Adult Tenant Bullies: Highly Hypocritical!

If you can't take what you dish out, keep your mouth shut

As the poster says above, don’t condemn, lecture, and criticize me unless you are 100% willing to let me do it back to you. If you can’t take what you dish out, then keep your mouth shut!

This is one of the sure fire ways to tell you are dealing with a toxic, narcissistic adult bully, they can dish out the most obnoxious malicious abuse, but can’t stand it if you do it back to them!

Kory & Allison Read made 6 domains where the contents are filled with emotional abuse of me, yet I make a site and point out this abuse they do of me, and they have a fit! They proceed to try and degrade me even more for doing the same thing they did, make a website.

One of the most insane things about the smear campaign in my name is the hypocrisy I see in their actions and words. It is never about what they do, it is always about my reaction to what they do. You would think that they have immunity to consequences of their actions, but they do not.

They made 6 websites over 5 yr period, and during that time, I made and posted various free, and even a couple, of paid sites pointing out their abuse of me. Each and every time I did, Kory Read made a post on in response to my actions where he proceeded to take my words and gaslight them. You can see it in every page on this site,

The reason for this was to shame me into shutting it down, and it worked for a long time. The “show me your friends” post was terrible, as well as the comparison being done with others. I have since come to my senses and released the control they had over my emotions. It got to the point where Kory Read’s words did have a lot of control over my actions as the shame and embarrassment caused by his gaslighting did work on me.

Kory Read made the choice to put this site online with the other ones, and that action is all theirs! No one forced them to write all this content online! All the degradation of my every word and action being done by these people on these sites, is no longer my responsibility, they were the ones who put it there, I didn’t make them do anything! They are ADULTS and responsible for themselves and what they do.

Kory & Allison Read forget they are adults and as such, they are responsible for their own behaviour and decisions. During their tenancy, they decided to break the rules, not once but many times, not just over entry either, and they had to face the consequences of that. If you rob a bank, will you turn around and blame the cop who arrested you, for making you do that? No. If you assault a person and break their arm, will you turn around and tell the judge that this person caused you to do that? No. So why do Bullies get away with blaming others for what THEY caused to occur? 

Kory & Allison Read broke the rules, no matter what rules they were, and were evicted for that, so no, all the convoluted gaslighting and manipulation they do to try and cover up this initial action, will never be allowed to be ignored. No matter the shenanigans they try with word salad in their contents, this initial act they did, will never go away. I am ensuring that it will never be ignored. I am allowed to do that.

Toxic people will attack you and try to shame you, for doing the same things they do. Kory Read did sites, I did sites.

Hypocrisy is one of the worst things you see in a smear campaign. You have Toxic Adult Tenant Bullies trying to get to your emotions, all for doing the exact same thing they did to you.

It works, your emotions get all stirred up and you feel shame and embarrassment for your own toxic behaviour, all BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT THAT PERSON! A target of a bully, like me in this situation, feels all these things, because I HAVE FEELINGS! I was able to be manipulated by Tenant Bullies, as I actually have feelings that can be affected by their words and actions, yet here are the Bullies doing worse to you in their own content and not FEELING ANYTHING!

Adult Tenant Bullies show by their actions, they have NO FEELINGS! They don’t show any remorse for what they put you through. They don’t care about their words of degradation and judgements about you online, that they are GOSSIPS. There is no shame felt by Bullies for what they do, if there was, why were they not shamed by my sites, into taking down theirs?

They got to me to remove mine in the past, why didn’t it work on them? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE!

If you ever come across someone being Bullied, look for the emotions, as once you see someone getting emotional over the words and actions of another, you know that person is the target. Bullies are the calm ones, the people who take the emotional reactions of another and tear it apart and put it down. Bullies are cool, calm, and collected, while the target is emotional and all over the place, showing hurt, confusion and pain.

Emotions are always the easy way to show who is a victim and who is the Bully. Targets always show so much, while Bullies do not.

One thing I have learned the past few years, I can’t do to others what was done to me, I can’t be that person. I refuse to turn into a bitter old woman! I don’t want to let this situation turn me bitter and distrustful of people but it has opened my eyes to all the dirty nature of humans.

I am a true crime buff, always was. I am fascinated into learning why people do what they do to other people, but I have never been able to reach that understanding, as I can’t get down to that level. I appreciate life and all living things. I can’t take a life and I find it hard to hurt anyone.

I was told a long time ago I was a Empath, someone who feels things greatly. I cry at commercials, for god’s sake…. I can’t turn them off. I see people hurt, physically and mentally, and I hurt for them, as I do have a good idea how it feels. This is why I was never able to do volunteer work in a hospital or old age home, as I tried it once. I would go home and cry for hours over the pain and suffering I saw. The loneliness some of those patients felt with being in there, was not easy either to see.

That is what also woke me up in my own situation, I saw all the hypocrisy being done by these Bullies. Kory Read writing on about my actions and words on a site I did. If that isn’t a hypocrite, I don’t know what is! He was complaining and putting me down for doing the exact same thing they were doing! This is very convoluted and so very frustrating! It is also a sure fire way to distinguish who the Bully truly is! 

So, in the end, Bullies will always put you down and degrade you for doing the same thing they do, make websites in my personal name where the contents are about the person in the title. If you do, you will see such rage and hate from your Bullies that will cause them to show themselves and what their intentions are. It did in my case.

Kory Read boldly states he wants to affect my life in who I have as friends and any job prospect either of us may have, as he does believe his words have that authority over my life. Kory Read thinks his personal opinions on those sites are so powerful, that they will cause others to believe him without question and ostracise us all from society, even while writing anonymously! Wow, I didn’t know Kory Read was a GOD with all that power over other people’s minds to make them believe what he wants them too, all without question!

He must think people are so gullible to believe this crap as he has written in these sites, for him to state this with such conviction! There is a lot of arrogance I see in that statement and it is a dead giveaway! It is why I know so definitely that it never will work. They show themselves and their nasty intentions.

I do know one thing, they need to learn that if they can do websites filled with nasty content on the internet, so can the target they write about in their sites! What you can do, so can others. Actually, they showed me the way to get a site online filled with whatever content I want to place upon it, within reason of course. As Kory Read kept pushing the Canadian Charter of Rights, forgetting that everyone is covered under that, not just them! I too, have the same rights and I too am well within my rights to do just what they have done, make a domain in my personal name. One big difference tho, it is actually MY name! It does make a very big difference to write as that actual person in the title.

I took back ownership of my personal name and I am taking back ownership of my personal life. Adult Tenant Bullies don’t have the right to write about my life, it is my story to tell. It is my name, my info in this site that was taken and manipulated by these Tenant Bullies personal speculations on what it means. I can tell you as that person they writing about, it is all speculations as they don’t have a clue about who I really am.

If they didn’t want me writing about their actions they did in my personal name, they shouldn’t have done it. Seeing as they did, I am well within my rights to do the same! I refuse to be a doormat and will do what I need to do to protect myself. If that involves sharing my story of being a target of Bullies in a domain in my name, so be it. As long as it is there, I will be here.

Do onto others, as they do onto you! If they don’t like it, they are more than welcome to delete all domains and remove them from registration! Kory Read knows what he needs to do to make all this go away. Until it happens, I will be here, ensuring that people can read what the REAL Stella Reddy has to say about all this!




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