Closure With Kory & Allison Read and Domain

I won’t get any closure from my Adult Bullies, Kory & Allison Read, I am giving it to myself by writing this site. 

Writing out all my anger and frustration is helping me put this situation in perspective and see just what it was they did against me. In the past few months I have re-read so much of their written garbage to see the tactics they have used that I have learned about, so I can put it into better perspective.

Once you get past the emotions of it, you can see it more objectively.

I still get angry, it will be some time before I get past my anger over their actions. They caused a lot of damage and I accept that I allowed it to happen. Now I am stopping it all, in my own way.

Extreme Gaslighting like this would  make anyone angry.

I see this situation is a case of He said/she said but you can’t deny human rights. No matter how hard someone else tries to convince someone of something they believe someone else did, unless you have absolute facts to prove it, either by word or action, you will never prove it.

It doesn’t matter how many forums you spread your narratives to, in person or online, you can never deny my simple basic Human Rights, of speaking for myself. I am allowed to have my own voice and my own version of events and I should have a forum to do that!

Kory Read tries to send me down rabbit holes by trying to get to me stuck in defending myself against his words, when I don’t need to do any of that. I am not answerable to Kory Read. It was always about them proving their claims, not about me defending myself!

Kory Read made a very personal accusation, filed complaints with the proper legal system to mediate it, but when it came time to prove it, he walked. He denied me my personal rights by this action, as he refused to allow me a venue to speak for myself.

All throughout these past few years, every time I made my own site, albeit an angry bitter one, Kory Read took my words to abuse me more with online in You saw the content on the last few pages showing he did that. Once again, refusing me a venue to use my own voice.

Kory Read preferred to speak for me! What gives him the RIGHT to do that?

I know it didn’t happen and I was ready willing and able to prove it with HRTO, which is why they walked and was denied the chance.

So here I am now on my own journey with my own site, as I am can. I accept I have the right to tell my Story, My way!

I fully expect those sites to come back online, as they are still registered. Even, that expired last month, was renewed for another 3 yrs in December 2021. I expect to see something online from them at some point, as Kory Read will never give up. His words tell you he feels too entitled to do these actions and he is angry that his lies were not being believed.

With that said, our family has moved on with our lives. Forgetting about Stella Reddy and her ignorant family. Our lives are solely about our children becoming doctors and being more productive in society, more than Stella Reddy and her family have nor ever will be able to.

Kory Read is living by his Ego, thinking that his family will be MORE productive in society than I was, like it matters. Go for it!  You can be as productive as you want, but if you live life thinking you are better than others, you end up losing. Kory Read has no respect and never will, for anyone else’s life. He even promoted suicide! 

I truly do hope their kids get ahead and get away from him, as I do truly believe he will ride their coattails and expect them to look after him in his old age. By his own words, he is a stay-at-home Dad and it will never change after all this time. Kory Read has always shown me he is lazy! I watched him go through so many jobs in the few years I lived there and know it will continue. 

Besides, if Kory Read was so intent on his family being productive in society, he wouldn’t have started these domains in the first place. You don’t put your family at risk like he did with these sites, especially the one! Kory Read don’t care about his family, only his own EGO. He allowed these sites to be suspended.

Either they can’t afford them anymore or Kory Read is being spiteful, as my site links to his and he wants to screw them up. 

Kory Read has tried every trick in the book to make me feel inferior and worthless. He has had these domains online since November 2, 2017 and now all of a sudden, they are gone after he renewed the main one of till 2023? The only thing that changed since was renewed in April 2021 was that my own site came online. Of course, once he realized he made a fool of himself by gloating over getting my site removed, he decides to let his own get suspended, as he don’t like contradiction.

Once again, Kory Read is alluding to autralism for “moving on with their lives” while I continue with my story in my own site. Good!

I have no problem continuing without anymore input from them! I have enough as it is to go through, I don’t need anymore of their written garbage. I still have to go through all the documents I got from my request I did to them! 

After I did the request for files, I was told about the application Kory Read did against my sister with Human Rights.

The Tribunal sent the Notice to the applicant by email to the email address provided by the applicant in the Application. The applicant had indicated in the Application that the Tribunal should communicate via email. 

[4]         The Notice was returned as undeliverable. The applicant has not provided a new email address for communication pursuant to the Practice Direction on Communicating with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and Rule 1.13 of the Rules of Procedure.

[5]         There has been no correspondence from the applicant since May 8, 2019.

[6]         In the circumstances, the applicant is deemed to have abandoned the Application.  


[7]         For the reasons set out above, the Application is dismissed.

Dated at Toronto, this 14th day of October 2021.

He filed a complaint against my sister, claiming that she was also racist and discriminatory towards them and as there was no response to the email, it was dismissed. By this time, Kory Read shut down that email.  <

There are quite a few applications online with in Kory Read’s name!

 Kory Read will never get any other reaction out of me anymore, all I will do is take his words and show you how it fits a Smear Campaign by Narcissistic Bullies. There are quite enough articles online written by others that describe these actions and why they do it. It is easy for me to see these traits and tactics in their online content and I am sure you will too.

Kory Read had his chance with Human Rights and having his allegations mediated the right way, through the judicial systems. Once he saw he was losing that, he decided to be mean and nasty and put it all online instead to humiliate me into compliance and hoping to incite hate against me with total strangers online. It was all about control for Kory Read.

As Kory Read’s legal actions were getting him nowhere, he decided to triangulate me with the internet instead. He tried to triangulate me with the property owners, hoping to sic them on me to shut me up, with other tenants in the building, and with total strangers online through his domains. You even saw how he tried to triangulate me with Human Rights! Anything to shut me up from telling my story is why he does it. 

Kory Read wants me to be seen as the bad guy. He don’t want people to see his actions and he wrote so much in attempts to do that. In the end, he showed his desperation to be believed over everyone else, even when it just so improbable to do that. The truth is Kory Read can’t speak for anyone else, just himself. When he speaks of other people, he is gaslighting and speculating.

The more he tried to hide himself, the more he showed his true nature and his true intentions. the last page on gives everything away for Kory Read.

I am free and nothing this person says or does anymore will ever drag me back in again. His time is done in my life. Karma will come for Kory & Allison Read, I have no doubts about that. You can’t do what they did and not have some effect on their lives, even if it’s just loss of credibility! Their actions against so many will backfire on them at some point, if it hasn’t already. No matter how hard someone tries, they can’t speak for someone else.

I have come to understand and accept this is what happened. They made accusations, filed legal claims, yet when you come down to it, they failed to prove it as there was nothing to prove. Their allegations are all lies and we all know this by now. Otherwise, they would have been able to prove it!

Facts are all you need and there are enough of them to show these domains are a Smear Campaign and Bullying by Adults with Narcissistic traits! Kory Read did it all out of revenge for my part in their eviction that was caused by their own actions. Kory Read can spin his wheels all he wants, it won’t change any of that.

As for me? I went the other way. I realized it was my EGO that was causing me to feel so defensive, so I got rid of it. Over the past year or more I have been looking inward, to myself to see what it was that caused me to react the way I did to their actions and I have worked on the issues I have found, like my lack of self-esteem and ability to know myself. I have done the work needed for me to recover my mental health and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I will mange, just like I always have. I learn new things everyday and am willing to try anything to see if it works for me. I will always do what I need to, for myself. I live this life I have, for me, not anyone else.

I don’t care who’s right or wrong, it no longer matters. All I care about is what Kory & Allison Read did in my name and exposing it all. I did this site for me, not for anyone else, but for me to organize it all in my own head. I have always kept a journal, this is the first time I put so much online but I feel it is important, not just for my own mental health, but also so others can see just how mean and nasty someone else can be!


Don’t ever allow someone else to shame you into shutting off your own voice. Tell your story to as many people as you can until it is heard, as it is important to your own personal journey of recovery. All it takes is one person to hear you, even if it’s just yourself!

Don’t hide away, read articles and blogs online, talk to professionals, get the help you need to get out of your head and see just what exactly your Bullies are doing to you! It will save your sanity and maybe even your life! 

Remember, know one knows you like you do, so don’t ever accept the words of another over your own truth. 


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