Canadian Rights: Apply to All, Even Stella Reddy

Just because you say it, doesn't make it so

I wanted to share some of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that Adult Tenant Bullies, Kory & Allison Read, copied and pasted into their Divisional Court Application on their Appeal of their eviction in Nov 2017. I want you to see their total hypocrisy in their words and actions!

This is where my anger still comes from: their total hypocrisy in their words and actions. They harp on personal rights they feel were violated on their end, all while showing proof they are violating my personal rights, with and the other sites that contain my name.

These Bullies wanted to stress to Divisional Court how they were protected and claiming that these rights were ignored in the Hearing with Landlord and Tenant Board. As per the Divisional Court decision released April 15, 2019, none of this was relevant to their eviction and there was no bias. I am glad I went to that hearing in February 2019, it was funny to watch Kory Read try to bluster his way through it. It was easy to tell he walked into this room full of confidence, that quickly got deflated, and I could see it. He had such high hopes for this hearing that never came to pass. Once I saw that he couldn’t lie his way through this hearing, I knew he would lose all of it.

Yep, I was a little scared that Kory Read could lie his way through this hearing, but I am glad to see my fears were unfounded. These judges saw right through Kory Read, just like everyone does in time. Just like I have!

What these Bullies tend to forget, is that I too am also covered under these Rights and Freedoms. They show how they obliterate them in the content on,,,  

Every person in Canada

  1. Proceedings in criminal and penal matters – 11. Any person charged with an offence has the right (d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing

by an independent and impartial tribunal;

By Kory & Allison Read registering and posting on November 2, 2017, they violated these rights. and instead

  1. subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

What Kory & Allison Read did, violated my personal rights and it is easy to see it. 

Kory Read turned around and did way worse to me and my personal rights, than what he ever claimed was done to him. He violated my right to privacy, my right to a speedy hearing with HRTO with his requests for delays and not submitting documents as requested, but most of all, Kory & Allison Read violated my right of presumed innocence and right to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal. 

Kory & Allison Read instead decided to be the Judge, Jury and Executioner by making and posting those Domains on the internet filled with their personal determinations, taking away my right to a hearing in front of a Tribunal.  Kory Read exposed personal information about me and others that he gained during legal processes, and that was against my rights as well. As a result of this action, they have subjected me, and everyone else in the personally titled domains, to cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

Kory & Allison Read portray themselves as innocent victims, all while they subject me to cruel and unusual treatment with that domain in my name,, and its vicious contents. Such hypocrisy on display and so frustrating… Shows that Kory & Allison Read believes in double standards….

How could they think they are innocent, when they do these things that are so obvious? They own those sites, they are the writers of all the contents there, no disputing that, yet they claim to be innocent victims? Do you think these people are INNOCENT?

No other action has ever proven to me their Narcissistic traits more clearly than this. For almost 6 years, I had to put up with Kory & Allison Read touting their “personal rights” they feel were violated, all the while I watched him post and share on his nasty speculations, showing such definitive proof of their own acts of violating my personal rights.

You would think that Kory & Allison Read think these rights ONLY apply to them, not anyone else!

That is why I get so angry still, all their actions of hypocrisy I still see. Do as I say, not as I do, seems to be Kory & Allison Read’s motto! They can register and post on a domain in my personal name, but the minute I do my own site, he goes ballistic and complains, thinking he has the right to question me over it? it is this convoluted things I see that bug me. They do stuff, yet bitch at for doing the same? It is so easy to see it all as retribution for their eviction and the losses in Tribunals and Divisional Court.

Just because their names are not on these domains, don’t matter, as there is no one else in the whole wide world who would do websites, like This situation is only personal to Kory & Allison Read. No one has a reason to do these domains, with their malicious content, except Kory & Allison Read, as it is a situation they were involved in personally.

I have no doubts anymore that these Adult Tenant Bullies walked away from their Human Rights of Ontario applications, as they knew they would lose and would be held to account for what they did instead. Those domains no doubt violate the Human Rights of the targets named in the personal titles.

After we got notified in August 2019 of the scheduled hearing in Jan 2020, Kory Read got a little flustered, as he sent in 10 form 10’s filled with demands of HRTO that they ignored. One was even about my application I did, that didn’t even have his name on it, yet he expected them to give him copies?

On October 2, 2019, Kory Read sent in a Order to Suspend the Summary Hearing set for January 17, 2020 and with the form, was the document I copied below. This letter shows their total lack of respect for the process HE started with his applications. You will also see “it appears” “it seems” a lot as well, followed by Kory Read opinions on the matter. 

Once again, Kory Read is alluding to collusion amongst all all with HRTO, implying that they are deliberately not giving him what he wants, to allow me and others to walk free of their applications. This is why Kory Read did the website, that came June 2020, all in retaliation. You can see his progression of thoughts in this document and all the “it appears” are his own personal determinations, not facts he can prove. I see no solid evidence in this letter that shows HRTO is doing as he claims, do you?

This is the real Kory Read, that is shown in this letter. He is very disrespectful in this documents towards people working in this office and he is making accusations once again. All the rude, condescending suppositions show his true nature. They called it a “clear pattern of deliberately stalling” yet, who was the one stalling? They already had a delay for legal counsel, so why didn’t this legal counsel help them?

HRTO is very clear in their directions and their website offers a lot of information. Even in my compromised state, I understood what the CAD was looking for. Kory Read has always stalled in fulfilling his obligations with his applications to HRTO and in the end, blamed the people working there for the reason why he didn’t. Once again, Kory Read never accepts responsibility!

Is not 99% of all filed SJTO/HRTO Applications based on an Applicants ALLEGATIONS AND ACTIONS by the Respondents towards them, without any SOLID proof or a confession? 

This above was Kory Read’s belief when he filed with this tribunal. He truly thought that all he had to do was say someone is a racist person, and it will be accepted without any evidence of it.  He is also accusing the people there of having a pre-determined opinion of Allison Read and our family. 

I don’t know why I get so surprised over all this still after so long, but there is it. I just cannot understand how someone can be so vicious towards another, not like this. I would feel so ashamed of myself if I wrote like this to anyone, especially when I have no proof of what I am accusing them off!

HRTO Files 2018-32808-I, 2019-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I
October 2, 2019
As the SJTO/HRTO has a clear pattern of deliberately stalling any attempts to provide us with any clarification and other information in regards to the Vandana Patel Order requesting a Summary Judgement hearing in January 2020.
We are requesting an Order suspending the Summary Hearing and setting an undetermined date in the future after and not until all of our complaints are fully heard by the Ombudsman’s Office in regards to this and other issues.
It is clear that the SJTO/HRTO is not giving us the requested and required information in their attempts to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so their racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.
We have request on numerous occasions since Vandana Patel created her Order for clarification, but have steadily been denied any sound response, despite being told by your staff that we are entitled to it.
It appears that the SJTO/HRTO intends to continue to keep the concerns/issues of Vandana Patel very vague, obscure and unclear, continuing to keep her issues hidden from our family, and to keep us in the dark in their attempts to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so their racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.
As there are probably more than thousand legal documents, emails, pictures, audio and video recordings, transcripts on file, showing the endless amounts of racist and discriminatory behaviour by the Respondents over the years.
The SJTO/HRTO cannot expect our family to know what Vandana Patel is confused or unclear about in her regards to “ issues ”.
The SJTO/HRTO state: “ [3] Unfortunately, the parties have purported to file a great deal of material by e-mail that mostly consists of allegations of misconduct about their opposing parties”
It is clear that the SJTO/HRTO seem to think that “great-deal of material consists of allegations of misconduct ” and that “ [4] the material the parties continue to file is irrelevant to these proceedings…. Processing the parties’ back and forth complaints is an unnecessary burden on the Tribunal and amounts to an abuse of process. ”
So again it appears clear that the SJTO/HRTO thinks that Respondents behaviour is “ irrelevant ”, and that any documented proof of it “ amounts to an abuse of process ” against our family.
So it also appears that only a verbal or written confession from the Respondents does not “ amount to an abuse of process. ”
Is not 99% of all filed SJTO/HRTO Applications based on an Applicants ALLEGATIONS AND ACTIONS by the Respondents towards them, without any SOLID proof or a confession?
It appears that our family’s Applications are being held to a high standard than all others and has been pre-judged as being “ irrelevant ” and is under consideration for the violation of “abuse of process ” by the SJTO/HRTO for showing the continuous racist and discriminatory behaviour of the Respondents since filing.
Our family sure hopes that unlike Ruth Carey and Kevin Lundy who spoke about our family and our October 31, 2017 LTB Application prior to our September 26, 2017 hearing where Kevin Lundy had a pre-determined opinion of Allison Read and our family.
That Jacqueline Baines or anyone else from your office and Vandana Patel are not doing the same thing.
It appears that the SJTO/HRTO are viewing the actions, words and behaviour of the Respondents as “ irrelevant ” and our families as an “ abuse of process ” in their attempt to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so their racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.
The SJTO/HRTO stated “ All outstanding preliminary issues relevant to these files will be addressed by the Vice Chair at the Preliminary/Summary Hearing ”
Again this planned ambush tactic by the SJTO/HRTO towards are family for Vandana Patel to address her “ outstanding preliminary issues relevant to these files, at the Preliminary/Summary Hearing ” is undoubtedly and without argument is bias against our family and favours the Respondents.
It is clear that the burden at this stage is on our family to prove the Respondents have acted racist and in a discriminatory manner against our family, and for the SJTO/HRTO to stated that we will not learn of Vandana Patel “ outstanding, issue ” until 10 minutes before we are to present our evidence relating to 3 issues that we do not know what they are.
It is clearly bias and another attempt by the SJTO/HRTO to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so your racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free.
At this time, because it took the SJTO/HRTO more than 3 weeks to address our complaints, and have again steadily stonewalled in your attempts to clarify anything for our family in your attempts to place our family at a disadvantage, and it will take us approximately a week from today to continue to prepare our Ombudsman complaints, and then however long to wait to get the answers we have been waiting for since May 2019.
We request that the Summary Judgement Hearing be moved to an undetermined date in the future at this time, as to allow for us to enforce our rights to file our complaints against the SJTO/HRTO.
Our family cannot prepare any evidence or arguments to issues that we do not know exist. We have no idea what issues exist with Vandana Patel in regards to
– Delay
– Has another Proceeding appropriately dealt with the substance of the applications.
– Is there no reasonable prospect that all or part of this application will succeed.
We cannot argue what we don’t know and we are not a family of mind readers. We should not have to guess and try to identify what Vandana Patel MIGHT have issues with, and we certainly cannot speculate what Vandana Patel MIGHT NOT have issue with!
At this point the phone call Summary Hearing will have to be over the period of 3-5 days, as we would have no choice but to argue and explain old and new evidence in better clarification and understanding for Vanda Patel who clearly could not absorb our material fully the first time around.
Kory Read

I did speak to HRTO after their applications were dismissed January 22, 2020, and was told I could re-apply and use what they gave me during their files, but I just did not have the head to do that once again at that time, and wait another 19 months. I just wanted to get out of there. I was told that as long as remains online, I can apply for a hearing to determine they are violating my human rights. As long as I apply within the first year that a domain expires, it will be accepted, so I have time to decide if I will do that or not. I can even do it from here and don’t need to be in Ontario! It might be worth my while to apply to HRTO once again and show how they violated my Human Rights with that domain they have on the internet. I have tons of evidence that shows they own it! I have till April 2024…. lol

I hope that writing out all the stuff that angers me, will help me work it out. Writing does help me, a lot. It is empowering to have my own voice once again and being able to speak for myself. I have come a very long way, more so in the past year. I will get there, I have no doubts anymore!


  1. Life, liberty and security of person – 7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the

person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of

fundamental justice.

  1. Proceedings in criminal and penal matters – 11. Any person charged with an offence has the

right (b) to be tried within a reasonable time;

  1. Proceedings in criminal and penal matters – 11. Any person charged with an offence has the

right (d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing

by an independent and impartial tribunal;

  1. Treatment or punishment – 12. Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and

unusual treatment or punishment.

  1. Interpreter – 14. A party or witness in any proceeding who does not understand or speak the

language in which the proceedings are conducted or who is deaf has the right to the assistance

of an interpreter.

  1. Equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of law 15. (1) Every individual is

equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the

law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or

ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

  1. Enforcement of guaranteed rights and freedoms – 24. (1) Anyone whose rights or freedoms, as

guaranteed by this Charter, have been infringed or denied may apply to a court of competent

jurisdiction to obtain such remedy as the court considers appropriate and just in the


  1. Exclusion of evidence bringing administration of justice into disrepute – (2) Where, in

proceedings under subsection (1 }, a court concludes that evidence was obtained in a manner

that infringed or denied any rights or freedoms guaranteed by this Charter, the evidence shall

be excluded if it is established that, having regard to all the circumstances, the admission of it in

the proceedings would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

  1. Multicultural heritage – 27. This Charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the

preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians.

  1. Rights guaranteed equally to both sexes – 28. Notwithstanding anything in this Charter, the

rights and freedoms referred to in it are guaranteed equally to male and female persons.

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