Clarity Is A Beautiful Thing…

You can't let people scare you.
You Can’t Let People Scare You

What does clarity of mind mean?

Mental clarity refers to the ability to think clearly, focus your attention, and concentrate without feeling distracted or confused. It means being able to make quick, rational decisions and process information efficiently.

Understanding the dynamics of any given situation often requires time and a step back to gain clarity. As I revisited my past posts while updating them for an SEO program, I found myself gaining a better understanding of the situation I was in. One post in particular stood out to me, shedding light on the final stages of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) process.

In this post, the focus was on the Reply made by the Applicants, which highlighted their concerns about the “endless misquotes, lies, and illegal actions of the 3 Respondents.” Surprisingly, there was little mention of any human rights violations, nor did they bring up this fake “prior meeting”. This reflection allowed me to see the situation more clearly.

To continue down this long written road of going through their current paper work and that of the remaining paper work the Applicants have. It would only continue to confirm that when the 3 Respondents were called out on it by the Applicants in their letters, the 3 Respondents decided to retaliate against the “ Black ”Applicant and her family by using their positions with Alto Properties Inc. to achieve it. The whole time encouraging and enabling each other and trying to build a case against them so they could have them removed for multiple benefits.

The tenants are trying to claim that I initiated the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) eviction due to a letter sent in August 2016 containing vague accusations against me. However, this assumption is incorrect as the eviction was not filed until August 2017.

The letter sent in 2016 did not raise any concerns for me as it lacked substantial evidence that could be investigated. They didn’t even ask for one! If the tenants truly believed I was racist and lying to evict them, they would have taken legal action in 2016 rather than waiting until June 2018, eight months after their eviction. Every action taken by these toxic tenants came after the eviction was filed against them. That is clarity!

To prove persistent refusals of access by the tenants, consistent behaviour over time was required. Without more instances to demonstrate their ongoing refusal, I had to wait for further evidence. In the meantime, all was relatively quiet, giving me no opportunity to show consistent rule-breaking behaviour.

The eviction process was triggered by a maintenance request submitted by the tenants in August 2017, specifically regarding the bathroom ceiling only though they claimed they had more repairs needed. The events of August-September 2017 ultimately led to their eviction, with all relevant paperwork stemming from that period. Despite attempts by the tenants to introduce previous documentation from 2016, it was not considered in the eviction hearing. That is clarity!

The reality of this situation for them is that they have provided no visual case law, presented no acceptable arguments or explanations to justify why everyone was in NOT in cahoots in their attempts to have the applicants removed from the building.

The Applicant would challenge any of the 3 Respondents to prove with where the Applicants have lied or mislead the HRTO?

I find it amusing whenever I come across claims like the one mentioned above. The tenants who made these claims seem to conveniently forget that they were the ones who filed applications to the HRTO. Therefore, it was their responsibility to provide evidence for their claims, rather than expecting us to disprove them. I also question the relevance of lying in this situation.

Either they were able to provide concrete evidence linking their eviction in October 2017 to their allegations of racism or they could not. On the other hand, their written refusals to allow contractors and staff access to complete repairs clearly showed that their eviction was a result of their own behaviour, not mine. That provides clarity!

They allege that a traumatizing meeting occurred “some time” in June before I began working at the property, yet they did not bring this up until 2 1/2 months later in August 2016. This gap between the alleged meeting and their vague accusations of racism in a letter raises very valid doubts about these claims. More clarity!

In this letter, AR claims, “I have to say that from the moment I met you, I had a strange feeling that you had some kind of issue with me“. This sentence means that this person sensed that I might have had some problem or disagreement with them and I wonder how that is possible when we just met.

This statement is a projection of their own frustrations onto me because they had a problem with me not accepting their cash rental payment. They seemed to be transferring their anger and discomfort onto me, even though I was simply following the rules and policies in place for safety.

It’s possible that they were feeling embarrassed or inconvenienced by this situation, and were taking it out on me instead. No one likes change, especially when the change would result in having to pay extra fees for cheques or money orders but in the end, they are responsible for their own behaviours and words, not me. More clarity!

It felt like they were trying to manipulate me, twisting my words to fit their own agenda. They were acting as if they knew me inside and out, but in reality, we were total strangers.

Their actions were deceitful and it made me question their intentions. It was unsettling to have someone try to control the narrative of our conversation and make assumptions about who I am. In the end, I had to set boundaries and make it clear that their behaviour was not acceptable.

They didn’t care though and they still don’t, as their actions after 8 years, are still deceitful and unacceptable!

The clarity I have gained has allowed me to get past the gaslighting and manipulations to see the truth. While they might want to pretend this situation began with my actions to their behaviours, I wouldn’t have needed to act if they followed the rules of entry. It is simple really when you look at it!

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