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Celebration Time!! One Domain Comes To An End!

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I’ve been watching this auction on GoDaddy all week and today is the last day! All the visits you see are from me… lol I got in every day to see if some unlucky person was silly enough to take over this very personally tilted website from them at this price. I guess no one has bothered to look, except for me, as they are not as invested as I am. Good riddance I say!

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Safeguard Yourself From Toxic People!

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Have you ever come across someone who seems to embody every negative trait imaginable? I’m talking about those people who blame everyone and everything except themselves for their problems, who have no problem spreading malicious lies about others, and who believe they are always right no matter what. They are arrogant, critical, and boastful, and have no problem “exposing” what they believe you are.