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I have been a target of Cyberbullying. This is the first term I learned about in 2018 when I started Googling their behaviours to find out what they were doing to me. I wanted to learn as much as possible about it. The more you know, the better informed you are!

It is a form of psychological torture! The Bully wants me to be humiliated by his words of accusations, especially on such a sensitive topic as racism. He wanted me with my tail between my legs, hiding out in shame of the charges they level at me. What they don’t realize is that yes, if their allegations were true, I would feel shame and hide away but as I know they are lying, I refuse to hide. It is only the GUILTY who can be shamed into silence, not a target of lies and deception. 

Adult Tenant Bullies were using the internet to triangulate me with the world! These Bullies were trying to get out ahead with their smearing, hoping to discredit the truth when it is revealed. If you look at the words within this domain, you will notice they never mention WHY they were taken to the Tribunal. They totally refuse to acknowledge that their act of refusing access was breaking the rules, so refused to talk about it. They did include the total audio of the hearing there tho where you can hear it all for yourself. They also included the Order of Eviction, where it is written there.  This website is where I noticed their arrogance the first time.

They were deliberate in their actionsKory Read’s First Domain:

They created a website where they did everything possible to “shame” me. It is filled with threats and harassment and public humiliation, all the components of Cyberbullying. It has been very repetitious, as it has continued online since November 2, 2017 with The rest followed with each legal loss they experienced. They still continue, as they recently put them all back online!

Adult Tenant Bullies follow the guidelines noted below. There is no doubt anymore that they are Cyberbullies

Yes, there was a time I too became a CyberBully, with my various angry free sites in the past. Even this one in the beginning was filled with anger and blame towards them. It has changed the past few months to reflect my recovery and what  have learned to keep me sane. The one I did, of Kory Read’s Confession, was the worst one I did myself in Sept 2019. I was so angry, I wanted them to feel some of the pain I did, with having personal info about them online. All it did was give them more fodder to attack me over within, which was online by that time for a few months. They twisted everything! It became very frustrating and I had to stop.

Yes, most of the articles I read, and even some counselling I have, told me to try and ignore my Bullies. I tried that, quite a few times. Towards the end of 2019 and the HRTO process, I stopped reading their almost daily missives filled with more accusations. I also received 4, Form 10’s from them, filled with various demands for info from HRTO and I didn’t read them till recently. I wrote them, and HRTO, that I was no long reading their garbage. It was becoming too much and I had enough.

Sent: October 13, 2019 2:12 PM
To: HRTO Registar 
Cc:; ‘’ <>

Attn: Registrar

I will not be responding to these form 10’s with any form 11,’s as per procedures as it is a waste of time. These forms have not been used as they were intended for one thing and the requests in them are totally frivolous and without merit. These forms have also been sent to your office against the CAD we all received May 31, 2019 and they should be dealt with as stated in there. These are vexatious applications to your office over very frivolous items.

#1, is about a file that has been closed since May 2018. I will say I don’t know where Kory Read got this info as I never asked for that. Must be one of his fantasies.

#2 – Once again Kory Read don’t see the hypocrisy in his statements. Kory Read claim that there were secret emails/meeting yet he provides proof of his own secret emails to your office that I have no knowledge of in #4 of these forms.

#3 is way, way past time, like 5 months too late. Kory Read had 6 MONTHS to speak to any free clinic about these items and he chose not too. Not only that, he has the hearing date as Jan 2021. Also, calling member Kevin Lundy racist? I didn’t know he was a respondent in these proceedings.

#4 this is the form showing that Kory Read himself has sent secret emails to the HRTO and proves his hypocrisy.

On that date, I had 2 police officers show up at my apt. to do a “welfare check” they call it based on a call they received from someone at HRTO. As it was a personal decision this staff member took, I understand why there is no record of it and there really was no need to do so. It was a personal decision this person made why Kory Read has such an issue with it, I do not understand. It is well know throughout these proceedings that I have been mentally compromised due to the stress caused by the bullying I have been receiving from the applicants, in person and online, and these forms attached is just more of this bullying. I have had to deal with this process and answer while I was still recovering from psychosis that I had in July 4, 2019 and I am still under medical care and still taking medications to try and control my anxiety and PTSD. While Kory Read still has those websites online that he uses to cyber-bully me with, and as he still continues with the smear campaign of my personal and professional reputation, online and in person, my mental health will stay compromised.

For Kory Read to be upset that someone made the personal decision to call the police to do a check on my welfare and to make such a big deal out of it, points to Kory Read lack of empathy towards me, let alone someone with mental health issues.

Kory Read does anything to try and get a severe reaction out of me just so he can later use this response to show how crazy and unreliable I am, yet is confused and angry when other people notice and do the right thing? This reaction he has had over the police coming to my apt that day goes to show how Kory Read feels glee over my suffering and it would not cross his mind to call the police to do a welfare check, on anyone. HE was happy to see my suffering and probably sat back and laughed.

While I appreciate why this is important, it is one of the hardest things to do, especially when there are domains online in your personal name, filled with your personal info. NO one tells you how you can ignore them, no one really gives any advice on what to do in my situation, so I do what feels right to me. It is all I can do. I had to fight the visceral feeling in my gut from just knowing this content was online. Don’t matter what it is, it is about me, and it bothered me. I came to see it was a very human reaction.

What feels right to me, is exposing their actions in my name. What feels right is taking their words and showing what they mean, as it isn’t for “alerting the public” like they claim. It is revenge for their eviction. They got mad for being held accountable for their persistent refusals of access and came after me for not allowing them to get away with it. It has become so obvious this is the reason they are personally attacking me online in a domain in my name. They proceeded to instigate a nasty malicious smear campaign to try and discredit the truth by trying to make it about something else, like racism, which is such a touchy subject. The people who abuse the system by laying false claims of racism, should be held to the same disciplinary actions and sanction than those who make themselves guilty of racism.

When I started seeing my name, associated with, I knew I could not sit idly by and allow them to abuse my name in that way, I had to start picking up for myself and pointing out that it wasn’t me doing those things, especially the LinkedIn account! That was the last straw for me! Why should anyone be expected to ignore those things? They can’t, it isn’t possible, as before you know it, your name is trashed online with various internet services with If I sign up for any of these services myself, it would be difficult as it is already there!

This is why Cyberbullying is so hard for targets. My life was taken away and made into what Bullies want people to see, not what it really is. It just hurts.

This action though is what leads to their downfall. In time, their narratives are questioned. You can make as many accusations as you want against someone else, if you don’t have any evidence to back it up, it won’t be believed. That is what I see happening here. They had these sites posted online for over 5 yrs, and there has been no damage done to my life, except in my own mind.

It is in my mind where most of the damage has been done and I had to figure that out for myself. I am educating myself and it is healing me. The more I learn the better I feel and the higher my self-esteem becomes. My beliefs in myself and my own judgements is getting stronger. The effects of the smearing of me online, is becoming less every day. I can even laugh at their antics, as it is becoming funny these days. 

I am getting better and will never take Cyberbullying seriously ever again.

What Is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the repeated and intentional use of digital technology to target another person with threats, harassment, or public humiliation.

Cyberbullying makes use of digital technology, which means that most people bully or are bullied through their mobile devices, tablets, or computers.

It has been argued that cyberbullying arises in light of five criteria: intention, repetition, power imbalance, anonymity, and publicity.3


Cyberbullies generally have the intention of creating harm when they engage in online bullying. However, bullying can still take place without intention if a victim perceives actions to be harmful.


Repetition is a hallmark characteristic of cyberbullying. This refers to repeated actions on the part of the bully, but also the fact that material that is shared on the Internet could last much longer than the original bullying. This is especially true in the case of sharing personal information or photos as a form of cyberbullying.

Power Imbalance

One of the other hallmark traits of cyberbullying is that victims are in a power imbalance situation with their bully. This can be especially true if the bullying takes place in a public forum.


Some cyberbullies make use of anonymity to hide behind their computer screen when they engage in bullying. In this case, there is no need for a power imbalance in the relationship between the bully and the victim.


Finally, another trait of some cyberbullying is that it involves the use of publicity. This is especially true for those who choose to publicly humiliate or shame someone as their form of bullying.

Forms of Cyberbullying

What are the various forms of cyberbullying? Below are the types of cyberbullying that exist.

  • Flaming: Flaming refers to using inflammatory language about someone or broadcasting offensive messages about them in the hopes of eliciting a reaction. One example would be Donald Trump’s use of the phrases “Crooked Hilary” or “Sleepy Joe Biden.”4
  • Outing: Outing involves sharing personal or embarrassing information about someone on the Internet. This type of cyberbullying usually takes place on a larger scale rather than one-to-one or in a smaller group.
  • Trolling: Trolling refers to posting content or comments with the goal of getting people to have embarrassing online reactions. In other words, a troll will say something derogatory or offensive about a person or group, with the sole intention of getting people riled up. This type of cyberbully enjoys creating chaos and then sitting back and watching what happens.
  • Name Calling: Name-calling involves using offensive language to refer to other people. Reports show that 42% of teens said they had been called offensive names through their mobile phone or on the Internet.2
  • Spreading False Rumors: Cyberbullies who spread false rumors make up stories about individuals and then spread these false truths online. In the same report, 32% of teens said that someone had spread false rumors about them on the Internet.2
  • Sending Explicit Images or Messages: Cyberbullies may also send explicit images or messages without the consent of the victim.
  • Cyber Stalking/Harassing/Physical Threats: Some cyberbullies will repeatedly target the same people through cyberstalking, cyber harassment, or physical threats. In that same report, 16% of teens reported having been the victim of physical threats on the Internet.

Why Do People Cyberbully?

Why do people engage in cyberbullying? There can be numerous different factors that lead to someone becoming a cyberbully.

Mental Health Issues

Cyberbullies may be living with mental health issues that relate to their bullying or make it worse.5 Examples include problems with aggressionhyperactivity or impulsivity, as well as substance abuse.

In addition, those with personality features resembling the “dark tetrad” of narcissism or psychopathy may be at risk for cyberbullying.6 These individuals tend to have a low level of empathy for other people and may bully others as a way to increase their sense of power or worth.

Victims of Bullying

Cyberbullies sometimes become bullies after having experienced cyberbullying themselves.7 In this way, they may be looking to feel more in control or lash out after feeling victimized and being unable to retaliate to the original bully.

Result of Conflicts or Breakups

Cyberbullying that takes place between two people that were previously friends or in a relationship may be triggered by conflicts in the friendship or the breakdown of the relationship. In this way, this type of cyberbullying might be viewed as driven by revenge or jealousy.8

Boredom or Trying Out a New Persona

It has been suggested that some people engage in cyberbullying due to boredom or the desire to try out a new persona on the Internet.9 This type of cyberbullying would typically be anonymous.

Loneliness or Isolation

Cyberbullies may also be people who struggle with feeling isolated or lonely in society.10 If they feel ignored by others, they may lash out as a way to feel better or vent their rage at society.

Why People Become Cyberbullies

While some people are bullies both in real life and online, there are others who only become bullies in the digital space. Why is this the case? Why would someone bully others online when they would never do that in their everyday life? There are multiple possible explanations for this behavior.

Non-Confrontational & Anonymous

The first reason why people may become bullies online when they would not bully in their everyday life has to do with the nature of the Internet. A person can bully others online and remain completely anonymous. Clearly, this is not possible with traditional bullying.

In addition, online bullying can be done in a non-confrontational way, particularly if it is anonymous. This means that a cyberbully may skip about the Internet leaving nasty comments and not stick around to hear the replies.

No Need for Popularity or Physical Dominance

In order to be a bully in real life, you typically need to have some advantage over your victim. This might mean that you are physically larger than them. It might mean that you are more popular than them. Or, it might mean that you have some sort of power imbalance over them.

In contrast, anyone can be a cyberbully. There is no need to have physical dominance or popularity. This means that people who want to bully can easily do it on the Internet regardless of their status in their real life.

No Barrier to Entry

Similar to the concept of there being no need to be dominant or popular, there is also a very low barrier to entry to becoming a cyberbully. Anyone with access to the Internet can get started. Friends are defined loosely online, which creates a situation that makes it very easy to bully others.

No Feedback From Victim

Finally, the last reason why people who do not bully in real life may engage in cyberbullying has to do with a lack of feedback from their victim. Cyberbullies usually engage in bullying over an extended period of time, largely because there is not generally feedback from the victim like there would be in a face-to-face interaction. Someone, who in real life would see the impact on their victim and back off, may not do the same in the case of cyberbullying.

How Cyberbullying Differs From In-Person Bullying

In the case of cyberbullying, the victim generally has no escape from the abuse and harassment. Unlike real life encounters, online bullying and the Internet never really shut down and bullying may be unrelenting.

This can make victims feel as though they have no escape, particularly if the bullying involves sharing of their personal information or when something posted about them goes viral. This type of bullying can go on for an extended period of time.

Effects of Cyberbullying

There are numerous effects that may be seen in those who are dealing with cyberbullying. It can be helpful to know what to expect to see in a victim, as this can be one way to identify when someone is being bullied online.

Some of these effects are even stronger than what is seen with traditional bullying, as the victim often cannot escape the abusive situation. They may include:11

  • Feelings of distress about the bullying
  • Increased feelings of depression and mood swings
  • Increased feelings of anxiety
  • Problems falling asleep or staying asleep (e.g., insomnia)
  • Suicidal ideation or suicide attempt
  • Increased feelings of fearfulness
  • Feelings of low self-esteem or self-worth
  • Social isolation, withdrawing from friend groups, or spending a lot of time alone
  • Avoiding doing things that they used to enjoy
  • Poor academic performance
  • Problems in relationships with family members and friends
  • Symptoms of post-traumatic stress
  • Self-harm (e.g., cutting, hitting yourself, headbanging)
  • Substance abuse
  • Increased feelings of anger, irritability, or angry outbursts

As a Community

It is not enough for victims of cyberbullying to deal with their bullies and try to find solutions. Often times, these victims are emotionally distraught and unable to find help.

It is our job as a community to work toward establishing systems that prevent cyberbullying from taking place at all. Some potential ideas for initiatives are listed below.

Kids and teens who are cyberbullied are still learning how to regulate emotions and deal with social situations. Cyberbullying at this age could have lasting permanent effects. Mental health resources should be put in place to help victims of cyberbullying manage their mental health.

Cyberbullying thrives on status and approval. Cyberbullies will stop when social rejection of cyberbullying becomes so widespread and prevalent that they no longer have anything to gain. This means that every instance of online bullying that is witnessed (especially in the case of troll comments) should be ignored. In addition, there should be awareness campaigns that online bullying is not only not acceptable, but that it is a sign of weak social status.

Schools are the point of contact for parents trying to help their children who are being cyberbullied. For this reason, schools should have programs and protocols in place to immediately and swiftly deal with cyberbullying. Parents should not have to ask multiple times for help without receiving it.

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