I wrote this page a long time ago when I was first diagnosed with C-PTSD, major depression with episodes of psychosis in 2019. I did have a few episodes of psychosis where I was lost in my head and the hallucinations it was giving me. They were all based on extreme fear, I don’t remember much about them but I heard from my husband what I was saying during them. During one of them, I even packed up my stuff and was going to leave and go live in my car I had at the time.
I was so angry when I wrote this and it shows the terrible back and forth I was doing at the time. I was driving people to read their garbage, to see for themselves the terrible things these people were sharing online in a domain in my name. I came to see it don’t matter, I know its there and I know what it did to my psyche. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore. 
Some of my earlier writings I share, all came from this angry resentful place I was in and you can see it in my words. This is the effects of being bullied so badly by Adult Tenants!


I read a great article on Quora Digest this morning that explains C-PTSD. Being exposed to toxic stress for a prolonged period of your life is a difficult task. I have been diagnosed with C-PTSD, caused by Bullying and Smear Campaigns.

Yep, I am driving people to read Kory Read’s content as written online, so they can see for themselves his intentions and what a smear campaign looks like. You will see how a total stranger uses his nasty personal opinions to try and influence others into action.

I want to expose this action by Kory Read for what it really is. Revenge for being evicted.

Talking to Kory Read was like riding a roller coaster, you ask a direct question and get rambling replies, that talk about nothing. All word salad, as they call it. Kory Read didn’t care about professional boundaries, he acted like I was his personal slave that he could boss around and tell how things will be done. He even printed out documents to show me I was wrong to try and put me in my place!

The process of Human Rights was a waste of time as Kory Read refused to answer any direct questions and continually brought up things that were never mentioned before, trying to add more drama. This is why they were losing, they kept trying to add more stuff that never happened. HRTO wouldn’t accept anything he sent in after his original application and it was is responsibility to prove it, not for me to disprove it! Human Rights Process, Interim Decision, Case Assessment Direction Released Against Kory Read & Allison Read 2019

Kory Read had to prove his case against me, it wasn’t my job to disprove it!

Sorry Kory Read, HRTO don’t accept personal opinions as fact, you need actual proof! This is why you lost all legal actions you instigated, as the truth came to light and the facts didn’t match your opinions! No one will accept the word of just one person, over any situation.

As they say, time has a way of showing the truth, as it has in this case.

Kory Read is lying through his teeth and manipulating things to fit his narrative. He only shows parts of things, not everything, as everything would contradict him, just like the documents he does show. He takes what he wants from it that shows his view and avoids the rest. These actions caused C-PTSD within me!

The website https://socialjusticetribunalsontario.ca/ is full of this tactic, as on this site Kory Read is going to attempt to change history as he is adding things that were never there before, and taking things out that were. I have a record of all content that was originally on this site, all 28 pages of Timeline of Facts and they have been saved on Wayback Machine as well. You can tell the changes, as they are quite a few!

The Smear Campaign instigated by Kory Read online within various websites for the past 5 yrs was my turning point and all the tricks I learned over the years to get myself out of my head, no longer worked.

I was bombarded almost daily for over a year by emails and verbal attacks from Kory & Allison Read and from other tenants in the building whom Kory Read got at. If you read any of my other posts where I share their nastiness you will see it for yourself.

I had to sit in the office a few times while I listened to Kory Read in the lobby tear my character to shreds to anyone who would listen.

If I sat on my balcony of my apartment and Kory Read came or went, he deliberately recorded me on his phone and if anyone was around, he made the point to speak to them, loud enough, so I would hear.

Any chance Kory Read had to bash me and tear me down to others, he did it. I had tenants coming to me, crying, as they felt pressured to join his Tenants Association. It got so bad, the owners had to sent out a notice about it and then Kory Read sends out his own. Tenants told me that Kory Read is “out to get” me and have me fired as they saw his actions as a personal vendetta. It was easy to see that was the intention.

In the paragraph below, you can see Kory Read’s intentions. This situation with Kory Read bugging other tenants, all over a letter I sent them about their dripping air conditioners that I state I saw myself while walking around, show his mentality and determination to get to me, in any way he can even if he has to make it up!

Just so we are clear, I did not have any conversations with any tenant below them about their dripping A/C’s. I saw this myself, which is clearly stated in the letter sent to them.

Goes to show that Kory Read saw what he wanted to see, which wasn’t the truth.

“I can video you stating that this conversation about my air conditioner never happened and I can play it for ghetto judicator. I totally understand you might be scared and worry for your family. But if you let this slide you are playing right into what she wants. Stella and Alton Properties do what they do because everyone is scared. If you do nothing they are going to know you got a copy of the letter and did nothing. If you think Stella is bad now with her N5 ‘ s. Do nothing and then watch her. Right now she being quite because of all the court stuff I am doing to her and Alto Properties. But when that is all said and done she will return to her old bully ways. Your letter or conversation with Stella will go a long way in getting her out of here. Plus I have to think that if she is found to be guilty of lying about you and your family. There has to be some legal compensation you can go after in the Landlord Tenant Board or civil court . There is no way she can call your name in something without your permission. Especially when it is a lie. Anyways please let me know where you stand about this issue and how you would like to proceed in dealing with Stella. If you do not reply I will assume that you are not willing to stand up against them and I will not bother you anymore. Thanks Kory“

“Someone with 2 parking spots should be the ones to find alternative parking for one of their cars/motorcycles as I was told for my one car. If not and you force me to find alternative parking and I have to pay for it. I will be deducting it from the rent. ”

This is Kory & Allison Read’s mentality. They demand that we take a spot away from someone else, so they can have it. If we didn’t, and they had to pay elsewhere, they were taking it from the rent. They already deducted monies for a toaster oven. Where is that provision in the RTA?

Yes, their attitude pissed me off as they were very demeaning to others.

In all honesty, I had more going on in my life besides the Bullying I received from Kory & Allison Read. I also have been dealing with severe medical issues for many years. I have Cancer that keeps coming back since 1999 that I have had to have numerous surgeries for to remove lesions, Fibromyalgia, the severe arthritis in my knees and hips from the physical damage I did to my body from the house fire I had in 1991 and the PTSD I developed from that, and the latest was the Cervical Stenosis in 2015. I am disabled.

All these physical health issues also play a part on my mental health. If you know anyone going through any of these medical conditions, you know it affects them mentally. It’s a part of life.

Knowing that one day I will end up in a wheelchair, being dependent on others for daily living, is not a easy thing to accept and it plays on me at times. Add dealing with the emotions caused by a smear campaign don’t help. I am bombarded with mental and physical health issues and though I know it all don’t come from this assassination online of me and my life, it don’t help.

Kory Read likes to call me “fake”, as he wants to negate the effects his actions have caused me in my life. Kory Read refuses to see that having the content that he has online about myself could cause mental distress. He refuses to accept that he is responsible for causing any mental distress. Its okay, other people see it, not just me. I know this to be true and it has become enough for me.

Kory Read likes to place labels to dehumanize me and others, so people only see the label, not the person. This is a tactic that narcissit will do!

There are circumstances that increase the possibility of having developed C-PTSD. Everything that qualifies as a scary environment besides the obvious:

  • emotionally abusive relationships (relatives, leaders, spouses, job environment, oppressive/racist systems, etc)
  • experiencing constant rejection, bullying, criticism, shaming, unpredictability, surgeries, frequent or prolonged separation from caregivers, instability, frequent relocation, etc.

I share some of my story in the response I did for Human Rights, as it was pertinent to show how I was affected by the actions of Kory & Allison Read. Their actions of spreading rumours, shaming, negating how I did my job, and the bullying, does affect a person mentally.

My body system changed during the past 3 years as I have experienced a lot of the below. The worst for me is the lack of trust I now have in people. I tend to believe what I see, not what I hear, but sometimes what I see is distorted and not what I think it is due to being paranoid. I do get paranoid quite a bit some days that I am working on.

I also learned a lot of my own triggers that set me off, and I am learning to control them.

The story and circumstances tell you how often and how severe the bodies system may have felt threatened. The more threatening and the longer the situation was endured, the higher the probability of having negative consequences that affect the way your nervous system operates.

Assess emotional stability

After learning about the possible situation that destabilized the system, it’s important to learn what type of strategies the person’s system “chose” for survival. Living in a threatening environment continuously activates survival strategies until it reaches the point where the system can’t handle any more small changes and make the changes permanent, becoming traumatized. After that, the system operates differently than before with the goal to stay afloat. This means that during the threat and after developing C-PTSD, the body suffers alterations trying to “adjust” to the circumstances. These adjustments could be seen as strategies for survival. They become automatic reactions that modify personality, behavior, and the sense of who the person is.

To assess emotional stability is necessary to understand what type of strategies developed due to the circumstances, and which ones are healthy and which ones are unhealthy, and how much control the person can exercise over them. An emotionally stable person can withstand difficult situations, handle adversity, and remain productive and capable throughout. If the person is not emotionally stable, that will reflect on the way they react, and the way they feel out of control.

Executive functions

Executive functions are altered by trauma. Having an assessment of them can also be an indication of whether trauma developed or not. People that suffer from C-PTSD will lack many of them. The list is extensive but it’s worth checking them. The more executive functions missing, the higher the probability of suffering from C-PTSD. That means that the prefrontal cortex (PFC) may have not developed appropriately, or that became inactive, slow, or imbalanced.

A good list of them could be found here What are the signs of poor executive functioning?


The list of symptoms is even longer than of all the functions of the prefrontal cortex. Here I included a very long list Antonieta Contreras’s answer to What are some unusual signs of C-PTSD?

Checking for symptoms is obviously necessary to evaluate the presence of C-PTSD. The more symptoms, the higher the probability of suffering complex trauma. Some of the most important symptoms are those similar to PTSD plus:

  • feelings of shame or guilt
  • difficulty controlling emotions
  • periods of losing attention and concentration (dissociation)
  • physical symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, chest pains and stomach aches
  • self-cutting and self-destructive behavior
  • isolating from friends and family
  • relationship difficulties
  • impulsivity
  • mood swings
  • extreme anxiety and irritability; uncontrollable anger and rage
  • paranoia and being suspicious of other people
  • feeling empty, hopeless, and worthless.

Emotional/Traumatic Reactions

Recognizing the way the system reacts and in what circumstances it reacts is a life long pursuit, but also necessary to evaluate whether complex trauma is present. We all have emotions and therefore, emotional reactions, but complex trauma reactions are out of the ordinary.

Their characteristic is that most people won’t understand them, while they are extremely evident for the sufferer. The sufferer would consider evident why they react the way they do, and spend log time trying to explain it or justifying themselves for it, while others may consider it inappropriate, extreme, illogical, and will may call it drama.

That creates confusion and further activation since the reason for the reaction and the reaction itself get invalidated. The sufferer believes s[h]e knows the reason but in reality, most people with C-PTSD won’t be aware of the connection with trauma, and therefore, don’t know the real reason for their reactions. They will attribute it to the event, or the actions of others when it’s really a reaction based on trauma. The traumatized person can’t let go easily the feelings of hurt, and the emotional dysregulation.


Once the nervous system gets altered on a semi-permanent basis, the perception of time, safety, and meaning get distorted.

  • Time

Time gets distorted and the past feels current, and the present may feel absent. People carry believes that were developed during the time of extreme stress, making them pervasive throughout their lives. For instance, If someone made fun of them and made them feel inadequate, they will feel inadequate in many circumstances even when they have proof that they are not. A series of events will make them feel inadequate even when it’s only them that perceive it that way. The way they felt during the development of the complex trauma will remain and will feel real years after the stressful/traumatizing situation is over.

  • Safety

People with complex trauma feel unsafe in general. They lack trust in others and in themselves. What for someone could be a comment, for someone that got traumatized due to criticism will sound like an attack. Something that seems mildly dangerous would be extremely scary for them.

  • Meaning

Since the person lives in survival mode, situations that seem “normal” to others could seem extreme (unfair, threatening, hurtful, infuriating, etc.) to someone with C-PTSD. They feel like victims or accept a martyr stance feeling less than others. They suffer from self-doubt constantly, and/or dissociate from the sense of who they are, and what the actions of others mean. They may lack a sense of style, or an understanding of social norms. Very often they find their own meaning of things trying to make sense of life.

Recognize triggers

Triggers are a good indication that the nervous system got altered and therefore there is trauma. Triggers have to do with the type of events, circumstances, or any other element that can cause distress either in an exaggerated way, or in an incomprehensible way. For example, people can get activated and start getting angry, feisty, ruminating, etc., because of someone throwing the garbage on the floor. For a person with no traumatic responses, the event will pass inadvertent or will fade away in minutes, while to someone with C-PTSD the distress could last hours or even days. They may seem illogical or extreme, but they have an effect on the person that feels absolutely real.

Even when it’s very hard to identify triggers right away, noticing that there are certain things that could create more distress that what could be considered normal is a good indication of dysregulation and possible traumatization.

Inexplicable medical issues

Most people that suffer from C-PTSD complain about medical issues that are hard to explain for medical professionals. They can also present chronic illnesses that are not congruent with their age or with their family medical histories. They could be allergies, digestive problems, pain, insomnia, and even rheumatoid arthritis.

The more of these indicators you have, the higher the probability of suffering from complex trauma.

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