Contents: Written By Kory & Allison Read

The words written on this page sent me into a tailspin of paranoia and extreme fear, as Kory Read & Allison Read shared here pictures: of the building, one of the owners, and myself and my husband. It was so we were easy to find,  that I am easy to find. 
You can imagine the extreme fear I felt, of total strangers being incited by Kory Read to come and attack me, my husband, the property or even one of the other tenants, just to make a statement. 

Closure With Kory & Allison Read and Domain

Don’t ever allow someone else to shame you into shutting off your own voice. Tell your story to as many people as you can until it is heard, as it is important to your own personal journey of recovery. All it takes is one person to hear you, even if it’s just yourself!

Don’t hide away, read articles and blogs online, talk to professionals, get the help you need to get out of your head and see just what exactly your Bullies are doing to you! It will save your sanily and maybe even your life! 

Remember, know one knows you like you do, so don’t ever accept the words of another over your own truth. 

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