Effects of StellaReddy.com On My Life

How stellareddy.com being made and posted online by total strangers has affected my life. There has been many issues with my mental health.

Kory Read: Don’t Trust http://playlearnhavefun.com/

While I know that generally people are too smart to fall for the contents within such a site, especially when there is no information there about the people who would be looking after the children, it could happen and I am begging you to please not fall for this scam. Kory Read should not be responsible for children with his ability to write out his personal opinions about total strangers like he does

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Kory Read: Gaslighting and Manipulations Continue!!!

Both the domains below contain the same contents and was written by the same person. The only difference is the HTTP and HTTPS. Once you put a SSL on the site, it will become HTTPS without the main domain of stellareddy.com but it is still there and will still link to the same domain. I learned a lot over the past few yrs about domains and how they work! 

How can you dispute this obvious proof? 



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Stella Reddy’s Recovery From Kory Read & Allison Read’s Psychological Abuse

I refuse to remain living in the past and have reached the point I can move on with my life. The past few weeks, reposting my pages on my new server, has helped a great deal with my recovery and getting past the “reaction” phase of stellareddy.com and its contents. I will always monitor this site through software for changes and will respond if needed and I will still watch for my name, with stellareddy.com, showing up on other sites and get it removed.

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Narcissistic Victim Syndrome Applies

Kory Read is a manipulator, using domains in personal names, against  these people. It don’t matter the content anymore, it’s the intent behind it. This is a nasty fact after dealing with so much abuse from other people. While my Bullies whine online about my “boo hoo pity blog” they say this as they don’t want to be responsible for causing any of these symptoms in someone else. They have to try and convince you I am fake and imaginary and to dehumanize me, trying to convince you that I am lying once again and don’t have any of these issues so they won’t be blamed.

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