All Accounts Suspended! is NO More!





This never lasts for long, Kory Read always finds a way to get his nasty sites back online. They came back in March 2022…


I woke up this morning to all kinds of emails from the online monitoring I have for these smear campaign websites letting me know that the account with these domains have been SUSPENDED!

I had to look for myself and sure enough all domains associated with this smear campaign are all the same, except for which expired.

All accounts have been suspended and I assume it is for non-payment, as it is the only reason they would be.

Well now, I am stunned here this morning. I have lived with the contents of these sites being online for 4 years now and now all of a sudden they are all gone the same time! Not sure what to make of that but I do know I need to wait, as it is possible they might return again.

Kory Read & Allison Read are sneaky and I can see them doing this, as web hosts do give you some leeway to pay it off and get it reinstated. What I read is that the accounts are suspended 7 days after an invoice isn’t paid but they still can request to get it back, if they pay the hosting fee + any administrative charges.

I have a feeling that Kory Read & Allison Read are in dire straits financially with their move and are finally allowing these domains to disappear. Allowing these domains to be suspended is not a great move though, he would have been better if he canceled them instead.

Oh well, not my problem! I am just happy they are GONE!

I will bask in the knowledge that for now, all these domains and their nasty contents, are GONE! I can spend some time knowing no one will see any of their maliciousness online!


I am content with that!



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