Always Hope But Never Expect

Always hope but never expect.

No matter what happens, I always have the hope that one day all of those domains will be gone from the internet but I have learned not to expect it. Either way, I accept it.

I do hope that after all this time with no evidence proving their many false allegations of racism, no one believes them. That is all I can do!

In the past 7 years, I have seen these Domains come and go so many times, that I have come to accept that as long as they are registered for use, they will eventually show up somewhere online on some Hosting company.

This is the reason my own site is also in my personal name, for protection. If you search my name, you will find them all!

I take the time to find out the name of the Hosting company they using, check out their Policies, and send them an email that I have sent many times before to others highlighting all I have learned and ask them to enforce their own Policies. Some companies do it, some do not.

I give these companies some time and if not, I file a complaint with ICANN about it. It is easy to find the history of a Domain! – 15 changes and 5 drops recorded over 4 years – 1 change and 0 drops recorded over 1 year – 14 changes and 4 drops recorded over 5 years – 11 changes and 3 drops recorded over 4 years – 9 changes and 3 drops recorded over 3 years

You can see how long they have been online!! The history of one domain,, shows the determination of these Adult Bullies to try and affect my personal life and shows how hard it is to get copyright content removed.

I will still try though to reach out to these companies and hope they do the right thing and enforce their own policies. All is not lost to me if they don’t, as it is on record that I complained.

Even if nothing changes, it is on record that I complained about it and that is also important. I have to be persistent and do all I can as it shows everyone that I am not willing to give up protecting myself from Adult Bullies and their malicious actions abusing me and my name on the internet.

The more I spread the word that the Anonymous writers of all these Domains are prior Tenants who got evicted, the more they understand what is truly going on. When you understand that these sites were created out of revenge, the better you understand the comments within the contents.

They can’t get my site taken down, so are claiming I am crazy instead!

Narcissists love to provoke you and then call you crazy. These Toxic Tenants have provoked me with their many Domains since November 2017 with and now that I reacted and created my own site filled with my truth, they are claiming that I am “going crazy” in the content of their sites about me.

This is why it is so important to learn about Toxic Traits and Narcissism, so you can recognize it when you see it being done to you like this!

They are hypocrites and it shows. They created a website in my name 4 years ago filled with their personal opinions, but if I make my own site, it means I am “going crazy”.

The double standards you see from these Toxic Tenants show their mentality of “do what I say, not what I do” ” They claim they are allowed to make these websites about me and others, but you can’t make one of your own where you contradict anything they say, otherwise they will claim you are “going crazy“.

I have no doubts anymore about the toxic traits shown to me by these Tenants I had in the past. Their actions fit the descriptions of Narcissists and Toxic people, and the new content they have on their sites reflects all I have learned.

As a result of my education, nothing they do anymore will surprise me. I have Hope and know that someday, they will be gone. In the meantime, I still have a life to live!!

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