April 26, 2022 Ramblings

Be Proud

I hate having Fibromyalgia! I have sat here the past few hours in a fog… I can handle the pain, it’s the lack of focus I don’t like and not being able to concentrate too well. I usually have a Fibro Flare once a month. While I am in it, I can’t focus too well and my centration is nil. It isn’t fun!

All my papers are almost organized by timeline, as it will be easier and I didn’t realize just how much I had from my career till I started going thru it all. I am a hoarder of documents and papers, always was for as long as I can remember. I hate throwing out anything, but letters and papers are harder. I have a external hard drive that I have had for many years and everything is on that, as well as the cloud these days. I can access almost anything from anywhere and any device! I like that option! I even scan things and save it!

When I had the house fire I lost everything. I didn’t even end up with the clothes on my back, as they had to cut it off me. Since then, I don’t become attached to material things like furniture or electronics, but my hard drive, with everything on it that is important to me, that I will protect. All thru my career in property management in Ontario, I kept everything as well that I could, especially pictures and letters I received from management and tenants alike. It is all on my hard drive.

I keep it pretty organized in folders, now my folders also have folders! Each property I worked in, has its own folder and everything from that place that I kept, is in there for me to access. It will take some time for me to get into this but, I have all the time in the world!

I don’t rush anymore, for anyone or anything. I don’t need too. I seem to have taken my independence to another level these days! I don’t answer to anyone anymore so I take my time and do what I want, when I want. Yesterday the Fibro started up so I didn’t do much all day, just sat around and played video games! I did get dressed and went out for dinner tho! Today, I am doing about the same, being lazy. I already spent the morning playing video games!

Every day, without fail, I do my morning affirmations I shared and go thru all the things I am grateful for and once my body is awake a bit, I do my exercises given to me by Physio. While hubby is at work, I have the day to myself to do with what I want. Yes, my hubby has a job, a regular one he got 2 weeks after we moved here. He has been employed at the same place for a year and half now and has gotten 2 promotions already. He loves his job, no on call and no tenants to deal with! I like his job too, as he has great hours! He is home early enough that we can spend some time together!

I have been feeling really good these days, ever since it came to me that I my emotions are finally free from the nasty smear campaign in my name online. When I noticed the lack of emotional reaction to being told those sites were back online, it came to me that I finally got to the point where it bothers me no more! Once I saw how it is all backfiring on the instigators, it gave me peace. I now accept that the personal opinions of other people, while hurtful, can’t do anything to your life, no matter how they try. Their words are never accepted as they are, as people are too smart to accept that this stranger knows me.

I have been rumeriating on that too, the fact that I am a stranger to them, as Narcissist don’t generally go after strangers like this, especially when it is all documented. I have learned that Narcissistic people tend to want to hide all their actions away from prying eyes, but not in this case. It was actually the Narcissist who shared more! They put their words online that they sent me, which shows their psychological torment! As I wrote in my last post, Narcissistic people are disordered and don’t see what they do, otherwise Kory Read would not have shared the evidence that shows their guilt!

I have been good at staying away from those sites, but my hubby did get into them all on Sunday when he told me they were back online, to see where they pointed too. I also emailed ICANN again about them and I also emailed the Internet Archive, as forwarding a domain to their servers are not allowed under their policies, so we will see. As you can tell by these actions, Kory Read is determined to get his words online, even when they show him in a bad light! If memory serves, davidstrashin.com should have expired a couple of days ago and there is another one, a personal one, that expires today. Oh well, what can ya do?

As I wrote in another post, acceptance of what you can’t control is important and studying their past behaviour, was also important for me. I have learned what to expect from these Adult Tenant Bullies and I know it isn’t over yet for them. If history serves, they will keep going till either they find another target to attack and expand all their energy on, or their youngest child gets old enough they don’t get any funds for them anymore, as that is how they afford the costs of all their domains. These Adult Bullies take all the funds meant for their children, the Child Tax Credit and spends it on his online activities.

Kory & Allison Read have also been known to put their online activities in their youngest child’s name, Eexii Read, as noted on Whoxy, even their personal domains is in this child’s name! They have also used Allison Read’s brother’s name, Darwin Charles, to apply for services and his name is also on the application and is the name I used for my HRTO applications against them, as I actually thought the man’s name was this. I learned later it was Kory Read. I once saw mail in the return mail after they vacated from a cell phone provider, in this name for that unit! I also learned later they had all their service s in this brothers name when they lived there, they probably still do! When I emailed all the services I did, I did include all these names I am aware of that they use to sign up for various services. I had too, as I wasn’t taking chances knowing they did it before!

A few months ago, even I had to spend a couple of hours on the phone with a service agency, fixing up my personal account, as someone tried to hack it from Ontario. I had changed my address with them when I moved, which is why they locked my account, they knew it wasn’t me doing it from Ontario! I have no doubt that it was either Kory Read or someone he knows. It isn’t the first time someone tried to hack one of my accounts and I am sure it won’t be the last. Kory Read shared enough personal info about me online that someone can try to use to access services or hack into mine. I complained about all that personal info he shared, but no one would do anything, until someone tried something. It don’t matter anymore, as that personal info is now no longer valid!I’ve been gone from there long enough now for others to know it isn’t me!

Once I moved and notified all my services of the address change, opportunities to get to me that way, went down. I know people still try, I still get emails that someone is trying to get into my old Facebook account, but it don’t exist anymore! I educated myself on all that too and so should anyone using the internet! Smear Campaigns’ make you learn quite a bit about human nature and personal security! I did a course in 1995, Security and Investigations, as I wanted to be a Investigator at one point, and technology has increased quite a bit since I did that but you learn as you go. I even did some off side work in ON for a Security company, installing new camera systems and did all the data entry for FOB keys. I enjoyed that work! Spending hours sitting at a computer inputting names, units, and FOB key numbers! It was quiet work and no people!

Up till this situation with these Adult Tenant Bullies, I was pretty strong minded and determined person. I am a hard worker and I follow the rules, as I believe they are there for my safety just as much as they are for others. I believe that we are all individuals who deserve to live our own lives and in the process, deal with the consequences of our decisions. I raised my children that way! To follow their hearts and intuition, to question things they want to understand, and to live with their choices, good and bad. They are very independent, like me. If you want something done, do it yourself. If you want something, work for it. We all have a right to live our own lives.

I still believe that way. As Cherie White wrote in her post yesterday, we all have a right to decide for ourselves what we like and what we want to have. It is the same for how we live our lives.

I shouldn’t have to worry about a domain in my name online, put there by some stranger to me filled with contents that question my every move I made during a certain time in my personal life. As a individual, I should be able to expect autonomy in how I live. After all, it is my life and in no way is my life enmeshed at all with these Tenant Bullies, except for this site and its contents. We haven’t even had a professional relationship since I quit my job in July 2018!

So, why are they still attacking me? It is pure revenge. They HATE me and HATE the fact I am living free of them and all their lies. They are desperate to affect my personal life in SOME way, even if it in gossip online!

Oh well! I finally took the time and reread their words, with no emotion, and there isn’t anything there for me to even worry about! All I see is personal opinions, no substance. Kory Read account of a situation is not the be all and end all! Kory Read is not a God, who gets to write the rules! lol  I learned from other people that these situations don’t last forever and I have patience to wait for this day. In the meantime, I will continue exposing them for what they have done and continue living my life!

I am also patiently waiting for my ankle and knee to fully heal so I can go roaming once again. I don’t mind going to the harbour and sitting on the benches, nor do I mind going for a walk in my neighbourhood, like I did yesterday when we went out for dinner, but I want to walk the trails again! Nothing like the views from the top of these mountains!


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