Bad Reviews Accepted as Defamation

I saw this in the news last evening and actually got up and did a happy dance! It makes my heart happy to see that finally, people are starting to see and not tolerate bad actions done by others against a company or another individual out of spite!

I worked for many Property Management companies where Tenants would post bad reviews online about them or the Staff, all out of spite. I never had anyone come after me personally though until these Tenant Bullies. As noted in the released Court Decision, some of which I shared below, it shows this person acted out of Malice, he wanted to harm the business and in the process, the individuals behind the business as he also got personal against them.

Toxic Adult Bullies have made 6 websites, all out of Malice, hoping to harm the business of Alto Properties, rental building; David Strashin, Lawyer; Kevin Lundy, Lawyer; and personally, myself. KR went out of his way to try and cause deliberate hardship to each person.

This also includes Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minster of Dominica where his wife is from and where her family still lives, and St. Catherines Animal Hospital and now Connaught Public School. KR has made websites deliberately to try and hurt their personal and professional lives. Just as this man did in B.C. to this company. I don’t find any difference, KR has promoted his nasty speculations far and wide on the internet.

Toxic Adult Bullies is the worst I have seen, as they made a domain in companies’ names, calling it “Professional Misconduct Review” and “Customer Reviews.” I don’t know about the Animal Hospital in St. Catherine’s but I do know that Toxic Adult Bullies were never customers of Davis Stranshin, the Lawyer. They are just sharing info they found about this Lawyer online, trying to imply that this man is a bad lawyer when they never worked with him to know that.

David Stephen Strashin

Professional Misconduct Review

St Catharines Animal Hospital
Customer Review

Seeing news like this, helps me feel like the World is finally starting to wake up and find ways to stop Nasty Malicious People from doing terrible things against one another, all out of spite. It also verifies to me that you need to save everything you see online against you, as evidence, as you never know when you might need it.

Personally, I feel that people in general are becoming more selfish. Being isolated for so long and getting away from feeling you have to interact with others, as you are not allowed, did tend to make me think more in terms of myself and what I want to do with my day. It became a habit that I now have. I don’t have many people I interact with on a personal basis, most are online, and I am okay with that. It frees up my day to focus on myself and what I can do to make myself happy.

It allowed me to be free for my own self-care and I see it in many others as well. It is good in one way, and bad in others. It has created a disconnect from each other and that is sad to me.

 The defamatory statements were posted on the internet and appeared whenever someone searched for Longhouse’s website. This means they could be seen by a wide audience, including potential customers. Mr. Ginther admitted in cross-examination that his intention was to try and discourage customers from doing business with Longhouse.

[58]         I find that Mr. Ginther acted with malice when he posted the Yelp review. As noted, he admitted that his intention was to harm the plaintiffs’ business. He accused them of deceit and fraud and set out details, which referred to creating “fake” orders and “fake” invoices, and to Mr. Jenkins’ cold calls as “finding his prey.” Yet Mr. Ginther also stated that Longhouse “assumed” he was purchasing the cedar siding. Mr. Ginther stated in this review that he had not talked about the cedar siding with Mr. Jenkins when he had.
[59]         Mr. Ginther did not post the Yelp review until 18 months after the dispute, which was two months after he had posted the shorter and less detailed Google review. He had no explanation for this timing and he repeatedly denied feeling any animosity towards the plaintiffs.
[60]         In my view, whatever Mr. Ginther’s reason for posting the Google review, the only reasonable explanation for his decision to post the more detailed and damaging Yelp review two months later is that he wanted to do more to damage the plaintiffs’ business. This conduct constitutes malice and attracts an award of aggravated damages.

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