Audio By Adult Bullies

I am sharing audio files that I received that were taken secretly by these Tenants. I didn’t record these things, the Tenants did and they shared them with me and others, even some on the internet!

Audio by Adult Bullies!

You can listen for yourself and make your own determinations, as I have made mine.

One, it is evident that these Tenants were recording conversations and videos they had with others, without their knowledge, including myself. That action alone is enough to make anyone very uncomfortable as it feels very unethical.

Can you imagine? I wonder, how many recordings does this person have that he secretly took of me, of other people, even now? That is a scary thought but if these exist, I can only imagine how many more they took!

I had a body cam I wore during working hours but you could see it very clearly on my person and I informed people I had it on!! You are required to be open and honest about that stuff, and very careful about where you share it too.

I am using these files now to show you the lengths they were willing to go to in their Bullying and Smear Campaign. I know how low these Toxic People will go in their endeavours to negatively affect their Targets and there is no depraved act they will not do.

I didn’t know I was being recorded at the apartment door that day and at no time did this man tell me he was doing that either. I didn’t know he did this until he sent it to HRTO during the process.

In this first audio recording from August 24, 2017, you can hear the demands being made to me. You can’t miss the aggressive Bullying tone of voice of the man in this recording. You also can’t miss my voice either and all the times I was rudely interrupted from speaking, though I did remain calm. I walked away.

At no time does KR bring up any prior meeting at some restaurant during this conversation at their apartment door, either! It was only a month later that the hearing with LTB was held, yet, they had me in front of him this day and not a word was said about it. I find that very suspicious too!

It would have been nice to have this audio at the Landlord and Tenant Board, but he stood there and similar things, so yes, it was their strong adamance to refuse entry that was why they were evicted. When a person acts and speaks in the manner shown in this audio recording, it is an indication they are a Bully.

What do you think the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario made of the secretly recorded audio and videos?

There is another file they shared of him and one of the property owners too, showing they secretly recorded conversations with them as well! I won’t share that here, as I am not in that audio, but it does contain gossip about me! In that audio, KR says that no one in the building “likes Stella Reddy”, as if that was such an important factor in my working there. It didn’t bother me if Tenants liked me or not, I wasn’t there to do a job, not make friends with Tenants.

If they recorded these specific conversations, can you imagine how many others they might have recorded with other people?

No wonder I didn’t trust them, they gave me no reason to trust them!

The audio below is the complete recording of the Landlord and Tenant Board hearing that was held on September 26, 2017, that was used to decide their eviction. In that audio, you can also hear their adamant statements once again of what they wanted. You can hear them goading the audience and even me at times.

You can’t miss their statements that they didn’t want anyone in the apt. when no one was home, as they were afraid of things going missing. They claim that people were coming and going and nothing was being done in the manner they thought it would, so they decided “enough was enough” and refused entry unless it was when they wanted.

In either case, in the audio above and this one, these Tenants show their total disrespect for the rules of apartment living, as they were very adamant over their demands and how they wanted their tenancy to go, as you can’t miss it. They were very demanding and you can see that in all they did.

You will hear me express my shock and surprise at what they were saying over the details of this alleged “prior meeting” they tried to say we had in June 2016. You can tell it was the first time I heard the details of this lie they made up, and this was also noted by the adjudicator. My response was gibberish as I was shocked and couldn’t think straight after hearing all the lies they told.

Over the years, I have had professionals listen to this recording for me and all said similar things, it is easy to tell from my tone of voice that I was hearing their allegations for the first time.

I proved that meeting did not happen, at all. There was no he said/she said with that scenario, as I have documentation I provided of my whereabouts for every day in June 2016 that shows they outright lied. I spent a few days going through all my pictures, emails, text messages and Google timeline to find everything during June 2016 and typed it up for HRTO. Don’t you love Google History? It keeps track of your every movement!

There are some private things that the Toxic Tenants didn’t see that were part of my response, as they were private documents, but it helped show where I was for every day in June 2016 so HRTO could see it was not possible for me to be in 2 places the same time! It is kinda hard to be at some restaurant when I was laid up and not able to go anywhere for some of that time.

I assume that is why Toxic Tenants refused to give a specific date, as they didn’t know what I had that would disprove what they said!

The transcript of this audio is here: Landlord & Tenant Board Transcript: The Truth is Here About These Tenant’s Eviction!

I share below what they have on YouTube of the secretly recorded video they took of my sister’s friend one day. More evidence of their Bullying ways!

This man was a friend of my sisters, I didn’t know him well but I do know he was having some personal struggles, as I am sure you can hear his manner of speech in this video, which was why my sister was so upset.

Yes, this man’s actions made me very paranoid that day, as I know how these Bullies are with twisting things to their advantage, which was just what they did. This video is on YouTube, isn’t it?

No one else would post this video, let alone take it, as they know how morally wrong it is to do so, but these people are not normal. They share a video they secretly took of a phone conversation between 2 people that had absolutely nothing to do with them, but they used the situation to their advantage in very unethical ways!

KR & AR used this man and this video is evidence of that. That is all I see, not the content anymore, but the reason it was taken in the first place and shared publicly on YouTube. It is severe Bullying!

That is what I see when I look at this secretly recorded video, is a person being used and taken advantage of by someone else for their own terrible purpose. They had no interest in this person, except as a means to get more “dirt” on me and my family that they could use against me. This video is proof they did just that!!

Taking this video and posting it on YouTube show this person has no moral code. They don’t care who they hurt along the way in their Bullying of me, their Target!

These types of actions are very unethical and show a total lack of consideration for another human being. To me, it is disgusting behaviour from an Adult!

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