Chronic Liars and What They Do!

I read this article yesterday and it struck a chord within me. As I was reading this article, all the things Tenant Bullies did in the beginning of their personal smear campaign against me within the property where we both lived, and I also worked in, started coming to mind.

Kory Read took the time from November 2016 till his Divisional Court hearing in February 2019 integrating himself with the other tenants. I see this behavior especially when they stood in the Lobby, sometimes even when I was in the office that is off the Lobby and I could hear them, to talk to people coming and going about his allegations of racism against me and to complain over being evicted and how much a Bully and Bitch I am. I saw this behavior in their attempts to start a Tenants Association and all the notices thy delivered to all tenants notifying them of the website.

In the notice they sent out below, you even see them claim they never discussed things with other tenants, but I have letters from some tenants claiming they did and that they felt very intimidated by the comments and pressure to join their Tenant Assoc. Why do you think the owners sent out a notice about it? The Tenant Association was being set up specifically to get enough tenants together to get me fired.

The complexity of their deception is seen in the 6 domains they posted on the internet, as each domain contained contents specific geared towards the person, or agency, named in the title of it. It is in the time and effort that went into trying to set up a Tenant Association and getting to various tenants, like 203 over a letter that tenant wasn’t even aware of was sent. It is the time and effort that went into his many typed documents laying out his deception of allegations with no substance, and the various gaslighting and triangulation within them. All of is a deception!!

Resource extraction is very simple to see in this smear campaign. Not only did Kory Read deliberately go looking for my social media accounts and try to get me to add him under his various other sites, like, but he also went to my family members as well, trying to get added onto their social media! Where do you think he got the picture of me and hubby he shared? He snitched pictures of my niece and her family of 4 children, which he used in one of his nasty documents. Why do you think he tried that, if not for the intentional purpose of finding personal information on me that he could try to use against me with his gaslighting? How do you think he found out where our last place of employment was?  Remember, he clearly shows he went to our last place we lived and worked in and spoke to the current staff and said they gave them info on us. Those people were fired for that action, as it is not allowed. He integrated himself with my sisters friend that day in the Lobby and the evidence of that is shared on too in the page on my sister. Where do you think he got that pic of my sister, if not on social media?

There is way more info that shows the deliberate actions of extracting information done by Kory Read. Look at and you will see it all! They show by their words online, how they came about the information and don’t even hide it! They think it is okay to invade a person’s privacy, as long as it benefits them in some way. 

Detectability is something Kory Read is famous for…. At the top of every site they claim they are “this site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the anti-black and racist behavior of” whoever the domain is about. They claim ultraism, that they are only concerned about “alerting the public” about the behaviour of the person in the content and title!. All these actions, right from the beginning, was all about deception, trying to ensure the focus is on the person in the contents, not on the actions of the anonymous writer that started all that mess, the refusals of entry. I didn’t know Kory Read was trained to detect racism nor did I know he had the authority to make such a claim either in such a public forum about another. There is no reason to hide your name on your own domain that you own, unless you know what you are doing is wrong. Kory Read knows what he did was wrong.

None of this would have happened at all if Kory & Allison Read didn’t keep denying entry all the time. All this can be pointed right back onto them and their original actions.

They show it all on their domains, all the deception, all the acts of invasion of privacy, not only of me but also of other tenants and inside their vehicles parked there and all the balconies.

All the pressure they put on other tenants to try and join them in their fight against me. I share some of their documents here that is filled with their deceptions, trying to integrate themselves in their lives, implying if they help them, they could get some form of financial compensation for it.

I have Kory Read on camera at 2 am walking the building stairwells and walking the property, taking pictures of vehicles and balconies. Why do that in the middle of the night, if he didn’t want to be caught by someone? He knew most people were asleep at this time and he knew it was less chance of getting caught taking pictures of their cars and whats inside it! I share a video on YouTube, under password, of Kory Read playing up to the camera in the elevator, holding up his phone showing a pic of me there with hair drawn on the face, as I has Polycystic Ovary Disease that causes excessive hair growth on my face. He must have studied that pic of me really hard to see all that! That is an obsession!

Kory & Allison Read spent from November 2017 to this day, trying to deceive people. They spent so much time trying to look helpful, friendly, and trustworthy not only with other tenants during this time, but also with total strangers on the internet in Facebook and on his domains. They are hoping that due to their actions as noted in the 13 questions below, that they could put on the face of altruism so that you won’t see their deception behind it. I also noted that I never did any of these things below. I never went out of my way to integrate myself with the tenants, nor did I spend time with them and get to know them and their families. I am not a con man like Kory Read. I didn’t set out to deceive anyone.

What he was looking for was support, hoping someone else would join him in his fight against me and the owners. Kory Read was looking for information from others, from the internet, from social media, even from my previous places of employment of co-workers and previous tenants, in hopes of finding “dirt” on me he could gaslight into what he wants you to see. All their polls he posted in various groups on FaceBook gave that away.

A perfect example of that is the domains. In the beginning, he also had the request at of looking for someone to help them in information. What they were looking for with those domains, is the hope of other people coming out of the woodwork to support them. They hoped that someone would contact them, and would be willing to help them against me or someone else.

They were also hoping to incite the general public into hating me and everyone else, because of the allegations he shared. He was hoping to incite someone into attacking me in person. 

None of these actions below can be missed in the elaborate smear campaign against me by Adult Tenant Bullies, Kory & Allison Read. I read this article yesterday and so many instances of deception came to mind that they did. Even now, they tried to repost their domains on a parked server with Hostinger, as he is desperate to still have his ultrastric sites online, hoping someone will believe them after all this time. It’s only been 5 1/2 yrs.

As Kory Read posted in March 2022 in a new that is now gone, that “Stella Reddy is a racist who needs to be exposed long after death.” I managed to save this page before it disappeared. Good thing! There is a lot in this page. No wonder it is gone, he must have had someone say something about all the gaslighting and malicious implications in it. This page highlights their hate and resentment.

Even though I wish I knew some of this info years ago, I do now and as a result, a lot of their actions have become more clear to me. I see so much now of what they did and why they did it, it is freeing to me and my mind. 

Writing this, I didn’t find myself getting too upset over all this crap once again, as my emotions are better regulated now. I feel sorry for the naive person I was and how I didn’t see a lot of this as it was happening back then. I am grateful for the knowledge now though, as it helps me clear all this up in my head and helps me release it all into the past. Now that I know what they do and how they do it, I have better clarity and that is what I need.

That’s the point of all this, isn’t it? Find some way to move forward after having your life ripped out from underneath you by the actions of someone else who is up to no good?

I know I will never get any answers from these tenant bullies, but I can get some by learning about the behaviours they show from psychology and other people who have seen this behaviour before, and from learning about human nature. I can use the various documents I have to compare with actual science to show what they do, as you can see it so clearly. It’s the hypocrisy they do, that I hate. It gets under my skin, as I seen it so much!

I have no doubts that Kory & Allison Read are Narcissistic Adult Tenant Bullies, who are intent on trying to ruin the personal lives of all who took part in their eviction from an apartment in Ontario in October 2017. They are looking for revenge. Everything they have done, gives it away too easily. 

I learned more today and for that, I am always grateful! I know now what to look for! This is also how flying monkeys’ who support the narcissit also get into your personal life, so watch for strangers trying to befriend you, especially on social media! If you don’t know the person, do some research on the name first and find out more before you allow them on your sites.

Once your trust has been broken, it is hard to allow anyone in. But in order to grow and move on, you need to find a way to get past that and learn to trust others again. It isn’t easy, I know, but it can be done. I too struggle with this one, but I am trying. I do it for me. I do everything for ME!


  • Although many people tell an occasional lie, for others, lying is a way of life, making it impossible for you ever to trust them.
  • According to a new approach known as Mimicry Deception Theory, there are 13 key indicators for you to be on the lookout for.
  • Using this new approach can help you foil those who would seek to get the better of you and beat them at their own game.

The Mimicry Deception Theory of Chronic Lying

According to University of Nevada’s Melissa de Roos and Daniel Jones (2022), the long-term deceiver is someone who, unlike the casual or occasional liar, is willing to put a great deal of thought and effort into knowing what other people expect in order to tailor their actions to meet those expectations. As they note, although estimates from previous research place the prevalence of lies as averaging one or two a day, the distribution of lies “was skewed, such that a few prolific liars accounted for the majority of lies told” (p. 44).

To help understand and then pick out one of those prolific liars, the approach known as Mimicry Deception Theory (MDT) suggests that you track them down along four key components or dimensions. Knowing where that coworker falls along those dimensions could be just what you need to avoid being constantly played for a fool.

  • The first component of MDT is community integration. The chronic deceiver is willing to take whatever time is needed to establish their credibility by ensuring the trust of the people in their surroundings. The more integrated they are, the more likely it is that you won’t question their behavior. It might take them weeks or months to develop those seemingly deep connections, but, if they’re playing their game consistently enough, others won’t question their sincerity.
  • Complexity of deception forms the second component in MDT. A simple lie may be just that, without too many bells and whistles. “I forgot” is one such lie. For the chronic deceiver, though, the lie has to become highly elaborate if it’s going to be maintained over time. The coworker can’t just come up with one fancy outfit but has to accumulate a large-enough collection to create the impression of endless closetful’s of high-end attire (potentially acquired at thrift stores).
  • Next, if the whole point is to get something out of other people over the course of the deceptive behavior, the factor of resource extraction describes the prolonged strategy of only taking small amounts of what the liar seeks (money or possibly objects) at any one time.
  • Finally, the fourth factor is the one that perhaps is most important. Detectability refers to the measures the deceiver takes to avoid being caught. Again, it doesn’t matter if someone catches you in a lie and you’re able to get away. Long-term deception demands that the liar can keep their dishonesty hidden from view.

Now that you can see the scientific basis for the MDT scale, it’s time to look at its 13 items. You would complete the MDS by rating each item on a 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) scale after reading the following prompt (excerpted):

We have all tried to convince someone of something that may not be entirely true. Perhaps it is for selfish gain, desperate need, or for the greater good. As such, we have all committed a deception in life; it is part of being human. For the following questions, please think back to a time where you deceived someone. For the following questions, please indicate HOW you behaved.

  1. I took my time convincing the person.
  2. I covered all my bases in an attempt to persuade.
  3. I ensured that I looked like I walked the walk.
  4. I made sure that I came across as friendly/helpful/trustworthy.
  5. I got to know the person well.
  6. I got to know the person’s family and friends.
  7. I spent a lot of time with the person.
  8. I took the things I wanted/needed slowly.
  9. I took so little at a time that no one noticed right away.
  10. I took things sustainably so that they never ran out.
  11. I maintained an excellent reputation.
  12. I ensured that no one would ever suspect me of anything bad.
  13. I left no immediate doubt about my good intentions.

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