Assumptions Over Air Conditioners

This part of the ‘statement of speculations” that I received as part of the Human Rights Applications against me is about their own personal air conditioners that I found dripping onto the window, and balcony, below them during one of my walks around the property. I walked around every week with one of the owners!

I was flabbergasted to see this in there when my letter was very clear, as I made sure it was!

More word salad, trying to impress you with their many speculations over my actions and why I had the word “her” in the letter. These Tenants totally misread it deliberately to make me look bad once again.

More nit-picking!!

Not only do these Tenants jump to conclusions once again that they believe to be factual, but they also try to get this Tenant to do a letter stating that I lied. How could I have lied when I saw this water dripping for myself? If it wasn’t an issue, why did they fix it?

Nowhere do I say I spoke to any Tenant in that unit, they just assumed I did, based on their own skewed views once again. They wanted to take this incident to try and make me look bad and to claim I lied and that is just what they did, by making all these assumptions they couldn’t prove.

They think all they had to do was imply this was what I did, and it would be accepted as the truth. They learned it didn’t work that way.

Not my fault they want to misunderstand everything I did and make meaning of it that isn’t there, the least they could do is show some kind of proof of what they are suggesting!

Yes, there is nothing worse than Adult Bullies making things up based on their own very nasty thinking. I was always so confused when I would see incidents like this in their documents sent to HRTO, as it was pretty clear-cut to me. More evidence of their nit-picking over every little thing I did in my job there!

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