Adult Tenant Bullies Can’t Stand to See Me Move On!

Narcissist Can't Stand to See You Happy

Narcissistic Adult Bullies hate to see their targets move on with their lives and most definitely, they don’t want to see them learn to be happy again!

I had a great visit with my Doctor yesterday, my ankle is all healed and I can start putting weight on it! I’ve been doing that since I got home yesterday. Waiting on physio but I will be all better by the time the warmer weather comes so I can go exploring once again! The walking trails are calling my name and I want to sit by the Ocean! I need a new walking cane, any suggestions?

I am a tank, as my oldest calls me. I can forge on thru life’s challenges and always come out the other side, a little battered, but I come out stronger and more capable than before! This is the story of my life, always. When I look back, I see a survivor, not a quitter! My determination to have a life, will always come back.

 I truly believe they posted again because they see that I am starting to get over the many antics they put me through, and just can’t stand it. 

It is posts like this that show their Narcissism so clearly! Only a Toxic Narcissist thinks in this manner, like no one else is telling the “truth” just this anonymous administrator….

These words are a joke. This anonymous administrator has no authority to “test” anyone, let alone me, and I will gladly “fail” any test they want to give me, every time! What terrible losers!

This is all they can do anymore, posts their garbage online anonymously, and hope something sticks and that it affects something in my life.

That is what a Smear Campaign is all about! They can’t stand the thought that I am getting over their smearing of me, that my site is getting noticed, and that no one believes their lies. You know why these Bullies never win? They will never be accepted as the authority of my life. No one will believe what they say about other people, it is seen as Gossip.

They are engaging in narcissistic rage and tend to be immature, close-minded and unable to see my perspective, anyone’s else perspective! The insults, put-downs, name-calling and derogatory language follow every time I stand up for myself, in attempts to regain a sense of control over me and my life. I see the patterns now! The Narcissistic Adult Bully does not disagree respectfully; rather, they must make the target feel as small as possible. That is all these posts online are about, making me feel bad and at fault.

There is total arrogance shown here, claiming that no one knows, other than this anonymous writer, what Stella Reddy is doing! 

These Narcissistic Adult Tenant Bullies are my supervillains, and there’s only one way to “defeat” them. Their ultimate goal is to destroy me, destroy my self-esteem and any success I’ve worked hard to build, destroy my ability to trust in future relationships and my self-worth. I am rewriting my narratives and I recognize how extraordinary and unique I truly am, no matter what anyone else says or thinks. I defeat them, by believing in myself! 

Building immunity to toxic people takes time, practice, persistence and commitment. I have to strive every day to continue forward with my life, regardless of how many challenges I may face and use my strengths, as well as my knowledge of my weaknesses, to constructively channel whatever battle I may fight that day. I worked on my weaknesses, I know my faults and have no problem voicing them anymore. I can be my authentic self, whose only concerns is what to write in my Blog that day, what to have for dinner, and where I am going to spend my day and who with! I have a life of leisure, my time is my own.

Being a target of Adult tenant Bullies like this, has allowed me to be free, to be me. As I wrote before, being a target does tend to make you a better person.  I can voice my opinions and not worry about how others take it anymore. I can say “no” and not feel bad. I have learned to put my needs, my thoughts, and my feelings, above all others. I compromise with people and there is respect for my boundaries.

The steps below, is what I have done to help me recover from this toxic abuse and it is a daily process that I do gladly!  I am happy to take as much time as I need everyday to remind myself of my own worth. 

Recovery from narcissistic abuse usually involves the following steps:

• Identifying narcissistic traits and behaviors that are pathological and abusive.
• Breaking the habit of projecting your own morality and ability to empathize onto the abuser.
• Validating your reality as opposed to the one the abuser has created and distorted for you through gaslighting and projection.
• Creating a solid support network of validating people who will hold you accountable for detaching from and leaving the relationship.
• Maintaining No Contact or Low Contact, depending on whether you share children with your abuser or have other legal matters that require communication.
• Extreme self-care to begin to heal from the effects of abuse, encompassing physical, emotional and spiritual methods.
• Creating a “reverse discourse” to rewrite the scripts the abuser has written for you, which is especially helpful for victims who suffered have severe verbal abuse.
• Reconnecting with the “lost” pre-trauma identity or a spiritual identity that transcends trauma if there is no pre-trauma identity, while permitting post-traumatic growth.
• Healing subconscious programming and addictive or self-sabotaging behaviors during the period of recovery through alternative and traditional methods.
• Constructively reframing the experience to benefit your personal development and the larger society around you. This can include sharing your story with other survivors and channeling the experience into the greater good.
• Re-aligning yourself with your purpose, goals, hobbies, interests and passions to rebuild an incredible life while using your adversity as fuel for your succes

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So after being offline for 4 months. It is time to bring back the truth speaker..

Now the site was offline as a test to Stella Reddy. Which of coarse she failed as always.

You see Stella Reddy has always complained about the sites being up and how inaccurate they are in their depiction of her racist behavior and beliefs. There are countless times that Stella Reddy has said if the sites “were gone” she would move on with her life.

Well the sites were gone for 4 months and what did Stella Reddy do?

Read Chapter 20 and your find out.

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