Clear Signs Of Toxicity From Adult Bullies

A classic sign of toxic people

I wanted to share with you today a specific email exchange I had in February 2019, that showed me I was dealing with severely toxic people, who have no problem trying to blackmail me to get what they want. I will also share some of the insights I had about these toxic tenants back then, that have since come true. I didn’t know it then, but my assessments were pretty accurate!

They finally admitted, in their own words, that they did indeed create those domains and that they were responsible for the Facebook posts that had been circulating. I cannot stress enough how incredibly validated and relieved I felt once I processed and understood the gravity of those words.

I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of vindication. Their confession brought a flood of emotions that I struggled to contain. It was a moment of validation I needed. To have my concerns acknowledged and justified by the very individuals who had instigated it all was beyond satisfying. It was a triumph, a victory over the nagging uncertainty that had haunted me for so long.

To finally read those words, admitting their role in this elaborate game of deception, was a pivotal moment. It represented the triumph of truth over fabrication, of clarity over confusion. I was set free from their gaslighting with these words!!

Now armed with this newfound knowledge, I was able to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose. No longer will I be consumed by doubt or manipulated by deceptive tactics. No more gaslighting! Instead, this experience has served as a stark reminder to trust my instincts and question everything until the truth is revealed.

In the end, this admission provided validation not only for my own sanity but also for the importance of seeking the truth. It serves as a testament to the significance of holding individuals accountable for their actions and shedding light on the shadows of deceptive behaviour. As I reflect on what those words truly meant, I feel an indescribable sense of empowerment and a renewed dedication to uncovering the truth in all aspects of life.

In the PDF document I share below, you will find this exchange in its entirety.

On February 7, 2019, I wrote to the registrar with an offer to resolve the situation between myself and the applicants. I expressed empathy for the children involved and offered to ease their stress by avoiding legal action. I outlined five conditions that the applicants must accept, including admitting to fabricating that prior meeting, deleting the website and Facebook posts, leaving peacefully, refraining from derogatory comments, and accepting all decisions made by the courts. In return, I promised not to pursue any financial or personal consequences and to refrain from further legal actions. I acknowledged my imperfections and called on the applicants to take responsibility for their actions.

The response? They asked me to lie for them at Divisional Court, wanting me to say that I gave the Form N5 in bad faith so they could stay in the apartment and if I told this lie for them, they would remove the website and Facebook posts. They tried to bribe me is what I saw! I don’t give in to that type of behaviour.

This text I copied from the email I sent on February 8, 2019, after a sleepless night, shares some clear insights I had about their behaviour I was learning about by this time. My education on toxic traits and narcissism was well underway by this time and I had been in counselling for about 4 months. I tried really hard to be calm and regulate my reactions to their words, but it was hard, as you’ll read.

Little did I know that my “greatest nightmare” expressed in these texts would come true! Here I am, 5 years after writing this email, still dealing with domains online containing my name, 2 now in my own name, created by these toxic tenants and I know will remain registered for use until April 2025. This is the essence of a Smear Campaign against someone.

Over time though, I have adjusted to their behaviour and reached a sort of acceptance that this is what toxic people with narcissistic traits do. They have shown themselves to me with their words and behaviours and I won’t be fooled again by their sob stories or claims of being a victim of racism, from anyone. Rather than change their behaviour, they found new targets to torment with their toxic traits, using the same allegations they used against me. I have no doubt it will all come out, just as it did with me.

I have their admission that they own this site and I have other evidence showing they own all of the domains that contained my name. I also know they own, and, as they shared their names in these contents, deliberately or by accident doesn’t matter, it is there. Besides, no one else has a reason to create these domains.

I will never question my instincts ever again.

If you have someone in your life who talks to you like this, don’t ever give in to their blackmail, no matter how desperately you feel for them to leave you alone. It isn’t worth it, as in all honesty, you can’t trust them to keep their word.

They do what they do as they know it bothers you and they won’t want to give that up, for no reason, just as these toxic tenants have done to me. They continue, even claiming I am going crazy, in attempts to get under my skin. Awe well, all us crazies need to stick together and block out the toxic traits they use to make us feel that way…

My greatest nightmare these past couple of weeks is that the applicants will be evicted and I will have to see this website, Facebook posts, and lies they told about me, online for the rest of my life and will have to deal with the lasting effects of having this stuff online and not having a way to get them legally removed, as I won’t know where the applicants are to have them legally served to get this stuff removed by the courts.  The mental anguish this thought causes me is unbelievable! 

I also have great fear that the applicants will add to this website more lies to cause more distress and will attempt to continue to come after me online even long after they have been evicted in retaliation knowing what this stuff does to me. I can see the applicants continuing to lie and do as they wish as no one has stopped them, for years to come. 

They have spent the past 2 and half years being able to say what they wish, write what they wish, do as they wish and NO ONE, except for me since July 2019, has said anything against these actions. It was the same with the issues with their tenancy even before we went to the LTB, I was told not to pick up for myself, to ignore what they are saying, to ignore what other tenants are saying, to ignore the emails over that website.  This does not help me feel any safer either, knowing that I am being terrorized in person and online, being cyberbullied, and having Cyber-libel all over the internet about me, and NO ONE, not my employers, not the LTB, and now not even your office, is doing anything on my behalf to show these people that what they are doing is WRONG. Just like children, if they are not taught what is right and wrong, their behaviour will never change. Until the applicants are told what they are doing is wrong it will continue and as I have noticed over time, the less people say to them about their actions, the wilder the accusations become as they become overconfident in their belief that they can get away with it as they have been for so long. The lies and accusations only get worse as they have been able to say what they wanted for all this time and I have had enough.

I have a feeling I may have scared them off with these comments I made here. I did some research and found that the Tribunal could very well find in my favour even though they filed the applications against me, and I told the toxic tenants. I guess all that came after this date, especially all the Form 10s they submitted with no response, may have given them the same impression as the content of they had complained about the process and how they felt everyone at the HRTO was also in “cahoots” with me to illegally evict them. Yes, they made a site bashing the Tribunals in June 2020 that went away in June 2022, which is why I truly believe they won’t get too far with this new application!

Time will tell but as they say, I have their measure and I won’t be fooled again…

The tribunal may vary or waive the application of any rule or procedure, on its own initiative or on the request of a party, except where to do so is prohibited by legislation or a specific rule.

I copied and pasted the info from the Rules of Procedures of the HRTO showing how they may take the initiative to adjudicate these issues on my behalf instead of me having to go to Small Claims Court. This process of your application against me can still work in my favour as they can still hold you accountable just as if I had applied myself to their office for this website, the lies and the Facebook posts..

Just because you made this application, and they are going through the process, do not mean you will get what you want and they believe everything you say. It could be possible that all this waiting for HRTO could be for them to make a case against you instead.

We won’t know for sure until they send us paperwork for the next step but I do know I have no concerns, as you have not, and cannot, prove your allegations against me as they did not happen and if anything does come out that I may have done wrong, I have no problem admitting to it and dealing with the consequences.

I will accept anything they say and abide by their decisions as I should, as I know I am not perfect. The truth is coming out and before long, everyone will know and in the meantime, I will continue to speak up for myself every chance I get.

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