Celebration Time!! One Domain Comes To An End!

I’ve been watching this auction on GoDaddy all week and today is the last day! All the visits you see are from me… lol I got in every day to see if some unlucky person was silly enough to take over this very personally tilted website from them at this price. I guess no one has bothered to look, except for me, as they are not as invested as I am. Good riddance I say!

Yes, I celebrate this small victory today as it was one of the more nasty-filled websites they had about me. I am glad this site, with its nasty content, is finally gone from the internet! In time, I expect to see them all go!

Once they do, I too will delete all references to them from my site. Nothing lasts forever and this domain being deleted by the toxic tenants is evidence of that! In time, smear campaigns DO END!

Hubby and I plan on celebrating this victory later today, as the deletion of this website is a big thing for us. The toxic tenants created it on December 21, 2019, hoping the general public would become offended and get involved. If they didn’t want anyone reading their content to get involved with the situation, why post it publicly for all to see? They didn’t just write their complaints, they very clearly named and shamed others in the content. They wrote about people, not the situation, hoping to turn others against all named.

I had great fear of being attacked for the false claims made on all these websites and now I have one less to worry about!!

This is the third website they created to disappear, as the sjtomembervandanapatel.com never had any content at all and was deleted Sept 2021, and now socialjusticetribunalsontario.ca came online in June 2020 only stuck around till June 2022. I believe they deleted this site as they intended to file another application against the school there and didn’t want their actions to possibly interfere. In my opinion, it was way too late as the SJTO was well aware of that website and its nasty contents at the time it came out on the internet.

These are the types of behaviours that we all need to be aware of!

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