

What is the point of even writing this garbage? Is it out of jealousy because I have such a loving and supportive husband, who is there for me? Is this page just more projection, and this is his life and he is the one stepping out? I would really like to know what my marriage has to do with anything they accuse me of? I truly do not understand why they do these things and I don’t think I ever will. I am glad for that to be honest.

Do Kory Read really think HIS written words as anonymous administrator on a domain in his wife’s personal name, would have any influence on my husband? Did it ever? Believe me, my husband sees Kory & Allison Read a lot clearer than I do and he has never been affected by anything they have done. I wish sometimes I had his level of understanding of the nastiness that others can do, then I wouldn’t be so hurt by their actions. I am very confident in my husband and my marriage of almost 26 years and nothing this Adult Tenant Bully will ever do will sabotage that. He is a idiot for trying to be honest, and it shows just how low this Bully will go to get his revenge on me, hey?

These are dirty tricks Adult Bullies will do to you. I am trying to learn their tricks so I know what to look for, as their comments written do tend to cut deep, like they intend it to do. The dirty speculations being made within this text is a sight to see, to be honest. First, Kory Read implies I don’t have time for my husband, due to all the time I spend on my sites, then he claims I am not getting attention at home so I must be getting it elsewhere. How does that work?

I would like to point out, it was Kory Read who first posted a domain online as 859kennedyroad went live November 2, 2017. What was that, if not a cry for attention?

Yes, their hypocrisy gets on my nerves, it is so blatant! I don’t get upset by their words anymore, I get mad and want to show their tactics in play within.

As for his comments of not working cause people wouldn’t hire me? Actually, I was offered a job, as Property Administrator for a Property Management company here back in September. If it was part time, I would have taken it to help get my confidence up a bit but with my mobility issues, I decided not to do it, even though it was just 5 minutes away from where I live. The stellareddy.com site was still online back then and I did discuss it with the manager in my interview there, and they laughed it off. They know what past tenants can be like!

Based on this experience, I know that if I want to work, I can find a job. I am even debating about getting a part time one once my ankle heals, to give me a purpose and something to do. We don’t need the money, but I know it will help my self-esteem and confidence in myself, especially after all the Bullying from these people. Maybe I might go back to volunteering. I proved to MYSELF that I can get any job I am qualified for, if I want too.

This is Triangulation, trying to pit my husband against me once again with his propaganda over my marriage. That is all it is, propaganda. Trying to influence public opinion. It is all Kory Read does with his nasty speculations over my every word and movement on all his domains, especially stellareddy.com. Pure Propaganda!

What is a propaganda meaning?
Propaganda is the dissemination of information—facts, arguments, rumours, half-truths, or lies—to influence public opinion. Deliberateness and a relatively heavy emphasis on manipulation distinguish propaganda from casual conversation or the free and easy exchange of ideas.

Yes, these things are very hurtful, just as they intend them to be. I hurt these days not due to the words, but due to the fact that people can be so mean. I am still shocked at the depravity shown by another person. Its been over 5 yrs since they started and everything they tried to affect my life, has mostly failed, but they still keep going. Yes, it did bother me in the past very badly, but now it is just sad. Nothing changes, the false accusations are always the same, the tricks are always the same, there will never be any accountability from them, for anything they did. They always want to blame me for their troubles. Picking on other people just show the world who they are!

Nothing just never changes, their behaviour is always the same! They are becoming predictable in their personal attacks of me and my life! It is becoming something to laugh at these days!

Kory Read is very deliberate with his words in all his content and you can see the manipulation he is doing. It isn’t hard to miss these days, as they have become very open with their Bullying, though still trying to hide their names. Yes, this also shows they are still stalking me online, otherwise, how would he know when I posted if he didn’t look?

I share a screenshot below I got of some of the content on the page 20 they had online, that is now gone. It don’t even go to the porn site anymore either, thankfully! I don’t mind, but really?

These are really dirty tricks being played by Narcissistic Adult Tenant Bullies against me in their Smear Campaign online within various domains, not just stellareddy.com. This is very Toxic words and behaviours from these Adult Bullies!


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