Crazy-Making of Adult Tenants Who Bully!

I’ve been working on this post for a while now, as it takes time to go through the “statement of speculations” I have that made up the allegations against me by Toxic Tenants who bullied me and highlight all the assumptions being made by them about me.

This post is about the Crazy-making I was put through by Toxic Tenants!

There are just way too many to share but you can read the whole thing here. Toxic Tenant Bullies Original “Statement of Facts”

This is Crazy-Making!!

They find so many ways to try and rationalize away the many speculations they have made about everything I have written. Trying to make meaning out of my words and actions that are just not there, by asking leading questions and using opinions signalling words. They are attempting to push you into thinking how they want you to!

There are some honest comments made here, as who would enjoy being falsely accused of being racist? No one would enjoy that, as it is appalling and very scary.

In the past 6 1/2 years I am very happy to say that it is still just these Toxic Tenants who think this way about me. All their writing has never caused any person to attack me, verbally or physically, since they started, which shows me no one is believing their narratives as written. That was important for me to know, for my sense of safety. Except for a few comments I got from strangers looking for an apartment at the beginning after was created, strangers have left me alone.

Thankfully, I had already quit before came out!!

Not even their new sites with allegations against other people, have gotten them anywhere, as they have remained stagnant the past few months. That as well helps with my sense of safety, as it shows me they are not being believed!

In some ways, I am starting to feel sorry for these Toxic Tenants, as their actions are ruining their own lives. They have tried to get personal businesses going,,,, and others that have come and gone, as they spend all their time going after other people instead and have no time left to work on themselves. That is sad to me. I do have some of my own assumptions about them and what they do, but these days, there is no point to voice them anymore, as I just don’t care what they do in their personal lives, just what they have done in my name.

This is the beginning of the mess this situation became and it shows the beginning of the assumptions they made, trying to turn their thoughts into facts.

They thought that all they had to do was give their personal opinions of why they believed I did these things, and it would be accepted. All they did was show they had a fertile imagination that they projected onto others!

It all comes back to where is their proof.

Stepping back from all these malicious personal opinions and not taking them personally, was hard for me as they just didn’t let up. Repetition gets to you after a while!

Every time I tried to voice my truths, they were taken and invalidated in the contents of It was demoralizing but I was determined to remain true to myself and my memories. I am worthy to be heard, no matter how hard Bullies try to say I am not! I kept coming back to that, all the time.

Every word that came out of my mouth was picked apart and made into something it wasn’t, just by the leading questions they ask and the absolute adamancy they show in their statements. They believe their rhetoric!

Do you have any idea how scary all this was to read after experiencing psychosis?? Knowing it was all put in the hands of other total strangers to me? Yes, I was scared that the Adjudicators of the HRTO would believe this propaganda they were spreading around about me, and not just to HRTO, it was also all over FaceBook at one point and other social media I got removed.

It wouldn’t surprise me either to find out they emailed companies here in NL too, trying to “warn” people about me and my husband… My anxiety was terrible and there were days I was tempted to end it all to get away from it!

I have so many emails I sent out to so many places, telling them if they get anything with my name and, that it was a fraud. I had to email all my past employers and co-workers too, in case they tried to reach out to them as well, as they did with another place.

They showed they went to a previous building we worked in on Kingston Rd so it wouldn’t surprise me if they went to other places, trying to get “dirt” they could use against me.

Here I am, the individual who this content is all about, and I even became confounded and confused over it all and ended up asking myself if it was possible. I learned that too, was normal for me to think. Such are the effects of gaslighting! Being told who you are, and what you do, in no uncertain terms almost every single day for over 2 years would make any sane person question their reality!!

Any time they are asked to provide proof of their claims, they become offended and started throwing out more accusations instead.

The brunt of the Toxic Tenants issue is noted in the bold paragraph below. “I will accept a few dates to choose from, and I will choose from these same dates and times to let you know what works for me and my family” They also say “So from this date forward we will WORK together to ensure that things are done properly and respectfully of everyone’s schedules and rights“.

That is not cooperation! That is a dictatorship! In no uncertain terms, they are saying that they determine when entry can be gained and they get to determine how the work is also done. There is no respect being shown for the Landlord nor the building staff as all they are concerned about is their own “schedules and rights”, as that is all they are showing!

If these Tenants had any respect for the Landlord they wouldn’t constantly question the requests for Entry that they always did, without fail. Every single time they got a Notice of Entry, they emailed to question the reasons why and complain it was “inconvenient” to them.

These Tenants wanted control over their tenancy and how it proceeded and it couldn’t be given to them, as it would lead to anarchy with all Tenants wanting the same consideration. Most Tenants worked during the day and it was unreasonable to expect to get maintenance done only when a Tenant was home or to deliver Notices in the evenings when I can knock and put it in the Tenant’s hands, as they expected.

I have come to accept these papers are just full of their personal opinions and complaints over how the property was managed, that’s all. Like children having a tantrum…

They expressed that everything I did in my job was wrong and proceed to state how I should have done it. They are expressing how they were “inconvenienced” and feeling harassed by that “inconvenience“. There was no racism and they show nothing that can be construed as such.

Yes, I did end up with OCD from this job, dealing with Tenants like this, do you blame me? I kept copies of everything, even handwritten notes, and called it my backup. Tenants had a habit of saying I said things I didn’t and I wanted proof. At least I am more organized!!

They made false allegations that after almost 7 years they have yet to prove!! Giving their personal opinions didn’t prove a thing! If they did, they wouldn’t have walked away from their own human rights applications!

That is the facts. If they truly believed the allegations made within this document they submitted were factual, nothing would have stopped them from showing up to that hearing held on January 17, 2020.

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2 thoughts on “Crazy-Making of Adult Tenants Who Bully!

  1. Toxic people often know how to gaslight the rest of us until we start questioning ourselves even when we are right.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, I see that to be true. The sad part is it also causes some of your own friends and family members to desert you, not because they believe what the gaslighter says, but because they are afraid of becoming a target and have their name splashed all over the internet like mine has been. Toxic people get away with what they do because they can be so vicious in their attacks, it creates fear in others of them turning on them for supporting me. That was a hard one to accept but I had to find a way. I have come to see I am stronger than I thought and there are other people out there who have the courage to stand up to toxic people like that too. I may have lost some people along the way but I have also gained.

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