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Smearing is how Narcissists and Toxic People attempt to sabotage your reputation by making you look bad. They will spread rumours and share vulnerable secrets to others that they gained during Legal processes about you. They run to your friends and family and tell them awful things you did to them and play Victim to gain sympathy.

As noted in the article below, there isn’t much you can do about false accusations, except keeping track of them.The time will come that all will be revealed! Watch for things they do, and wait, for them to slip up. It will happen, given the time.

It doesn’t matter what you do, the only thing that works in your favour is time.

Time will expose the truth. 

It takes time for the Legal applications filed to go through the System, but once they do, it will expose the LIARS and Smear Campaigners! 


What is the most effective way to stop false accusations (especially those from a narcissist) in their tracks?


Is to get out of the narcissist’s damn face.

Because it doesn’t matter what you do,

You can agree, disagree, defend yourself, take it, cry, yell, or be quiet,

The narcissist is on a mission.

They’re accusing you falsely because they have a goal in mind.

Which could be any of the following things:

  • They’re justifying their own behavior by making you the bad guy that deserves such treatment.
  • They’re projecting so that they get to feel flawless.
  • They’re picking a fight because they’re fucking someone else and they need to go do that right now.

Whatever the reason is for them accusing you of anything,

Know this:

Any and everything a narcissist accuses you of,

Is a confession of what they’re doing.

Yes. You better believe that the narcissist is doing all that.

And more.

This behavior is caused by their disorder and will never stop.

The argument is escalating because that’s what the narcissist wants. They want it to escalate so that they get to achieve at least one of the above listed desired results.

You can’t stop it.

So what you do is this:

You decide that you’re no longer entertaining insanity.

You pack their shit and tell them to go use that bitch mouth for what it’s made for.

Because enough is enough.

Rent is due.

Just like every other month they weren’t putting that mouth to good use.


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