All the Snow Since February 1, 2024

I was watching the news last evening and the weatherman showed how much snow we have had here in St. John’s since February 1, 2024, and it is quite a bit!! Since Feb 14, 2024, we have had 73.8 cm of snow alone!

I have been home quite a bit as a result, as it is hard for me to maneuver in all this snow, especially when there are no sidewalks yet. I don’t like staying home so much, so today I am heading out to spend some time with other people and go shopping at one of the Malls, maybe have some lunch. It will be fantastic to do something fun!

We have another storm coming tomorrow night with freezing rain turning into rain, which will cause a lot of the snow to melt, creating its own issues… Regular weather for Newfoundland and Labrador!

What would you do with this much snow?

All the Snow in St. John's NL since February 1, 2024

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