Unmaking Kory & Allison Read’s Narcissism

I enjoy reading articles on Psychology Today, they are very informative for me over the past few years. My Facebook is full of articles from this site on Mental Health. even from some science websites. The more education I get, the better I feel! I laugh at their written garbage these days, as I have […]

October 11, 2018 Document By Kory & Allison Read

I came across this document they submitted to HRTO, another one that didn’t get added to their applications, as it was not included in their original papers. This was sent October 11, 2018 to HRTO and where they share pictures of my niece and her family, with her partner and 4 young children, and is […]

Some of Stella Reddy’s Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are something I have had to relearn about the past couple of years, as I realized I didn’t really have any at all. I sat around the past few years allowing other people to influence my decisions and It was not a good way for me to live. I gave in, a lot, to […]

Integrity Is Important For Stella Reddy

Integrity is important to me and always has been, in all my life. As even noted by the Adult Tenant Bullies, I follow the rules, as I believe they are there for my safety just as much as they were for tenants and property owners! Besides, rules are easy to remember and are consistent. Once […]

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