December 28, 2023 Ramblings

The in-between week of Christmas and New Year’s Day is anticlimactic for me. You start to relax from all the shopping, preparations, and socializing over the days of Christmas only to get hyped up about New Year’s Day and the dawn of a brand new year.

I do love the Boxing Day sales though and I am heading out later to see what I can find!

I find I don’t get hyped up much over a brand-new year anymore, not like I used to. As a retired person, my days don’t change as I have no obligations to uphold anymore. One day goes right into the next and the only reason I know of the weekend is because hubby is home with me… lol

To me, every day is a new day and I am thankful to get them.

I have made no real big plans for 2024. I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions in decades… I just strive to learn more every day and to be better than I was yesterday. You don’t know something, till you know, so I intend on learning all I can, not just on toxic traits either. I find I want to follow more positive pursuits! I look for uplifting things these days rather than negative ones.

I have been playing around with AI lately and the ChatGPT and find that awesome. Technology has always been my thing, learning how it works. I have always been fascinated by computers since I got my first one in 1996, an old 486 as I called it. This is the first Christmas in a long time I didn’t get any technology for a Christmas present. I asked everyone not to, as I already have more than I need.

Usually, in the new year, I would format my computer and it feels like a brand new machine…I save everything to my external hard drive anyway so starting over on a formatted hard drive isn’t hard. I didn’t do it last year so it is due…I enjoy the process, to be honest, even reinstalling software is a pleasure for me. I like getting my computer set up the way I want it.

I also have quite a collection of books to read, some upbeat and some not so much. I have been buying up books left and right if the topic speaks to me and I am looking forward to reading, or listening, to them. I will read them all in time, there isn’t any rush. I look forward to getting more educated.

I don’t rush for much at all anymore, I find there is no need for it. I do what I can, however I can, and accept that I can’t do it all.

My mobility these days is terrible and I have had to accept that I can’t do as much as I would like and there is no sense beating myself up over it. Rather than go out 3 to 4 times a week I accept now that I can only do maybe once or twice instead. If I have housework to do, I concentrate on that rather than going out. Besides, if I need fresh air and to be out in nature, I have my own backyard which isn’t far at all. I even go in the yard in my PJs, just to get some air!

I am looking forward to a brand new year where I can expand my mind and learn something new, not just about others but also about myself.

Education is the key to understanding!

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