Adult Tenant Bullies Never Give Up!


Edit: February 19, 2022

This new site I posted about yesterday, is already gone. Why am I not surprised?? This is the tricks and tactics I have been reading about that Bullies and Narcissistic people do.

Link to internet archive where I saved it.

This is also a perfect example of what a target should not do. I jumped yesterday, got that notification they are making a new site using I even emailed them at the privacy service for the site, tho they probably have me blocked. It hit me last evening that I did that. I jumped and reacted, posting about that new content showing up. I gave them the supply and attention they wanted. This is the same reactions I use to do in the past whenever they posted something new. I am trying to stop that and acknowledgement of this now, is a great stride in that direction. I am becoming more aware of my triggers…I know now and can stop myself in the future. 

It came to me as well that my Adult Tenant Bullies just might be a little frustrated with the changes I have been making on my site, as I am making it more about me and my recovery, than I am about them and their actions that got me here. I don’t use their names as much and I have taken out their pictures on the main page. I am learning as I go along. 

While I do have to use what they did as a stepping stone for this site, in the end, it is about me. It is my trauma. They may have been the instigators of this one, but in the end, it is my life and my recovery. I highlight what I have learned here and how it helps me. 

They can hate me all they want, talk about me all they want, just don’t go spreading more lies and gossip online in trying to get others to hate me with you. Using Newfoundland in the title of the site is just showing their own discrimination against Newfie’s. Such hypocrisy once again, which is becoming their trademark to me. Do as I say, not as I do. 

It makes me really sad to see these tricks in play once again by these Tenant Bullies. It shows me their hatred for me has not waned and they are still determined to try and ruin me in some form or another. Well, I got news for ya, Tenant Bullies, the only people your nasty malicious sites hurt is yourselves. It shows your hate, your jealousy, your envy, of me.

I am not, nor ever will be, the villain you try to make me out to be, no matter how hard you try. I will never be seen as a racist nor the liar you make me out to be. The version of me you created in your mind, is not my responsibility.

I am 55 years old, now fully retired, and nothing in my history, here in Newfoundland nor in Ontario, come close to what they accuse me of. No previous workplace, no employer nor co-worker, will ever have a bad word to say about me. Not even any tenants will say bad about me like this!

I have emails and letters I received from some of these previous people letting me know they supported me over the past few years. Even now, since my site came online 7 months ago, I have been getting emails from people in the past who are willing to support me. These emails and messages have also helped me navigate all the gaslighting I was put thru too! I had to get out of Ontario, be around normal people not associated with any of this, for me to really see. Now, I have.

Either way, over the past few months I have become so secure in who I am, that I pity them. What a sorry existence it must be to feel so powerful in trying to take down another, a woman at that, online in a personally named domain in her name! I am very safe, mentally and psychically, from more fodder and lies from these Tenant Bullies!


I new website is coming!! Oh, the suspense!!


StellaReddy Exposing a Newfoundland racist


I find this development very interesting, especially the title, as it makes it look like Stella Reddy is exposing a Newfoundland racist, not that Stella Reddy is one. Oh well, it will be interesting to see what word salad and degradation these Tenant Bullies come up with for me to laugh over, as that is all I can do really. I get to see what other things Kory Read wants to blame me for in this world! 

It truly is scary how these Tenant Bullies feel so entitled to do this action, all in my name. Just more evidence of a man doing his utmost best to take out a woman for standing up to him and exposing his actions! I can’t wait to see what this man’s Ego and Pride will come up with this time and have me labelled a racist and to blame for all his life’s troubles. Try as he might, it will never stick. 

I you ever wanted evidence of a Narcissistic persons determination to take down someone out of revenge, here it is!

5 years and 6 months since they started all their drama of not respecting the rules of entry, thinking they didn’t have to. They thought that if they Bullied me enough, I would give in to their demands over entry to keep the peace, like the owners ended up doing with the parking.

Get ready for more crazymaking! I am happy to note it won’t work this time… 




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